Halstead Jewelry Minute – Episode 2 – I.D. Bracelet Design Ideas

Halstead Jewelry Minute – Episode 2 – I.D. Bracelet Design Ideas

Hi I’m Hilary Halstead Scott and today
we’re talking about jewelry trends. Without a doubt the biggest jewelry
trend in the last few years has been bracelets – and especially stacking
bracelets. We’re seeing the wearer combine all kinds of different bracelets in
metals and colors including things like leather, wraps, charm bracelets, bangles,
cuffs and much more. But what we see as the new front-runner in the bracelet
trend is the ID bracelet. And today we have five great ideas for you to bring
this trend into your collection in time for the holidays. #1 Names and
monograms as custom stampings or engravings are always a popular choice.
#2 Dates to commemorate birthdays and anniversaries. And play
with the format here, you can have a lot of fun with different variations. #3 Locations of geographic places or even latitude and longitude coordinates
are a great conversation piece. #4 Inspirational words and phrases.
This is a good choice for customers who just want to grab something off your
display and go, so they don’t have to come back for customization later. And
last but not least, we really encourage you to play with design variations in
this trend. We’re seeing a lot of mixed metals, textiles, leather elements, fancy
charms and even different shapes for the central bracelet plate. So enjoy this
trend in 2014 and thanks for joining us. you

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