Guns N’ Roses: Bienvenidos a la jungla bogotana.

Guns N’ Roses: Bienvenidos a la jungla bogotana.

…So, the stage was a damn pool, dude… …wires everywhere and such… And Axl says: “Guys, stay calm… …We’re not leaving. We’ll be right back”. Then I see their vans, wide opened… …and I’m like “These sons of bitches are gonna go, dude” “Oh god, these sons of bitches are definitively leaving, dude, no fucking way.” So… I was the manager of this Gun’s n Roses show Back in ’92, Bogotá… …the whole country actually, was very violent, a real mess, it was… you know? it was Colombia. It was an adventure. Pablo Escobar was around, marihuana and cocaine, you know… But “El Meneíto” (“Meneaíto” – dancehall song) was being played everywhere in Bogotá. “El Meneíto, el Meneíto”. That was very hot in Bogotá back then. And with that in mind, I was persuading El General… … who was the best performer of “”El Meneíto”. 88.9 Radio station manager, Fernando Pava, [and me] We both knew a businessman that, back in the day, he was the most famous show planner of Colombia. Armín Torres. And also another businessman called Felipe Santos, brother of Juan Manuel Santos (former president of Colombia). I vividly remember that I went to Armín Torres’ place. He was staying in Torre Bavaria. Hey! My big guy! I managed to get El General, dude! We’re gonna make it big! Then he confidently looks at me and says: “Really, huh?” He was trying to bring something up, you know. So I thought: “He’s up for something…” “Just look at this, man… Guns N’ Roses!” And I’m like “What!” “No freaking way, dude! Oh god! Show me the fax messages, please!” And effectively, the fax message included “Bogotá, COlombia”, the date, everything! And I’m like “Oh Lord!” Then I remember that I told him: “Dude, schedule two shows” We signed the contract and started to sell the tickets. Everything was awesome. I already spotted a couple of Ferraris for me, some stage kits and another things. The second payment was due and we needed to pay the money. And one of the Armin Torres’ businessman said: “I don’t have that money! … … You are on your own, guys.” Then other guys got mad. “What! You bastard!”. And they were trying to beat him up. Everyone else was like: “Hey! Calm down!” Anyways, we did the payment on time. We kept on pushing, but now it was like… … Lets say that we were not really cool after that. One day, a friend of mine called me at 6 AM and he says: “Dude, you really are in a bad streak” He says: “There is a coup (de ‘etat) going on in Venezuela right now” Guns N’ Roses, their plane and all their show equipment were stuck there. And I’m like: “No. Way.” They got a show in Caracas and Hugo Chávez orchestrated a coup around the same date. The airports were closed. After that we were told about it, the most important thing that we needed and didn’t have in Colombia was the stage roof. We sent a person to Miami to rent a stage roof. He brought it and we started to set it up on a Wednesday. The things around Venezuela got calm and the plane can now take off to Colombia. And so the “Gunners” arrived on their private jet. When the band arrived… … I went to the airport and witnessed an incredible mess. There were around 5,000 fans waiting for Guns N’ Roses. We saw the vans cut through to get to the band. Then, when they tried to leave, the people around were jumping over them. They didn’t plan this out. People were actually jumping over the Guns N’ Roses vans. The security guard took action by taking out his revolver, rolled down a window and shoot his gun twice in the air. *Pum* *Pum* And I was like: “Oh. My. God. What the fuck is happening right now!” So I thought “Shit, if this is happening at the airport, I cannot imagine what the hell is happening at their hotel?” So we arrive and we found almost 500 fans out there by the hotel’s entrance The band arrived and Axl Rose got out with his girlfriend And the poor girl was pullen from her hair, Axl aswell and they grabbed her ass Plus the band was already drunk , so decided to go into the bar Chispas When they arrived that night, the same day at around 12, the roof of the concert had fallen down. I remembered very well arriving with Felipe Santos, and entering the stadium through the back, and seeing the whole roof sitting on top of the stage, and I just said: “dude…” and we started crying. Then the stage falls over the roof, so now, not only did we lose the roof, the lights also went to shit. So we were there having an open concert, without any roof. Without a roof over the stage, the second day of the concert had to be canceled. And I remember very well coming into the bar Chispas, and fetching the manager to sit down with him, and we said: “Hey dude, it appears we will only do one day, from the two days… …we paid 1 million dollars, how are we going to solve this? so the guy said: “From that second day, I will give you back 45,000 dollars”. They lost 500k , and those 350k from our associate are not coming back… We were in a huge hole, dude. A big fucking hole. We were screwed, dude. So the only thing left to do was Rock and Roll Because we were only moments away from the concert So we were in a meeting with the American embassy, Their lawers, our lawers, the agent… and out in the concert, they were about to start. Hordes of people were screaming and throwing rocks so that we opened the doors and let everybody in for free. What’s their deal? So at one moment I heard the concert started and I said. You know what? I don’t give two shits about whatever we are doing here. We brought Guns N’ Roses… they are playing in that fucking stage, and I’m going to so see the show and have a great time, motherfuckers, if you want you all can stay here. So, the concert started all great, until mayhem bursted outside in the streets, There was a huge lack of control and little help from the police or anybody. After a while, they called me on the radio: “Hey, the colonel had to be taken to the hospital”. “What happened!?” so he tells me: “The colonel got inside of the armored truck, and decided to go take a look around the stadium to see what was going on”, the level of craziness and mayhem around Galerías and Sears was such, that the guy had a heart attack right there and then. INSIDE an armored truck, the chief commander of security had a heart attack. Anyway, the concert was going well, and “November Rain” starts playing, and things started to get hectic… This were no special effects. They were no… I mean…dude It started pouring rain. “November Rain”, Axl Rose’s piano, the music video where it’s raining playing behind them. AND then it’s really starts raining? The maximum climax you can imagine in terms of special effects. I was next to another colonel, rolling myself a joint, and Camilo drinking some Jägermeister. It was already a mess, already a fucking mess, ,man. So then Axl tells something to Slash and then uses the microphone. He says: “Hey Opie [Manager], we are ready to be electrocuted” Because, you have to understand, the stage was a damn pool, wires floating everywhere and such. And Axl proceeds to say: Guys, stay calm. We are not leaving… we’ll come back.” So I started running, man, all the way to backstage and I see they already have their vans parked outside with the doors opened. and I was like: “These sons of bitches are leaving, dude” “Oh god, these sons of bitches are definitively leaving, dude, no fucking way.” And I see Opie walking and I confronted him. I told him: “Hey, Oppie motherfucker” “Where are you going?”, I told the guy. “¿Where do you think you are going motherfucker?” he said, “We are leaving” And behind of me I had a bunch of my workers that had helped with the lights and that stuff… Colombian workers And of course, they saw I was mad, because I was really mad Where the FUCK do you think you are going? So the guy says: “We are leaving!”
“Yes? We are not going anywhere you piece of shit!” There are people who have been waiting I don’t know how long… So the workers start saying: “Go and get him Don Julio,” Go and get him Don Julio, go for him Don Julio!” And the guy says I don’t know what and then another thing and I just PUM! I headbutted this guy C’mon…I had already stopped raining, And they hadn’t even played “Sweet Child O’Mine” or “Knockin On Heaven’s Door”, Motherfuckers So in that moment the guy screamed: “Security!” or something like that… Security comes in, and my guys got my back “Whaddup bitches, what are you going to do, huh? Finally this guys got in their vans and decided to leave and all of the associates left to the hotel But one of the associates was an airplane pilot at the time So he calls the Control Tower at the airport and tells thems: Those motherfucker – Guns N’ Roses – they are buttloaded with a bunch of drugs Let them board the plane, get all their stuff inside, and then when they are done, make them get off the plane with everything they have and search this assholes for any drugs Dude, it was 3 AM, they were about to take off… And they were absolutely pissed off. Fingers up their asses. I mean, I can only imagine 5 officers arriving to search them with their rubber gloves on: “Yeah, man, It’s an anti-narcotic check, would you please… form a line please, one by one”


