Halloween Collaboration – Steampunk Vampire – Monster high repaint (English sub available)

Halloween Collaboration – Steampunk Vampire – Monster high repaint (English sub available)

Hi everyone and welcome to my channel for
this new collaboration This year 18 doll artists joined up to work on the Halloween theme and create their own doll. Beginners or masters, from around the world will deliver their vision. Let’s go! Here comes my own, you can find the other ones by checking the links below in the video description. For this Collab, my victim will be a
Monster High Ghoulia Yelps First step : removing the faceup with pure acetone. Now it’s time to cut her hair close to the scalp. Then I plunge the head into boiling water to be able to remove it not damaging the fork. With a screwdriver, I scrap inside the skull to remove all the remaining hair. Then I cut the back of the head open with a cutter. With a pliers, I remove all the hair and the glue, it’s not a pretty sight ! ^^ ‘ Again a lick of pure acetone so everything is perfectly cleaned and then let’s close it with some glue. This time, I’ve decided to start with the wig. So I cover the doll head with some plastic I fix with an elastic band. Then I use some Mod Podge (white glue), a brush and for the fiber some viscose. I overlay the skull with some Mod Podge. Then I attach the locks one by one. I do that for the entire wig, locks after locks, layer after layer until it’s completely done. I use the drying timing to start the outfit, I first choose the materials I’m going to use :
some soft black tulle, some faux leather flat cord, some faux leather and of course some lace. Some metallic fabric, mirror effect, some black and silver small ribbons. Let’s go, this time I upcycle a black fishnet legging that used to belong to a Draculaura. First I cut into the tulle a kind of more or less oval shape and then I fold it. I pin my lace all around forming folds, I carefully pin everything and then I use the sewing machine. One sew line, I lower the ruffle and I stitch another sew line, that way, it’s as clean on one side as on the other side. Same thing on the second part, one sew line I remove the pins, I lower the ruffle over (on the right side) and I stitch another sew line. Then I sew the edges of the lace to close them and have a clean finish. Where I had marked the fold, I make a tunnel sewing a seam along the fold. Then I burn the edge of a satin rat tail cord and I slip it into the tunnel to make the back skirt. Now begins the long and meticulous corset work. I wanted this corset to be completely perforated and it was no fun ! So I’ve decided to use the faux leather flat cord and the satin rat tail cord. I used some sewing and materials melting (hot welding) techniques to create this corset. I also used a damaged stockings from another doll (taller and non-stretch material) and I’ve decided to turn it into a top for my doll. Not only have I changed the shape but also added some lace to make it prettier. There comes the time to customize the shoes. In a jar I mix some black acrylic paint and a bit of Mod Podge to create a soft and well fitting texture. On the black parts, I apply just one layer but on the pink parts, 2 layers for a better coverage. Then I apply some pink gold metallic acrylic paint. On some other parts, I use my Molotow Liquid Chrome felt pen, I DO LOVE this felt pen, it is really very metallic * – * ! Then I add a small wheelwork on each side of the boots on a spot I dislike to hide it and give the boots a more steampunk style. I glue them with some UV resin. Then her hat. I wanted it to be like a bird cage to give a fantasy and steampunk touch , I’ve planned to put inside some wheelworks and a bird that’s not exactly a bird. ^^ To create it, I use a foam base, some metal wire I shape around a small jar, some hot glue, some strong glue, some small shells…etc I must tell you 5 hats were made before this result ! ^^’ 5 failed Hats with awkward proportions etc, so this one is the result of a quite… relentless work ! Now the makeup step, but first I applied a thick layer of MSC (mat resin varnish) on the head of my doll and leaved it to dry for one whole night. I made the faceup using some dry pastels, some watercolour pencils, some acrylic paint and my Liquid Chrome felt pen. While a layer of MSC is drying on the face, I apply on the top of her chest a tattoo that’s made for the nails and then some mat vernish so it won’t look shiny Then I paint her pants with some black acrylic paint and I apply some mat varnish. Now I apply some Tamiya X-22 gloss on the lips and eyes to make them glossy. And then since she’s a vampire I paint her fangs over the gloss varnish of the lips with white acrylic paint and I leave them mat to highlight them. With my Liquid Chrome felt pen, I draw the pupils to give them a cold metallic sheen. I also draw a kind of metallic tattoo on her chin and a dot int the middle on the moon on her forehead. I also glue very carefully some eyelashes very close to the eyelids; to give her a far more penetrating gaze. After this step, remain only the dressing and final assembly ! Here, my Steampunk Vampire is now done, I hope you’ll like her as much as I enjoyed creating her. You can go and watch the other videos from the artists of this collaboration wishing you a nice viewing, see you soon !


  1. Oh bah dis donc ça en fait du monde sur cet halloween ! Et dire qu'il y a 3 ans s était 4 /5 personnes max. Et maintenant tout un groupe ! En tout cas j adore cette vampire. Toute douce tout belle presque lunaire. J adore

  2. She looks so Beautifully Spooky, I've seen everyone's work on their dolls and there all Terrifyingly Fantastic, keep up the fantastic work Tiamat Creations and Happy Halloween.

  3. i saw the doll from dollightful video and im incredibly captivated of her the moment i saw her. the outfit, her hat (it's really cute! it's worth the effort!), and her makeup, it's all so pretty!

  4. She is so amazing, Aleks. All those details 🤩 and you're such a seamstress OMG. Btw I gotta get myself one of those liquid chrome pens and I gotta say I couldn't stop laughing at how those two skeletons where changing places 🤣🤣🤣 incredible!

  5. She's gorgeous! I love how you used an old pair of doll tights for the top, reminds me of how I take old damaged pairs of my tights to make undersleeves.
    And yay, another customizer who knows the glory of the Molotow chrome pens! I've yet to use them on my dolls, but I love using them as metallic accents on my drawings and paintings! I honestly want the entire collection of the chrome pens.

  6. She’s stunning ..the detail you added to all of her outfit is amazing and made this a really beautiful Art Doll 😀

  7. This would be a awesome costune idea for this year or next year!!! She is so beautiful and lovr her name btw!! I love researching and using herbs and plants!! I had a plant once that literally looked like it had black velvet petals on it, they had the shape of Morning Glories but for fun I called mine Midnight Glories!! They were so beautiful and smelled amazing!!

  8. She's gorgeous! I love the idea of a steampunk vampire and you did a great job on this amazing outfit! Happy Halloween, Aleks!

  9. She has a striking, ethereal beauty, but still has that soft touch that I love about your style. 😀 Her little hat turned out so cute, too. Thank you so much for collaborating this year! Happy Halloween!

  10. I love everything about this doll! So many details, she has a nostalgic and dark aura around her and LOVE that head piece omg. It was so great collabing with u as usual. Keep the great work!

  11. What is the name of the track that begins at 32:06?? It's so gorgeous (Even more gorgeous though is your doll! You did an absolutely magnificent job. She's stunning)

  12. Bonjour, L est Top!
    Les vêtements st super, makeup sympa sur son visage! Joli travail que vs avez effectué !!😉😉👌👌

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