Hand Carved Custom Mold and Silver Bar Pour!

Hand Carved Custom Mold and Silver Bar Pour!

let’s see what happens if we hand-carve
with a screwdriver our own mold Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and I felt like having a little fun today and making my own little
project so I have this old 2 ounce mold that I purchased online about a few
months ago and it’s poured a lot of my bars this is a 925 sterling bar that I
used to melt some of my old jewelry it’s 2.4 ounces so it’s a few ounces heavy so
I figured heck let me try to carve some rft initials into a bar I know it’s kind
of rudimentary but I think it gives it some character all I used was a small
screwdriver there’s all of the shavings and I figured the rft will take up some
of the space some of the silver will fall in there and since this bar is not
an even bar because it’s two point four ounces versus 2.0 I figured maybe that
little bit of extra silver will fill in the mold and give me a nice 2.4 ounce
bar with my Rob finds treasure on it it doesn’t look bad at this angle I had to
make it reverse I took a white chalk marker and wrote rft where I wanted it
and then I proceeded with slowly edging it out with this screwdriver took me
about an hour first time ever trying it man it’s tough on the hands they’re
really tired right now but like I was saying it doesn’t look that bad at this
distance or the way that it came out however I probably need to sand it but I
still want to see what it comes out first and foremost so that I can
continue to work on if it needs some fine-tuning
well it might need more than fine-tuning but you know anyway I’m gonna start with
this 925 sterling bar and even though I have an electric furnace I’m not gonna
set it up yet because I don’t have a safe place to set it up i stuff to get
that done but I gotta clean some areas out of my garage first but long story
short I’m not going to show you the poor this video because I don’t know how the
first one’s going to come out as far as what the rf2 will look like but I
promise you this no matter what it comes out like I will show you the final
result we’re gonna be using the blowtorch and a crucible method for now
and I’ll be back once I’ve got this bar poured and we take a look at the final
product so using a pretty rudimentary setup my crucible and my mat Pro gas
torch along with my rft bulb I just finished pouring it I do all my
own polishing by hand so I used some poor steel wool some finer steel wool a
wire brush as well as some wet sandpaper and this is what it came out like a little bit high on that F I got to knock
off a little bit of slag there but I just hand polished it pretty good and it
looks pretty good I do see that I need to tighten up maybe a little bit on the
AR and the t’s not as strong as I’d like so I can fine-tune that as well but you
know what for a first time pork on a mold that I hand carved with the
screwdriver I think it came out pretty good let me know your guys thoughts
below I’d love to hear your thoughts if I tighten this up is this something you
guys would be interested in a hand carved hand polished silver bar again
this has some slag because it is 925 sorry these little borax and you got to
knock that out and I don’t have a tumbler so everything I have to do is
literally hand polishing it took me with the crucible and the gas about 10
minutes to get it to where it was horrible it all poured out pretty smooth
and then about another 15 minutes with a wire brush and some steel wool and some
sandpaper to kind of polish it up a little bit yeah I’m pretty happy with it
and the bar came out pretty even because that extra point for filled in the slots
right there the letters all right can’t wait to get my furnace kicked in gear
and get some more custom molds for some of those custom logos that everyone
designed for me but in the meantime I wanted to go ahead and just hand carved
my own and see what they come out like so there you have it everyone why not
have a little project we’re not done with this mold like I said I can tell by
the design I want to tighten up some of the letters maybe deepen a little bit of
that T in the base of the AR but but I’m pretty excited an hour worth of work on
a mold another 30 minutes between heating the
silver up pouring it and polishing it we got a pretty good little bar only thing
left to do really and I’ll probably stamp it on the side
it’s a 925 silver bar so we got to make sure that no one confused it with a 999
since it is sterling silver hopefully you enjoyed this little project that I
decided to film today if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always
everyone happy hunting thanks for watching and stack that silver


  1. Hand Carved Custom Mold and Silver Bar Pour!
    In this video I will to take one of my older graphite molds and attempt to hand carve out my own custom bar mold with only a small screwdriver! It was my first attempt and it took me about an hour BUT I think I did pretty good overall!
    I decided to remelt my sterling silver bar (the one I poured from smelting my old junk sterling silver) and test out the mold to see where I needed to fine tune it!

    I didn't use my electric furnace for this project as I have yet to set up a safe place to use it. I used a blow torch and hand ceramic crucible since it was just a test pour. I also do all of my own hand polishing using a wire brush, steel wool and 800 fine wet sandpaper.

    I hope you enjoyed the video – if you did, please subscribe!

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    Thanks for watching!

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  2. Love your videos bro man if you would be so kind to check some of my videos out bro I have a 1911 D penny I would love for you to look at

  3. Rob that is sweet!! When you get it fine tuned i will definitely buy one of your bar's . Awesome job my friend! Happy Hunting & Have a wonderful day!

  4. Very cool video. Maybe a Dremel can help with the carving but not sure how good it'll do on that corners. Either way very cool. Can't wait to see the furnace set up.

  5. I lke the idea but i think it would look better if you would have taken the material away from the out side of the letters not the inside of them

  6. yes!!!!!! robfindstreasure smelting video!!!! rob… got the 1/10 oz!!! thanks so much putting up your shout out video tonight!

  7. I think that RFT bar came out really good man.Especially for the inaugural pour.When you iron out all the kinks maybe I'll buy 1 from you with a BUB on it 😎.That would be sweet!!!Awesome video Rob,take care ✌✌✌.

  8. The bidding got a little wild over at Silver Baggins. It almost was Rob Buys Treasure. With RFT bars, Rob Earns Treasure.

  9. Hi mate how's it going hope all is well with you mate. Well done Rob my good man come out excellent mate.Rob do you sell your bars you make if you do i would like to buy a few of you there nice little bars.anyway thanks for sharing all the best to your wife take care kindest regards Gregory Lee from Melbourne Victoria Australia. 🔳♥️👍.

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