Hairstyles for Silver & Gray Hair – Growing Out Gray Hair Reverse

Hairstyles for Silver & Gray Hair – Growing Out Gray Hair Reverse

For me a model was 18 years old, 18 feet tall, and 18 pounds. So i looked in
the mirror and I didn’t see that so I never dreamed that I would be modeling. 59 year old cover girl Cindy Joseph. The new poster girl for boomers
reinventing themselves around the countries fastest growing demographic for almost everything. We are the wealthiest, we are the biggest we are buying stuff. Never a model in her youth she has defined one of the most
unforgiving age barriers in any profession, by acting her age and growing out her gray hair or as she calls it, silver hair. She threw away the hair dye. The very day that I cut off
the last bit of dye I was approached by a casting agent!


  1. just got boom. I am 66 years old. I have grey hair. I love you cindy for saving me!!! I love my boom on my cheeks, forehead and lips!

  2. very neat. just wondering if you heard about the "cure" for gray hair. There was a lot of articles about it. The pseudocatalase and catalase that breaks down the hydrogen peroxide. My dermatologist mentioned there is a product called Depo-melanin that contains the active ingredients.

  3. YOU are GORGEOUS and you have totally inspired me!! I have seen you in magazines and ALWAYS thought how beautiful you are. So glad to now put a name to that gorgeous face .

  4. Because of you I have already decided that I want to gray naturally and not cut my hair off when I enter my 50s! You're gorgeous!

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  7. You already know that irritating occasion when your brother (who’s been a loser forever, I’ve gotta tell you) gets an unbelievable girl to fall for him in, like 2 weeks? Yeah, that just occured. I am aware I ought to be pleased for him even so I wish it was me. He smiled as he told me he learned from the Cupid Love System (Search in Google for it). I would like to hide out in a cave at this moment.

  8. i think she look beautifull no matter what color of hair she had. But more important of that she seems to be a happy person and that's the  best beauty secret a woman can have. congratulations.

  9. I have been having this conversation with friends and am so pleased to hear others who are my age, I'm 57 this Jan., are feeling the same! I loathe the "war" on aging..I want to celebrate my age and I too am growing my silver out.

  10. I am so glad I found you! I am 53 and we think a lot alike about life and embracing ourselves at this time in our lives. I am transitioning naturally from blonde to natural ( grey)!
    I can't wait to see my final results! I will be posting my transitioning to UTUBE for all the blondes transitioning to grey. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone on this wonderful Journey. I am proud of who I am and glad to not worry about the self esteem thing!

  11. This is not about hairstyles for silver and grey hair!!!! It is about a model and her products!!!! Nice video bit very misleading title. Too bad.

  12. Wait – this needs to be renamed. I was looking for hair styles. BUT I love the Boom products. AND I can see lots of cool hair styles that Cindy has worn over the years on her website, from short to long. Just rename this vid! <3

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