  1. Jajajaja excelente Julio correal es todo un personaje, me ha hecho reír como nunca…Huy estos hujieputas se van a ir huy estos hijueputas se van a ir jajajajja

  2. Ya avía visto algunos videos de este canal pero nunca me dio por suscribirme
    Pero esta experiencia vivida por este men se ganaron mi like y me estoy suscribiendo
    Cuando alguien quiere llegar a contar guaguaras con este men la vara quedo muy alta

  3. Este julio tenía inmunidad diplomática para poder armar un vareto al lado del coronel. Y demás que el mismo coronel también le decía algale don Julio agale don julio

  4. Que buena historia. En chile se quisieron ir del escenario pero el público los iba a masacrar. El público estaba convertido ya en una horda enardecida, además por la espera, los borrachos salieron a escena cerca de la medianoche, en vez de las 21horas. Axl pensaba que no entendíamos inglés, pero la gente sí entendía, y con cada insulto que nos dirigía volaban las botellas vacías, monedas, pasto y escupos.


  6. Buenísimo…bien hecho🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 para que respeten…pero el daño ya estaba hecho..🙄👍

  7. Yo tuve la fortuna de estar en este gran evento, y puedo decir que el gran problema fue que se canceló el segundo concierto y unieron las dos fechas, todos no pudieron entrar, entonces ahí se armó la trifulca, al salir del estadio me encuentro una tropa de peludos quemando una moto de un policía, no quedó ni un panorámico bueno en la 30 🤣 que locura de concierto, para recordarlo siempre 🤣

  8. El ql que enrrola al lao de un milico y pa mas cacha le saca la xuxa al manager de gnr . Me cage de la risa wn , que wena , es la mejor wea que he visto en meses .

  9. Y después nos criticaban a nosotros los Argentinos de paíces vecinos que tenémos infulas
    que somos soberbios los guns tecaron en los 90 en el Estadio de river y la gente estuvo enchufada
    con ellos…

  10. La verdad todo el asunto fue una irresponsabilidad enorme de los organizadores…luego recuerdo que es un concierto de rock de los 90s y todo tiene sentido

  11. Imaginense que cuando estaban tocando ‘Knocking On Havens Door’ jesus hubiera salido del cielo y cantar con los guns n roses

  12. Para ser francos, las cosas no han cambiado mucho en esa mierda de país de drogadictos y narcos. Culombia sigue siendo un estado fallido.

  13. Lo peor de todo es que Guns N’ Roses vuelven el otro año a Colombia para stereo picnic y los vuelve a traer él. Yo que pensé que nunca iban a volver y mucho menos que quisieran volver a ver a Julio Correal😂😂😂😂

  14. Ves lo que te quiero decir¿ Si eres artista porque eres artista, sieres polîtico porque eres polîtico,.. simple manîa persecutoria,..

  15. Esa información es falsa el concierto en Venezuela se hizo el 25 de noviembre en Caracas más de 40.000 personas , un concierto a todo dar, nadie canceló ese concierto, los equipos no llegaron a colombia porque el golpe fue un 27 de noviembre.

  16. Tuvê la oportunidad de departir con un dinosaurio, sobreviviente del equipo de Pava en la rockera emisora 88.9 FM , era igualito … el mismo caracter, las aventuras sordidas eran para amanecer. Esa generaciôn no se repetira, duros de cocinar.
    Como dijerôn los trabajadores: HAGALE DON JULIO… HAGALE

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