Halstead Jewelry Minute – Ep. 5 – Bracelet Bending Block Demo

Halstead Jewelry Minute – Ep. 5 – Bracelet Bending Block Demo

Hi I’m Hilary Halstead Scott and today
I’ll be doing a demo on our bracelet bending block tool. This tool will work with any soft metal
sheet, pattern wire or pre-cut cuff blanks – like those that we sell at
Halstead. So to use this tool you don’t need a hammer. You just take your metal
and insert it into the forming spaces. You always want to start with one of the
larger spaces so you don’t get a sharp bend or angle in your metal. Just press
down with the rubber blocks and your metal will start to take the shape of
the forming block underneath. So we’re right now we’re rounding out the top of
our cuff bracelet to get a little bit of shape and then we’re gonna flip over
the bending block and work on the ends. So we get that nice C-shaped curve for a
cuff. Start over here on the larger side. I’m going to flip it over and get the
opposite end. And then depending on the size of the cuff you want, or your
personal preference for shape, you can keep working the cuff down and curving
in those ends more. But you already have a really nice perfectly rounded cuff
bracelet. So be sure to check out Halsteadbead.com for our bending block
tool and our wide selection of cuff blanks.

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