Half Bead Half Charm Bracelet Tutorial

Half Bead Half Charm Bracelet Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by KeepsakeCrafts.net. Have you ever had just a few beads but not
enough to make a bracelet or maybe just a few charms and you didn’t know quite where
to use them? How about making a half bead half charm bracelet? This is a fun kind of
project to use up supplies that you may already have on hand.
To make this half bead half charm bracelet you will need some beads and some charms.
I have here these 10 mm pink stone beads and then I have 5 charms. I thought these were
cute, the cats and the birds together. You will also need some chain to put your charms
on and you’ll need some bead stringing wire to put your beads on.
You’ll also need some spacers to go between your beads and a clasp, this is a toggle clasp.
To fasten the wire, you’ll need some crimps and crimp covers. And a nice thing to have
are these wire protectors. And then depending on the kind of charms you have, you may need
head pins and maybe a few little colorful beads to go in there or you may need jump
rings. The first thing that you’ll need to do is
determine the length of your bracelet. I like to make a bracelet about 7 1/4 inches, that
fits me well. However, if you have a bead with some depth to it like these, you’ll need
to account for that and make it a little bit longer.
I’m going to figure on my bracelet being about 7 1/2 inches. And then your clasp, generally
you can measure it but most clasps end up taking about an inch, so I will need 6 1/2
inches of bracelet. The first thing I’m going to do here
is cut a piece of bead stringing wire and this is great. This is 49 strands. There are
actually 49 strands inside this little strand, believe it or not, and it makes it very flexible.
I’m going to cut like a 12 inch piece and the first thing we’ll do is slide on a crimp.
And then one of these wire protectors, it kind of looks like a horse shoe. And you just
slide the wire through one of the little holes and then back down through the other. And
then I’m going to put on an end of chain. I’m not cutting the chain yet because I’m
not sure how much length my beads are going to take up so we’ll just leave that on there.
Slide that crimp back up so it’s over both wires. My preferred method of finishing crimps
is just to squash them flat with a pair of chain nose pliers. Leave a little bit of slack
in the wire. Make sure that the wires are parallel and not crisscrossed over each other.
And then, just squish. Always test your connections. Make sure it’s nice and strong. And then you
can trim off that excess wire. Feed the flattened crimp on to the crimp cover
and then use actually a pair of crimping pliers. You’ve got the rounded parts that will hold
on to that nicely and then just gently squeeze it closed. And if you need to, you can take
a moment and shape it so it’s nice and round. And there we go.
And now, it’s time to string on your beads. These are some little brass spacers that I
had and I thought they would do nicely to tie in the pink beads with all the gold coloured
metals on the other side. And then you want to just go ahead and string half of the length
you need for your bracelet. I decided I needed about 6 1/2 or maybe a little bit more so
I’m going to string just over 3 1/4 inches of beads. That actually worked out to just
about exactly 3 1/4 inches. And then you just go ahead and finish the
other end in the same way sliding on a crimp and then a wire protector and then the round
part of your clasp. Our work has ground to a halt because I seem to have a helper.
There’s my project and there’s my helper. Say hi to everybody, Mr. Cheech. I guess he’s
decided to take on a supervisory role. So you can tell here that I’ve finished adding
the beads and the clasp and also you can probably tell by the paw that I’ve gained
a helper. But now, it’s time to check the measurement. You can at this point, wrap
it around your wrist or check it on a ruler if you’re making it for someone else and get
an idea of how many links you need to leave on the chain I figure about 8 1/2 inches was
just about right. Then we’ll just use chain nose pliers to open a link and remove the
length we need. And then I can just take the other half of my clasp. These jump rings seem a little small to me so I’m actually going to double up on them.
I thought they were pretty, the twisted wire but they just seem a little wimpy. I’m using
my fingers because it’s pretty fine in gauge but you have a little more control if you
use two pair of pliers. And attach the other end of your toggle clasp.
The reason I chose to put the bar on this end was so that I could be able to bend it
to close it. So once you have your chain on, now it’s time to add your charms.
And you can decide where you want them and lay them out.
I’m going to put on these little pink beads because I can and it kind of ties in this
side with the other side. If you have charms that don’t use jump rings but need a wire
wrap, then you would just slide it onto a head pin and put my little bird on a decorative
head pin. Grab it with chain nose pliers. Bend it at 90 degree angle.
I’m going to make this loop kind of big because this wire is a little thick so I’m going to
go way down here. Start the loop and reposition the pliers so I can finish the loop. Twist
the loop open a little. Put it over the link that I want it on and
then use chain nose pliers to close that loop and hold it. And use another pair of chain
nose pliers to wrap that wire around. It’s a little tricky because of the shape of this
bead but you can do it. And then trim the excess wire. And if you need to tuck in that sharp end, use pliers to do that. And then the other beads are simply added
with jump rings. Hold with a pair of chain nose pliers. Position the split at 12 o’clock.
Push one side away from you. Pull the other towards you and then go ahead and close. And there you have it. A fun bracelet: half charm bracelet, half beaded bracelet. So, here’s
another look at the project we made today. I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll give
this a try, with or without a kitty cat helper. Consider how you can dig around in your stash
and find just a few beads that you’ve really liked but didn’t know what to do with them
or just a couple charms that you’ve enjoyed but weren’t quite sure how to use. And here
you go. It’s a piece of jewelry that you’ll really enjoy.
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  1. I've made a bracelet like this, using pink and green ceramic beads, silver chain and silver charms (a flower, 2 butterflies and 2 leafs). ^_^
    It turned out so cute. 🙂
    Thank you very much for the tutorial!

  2.  I really like this idea and love the bracelet.  The cat was adorable, mine would have done the same thing lol. 

  3. Your kitty is so adorable! I love when my kitties "help" me too lol. And I loved the bracelet you made. I may have to try it sometime. I love that style.

  4. I will definitely try to make a bracelet similar to this. It is simple yet looks very fancy. I knew I liked you and your videos before but now that I know you have kitty helpers I will keep an eye out for them. Give your kitty a cuddle for me, He looks like a combination of two of my orange boys Cheetos and Nico. I know if they were still with me they would be awesome helpers when I pull out my jewelry stuff.

  5. Love the bracelet, also your helper. I make jewelry and with paper beads also. My 2 cats come up and run off with them all the time. Then when I clean house I fine 7 here 5 there ect… got to love them.

  6. awwww your cat is a darling aww such a beautiful cat,, and love the half and half bracelet,you make such lovely pieces of jewellery,I have a have and half bracelet,in brass,with chech glass flowers,and as dangles,that I bought when I first bought on line ,so now I will try this one too thanks again your very inspiring,and always inspire me to try something different,have a nice evening👍🐱🐈🌈🌻🌹🌺

  7. I love Mr. Cheech's paw in the video frame as you're working!! Boy, do I miss my kitties! They've both passed on. Love this bracelet idea/creation, thanks for sharing!

  8. Saw this just in time. Have several beach-inspired charms that I didn't want to use one or two here and there. Thanks!

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