Guido after too much AMF.

Guido after too much AMF.

you see that? you see? i’m, du. this is a
recording with the light on. that’s right! get it kid get it! he aint got nothing in
his stomach is the problem. dude lets record this and put it on a metal album. ROOOOOOOAAAARR.
I’m all right. i’m all right. he’s going to be all right. no your not! he’s going to be
okay. do you know how i know your not alright? your face, dog poop. once again dog poop right
there, his face. are you kidding me? two feet. two feet. oh look at that! oh, his, his hands
in dog shit. That’s his hand, his dog shit. OOOOOOOeeeeeee he’s laying down in dog shit!
dis a youtube video if i eva saw one! yeeeeeeeoooooooo. drink some of that gatoraid. i’m kidding.
i’m kidding. oh my god, dude help this guy out. oh man that’s terrible. oh man


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