Hand Poured Silver and Gold – 1st Attempt at Smelting (Not a How-To)!

Hand Poured Silver and Gold – 1st Attempt at Smelting (Not a How-To)!

since we got so much fun making our own hand poured silver rounds I thought why not pour some gold hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and one of my last videos I talked about how I poured them some of my own silver rounds took some of my old 925 sterling silver jewelry poured a couple of rounds I’m gonna end up marrying these two rounds together they were practice rounds my first and second one ever poured so I figured I’ll make them into 1/2 ounce round but for many years I used to pan gold in California and I’ve got some gold some cold hard gold that I panned out of Sonoma California and the rivers out there in Sonoma County I did this over a couple of years maybe two and a half years when I was into that and if I recall we’ve got two ounces in this vial and an ounce or so and this vial might be a little over two ounces here but we’re gonna test that today I know that these weigh about point three ounces apiece they’re like 0.34 to tell you the truth and we’re gonna go and weigh these up so we know we’ve got a deduct there’s going to be two vials so we got a deduct about 0.7 off that and that comes out to 3.7 ounces of gold – the point seven in the vials so about three ounces what I’m hoping is that I’ll go ahead and get this melted today and produce a three ounce gold round this is placer gold so it could assay at anywhere between I guess 14 to 24 karats but I think it’s on the higher end so you can take a look there it looks really good I’ve done my best to make sure that I’ve only selected my best quality gold I do have probably another 5 or 10 Nuggets that are kind of bigger but they have a lot of quartz in them so I don’t want to touch those we’ve got a couple of nice nuggets in here too that I was debating on not melting down or smelting down because they’re so nice but I’m not doing anything with this I would rather melt it into a round and then get it assayed and find out what the true care it is and go from there hopefully we’re going to get something good out of this hopefully when I melt it down and use some flux there isn’t a lot of quartz inside some of these Nuggets there’s a lot of flakes at the bottom here so that’s good news but here see how it goes I’m probably not going to film a lot of the prep work in this video because I am NOT a qualified professional you know I don’t want to worry about time on safety equipment and safety measures they like that but what I will do is I’ll take some shots of me heating it up and I’ll try to record the actual pour but again this is not a how-to video this is just me showing you my attempt at pouring a gold round big old slag alright guys you saw the failures I wanted to show you once again I didn’t even melt the second vial I took the smaller vial and I ended up because I couldn’t get it in one pour and I think two things are the problem one my tortures aren’t getting hot enough or they’re getting hot enough just to get it to melt but then it’s uh but then it’s not there you go but then it’s not keeping it hot enough as I pour so I’m gonna need to get a real crucible one that is contained that way I can keep it hot and I can let it get almost boiling and then pour it the second thing is I noticed that when i season my crucible that if I had too much impurities in the gold it took forever to heat up and I took forever to burn off even with flux added so I think what I need to do is take it in small batches pour it in tiny little nuggets like this size right here you can even see some of this flux still coming off it’s like a glassy little substance right there that’s the flux taking off any impurities but I will show you from what I can tell this gold got really pure in a hurry you probably can’t tell this lighting is much but to the naked eye there you go the top is kind of brown because it has quartz and other impurities in it and probably even some dirt stuck to it whereas the bottom is now been melted and melted and melted we tried we even tried to put it in a bar as you can see but we got a shoe out of it looks like the shoe or the iron on the Monopoly game right kind of looks like a colonial slipper from the top view and a slipper a colonial slipper or the iron for the Monopoly game but anyway I went ahead and just poured little tiny pieces because I wanted to be able to fit it back in the vial but we learned so I think tomorrow I’m going to focus on making smaller batches and trying to get some rounds and a smaller scale if I can get it to pour I might have to go with the core or 1/2 ounce just so that I can do that now that I’ve done it now that we’ve got burned off the impurities and took the flux and had it take them away I’m curious to see what our weight loss is let’s take a look didn’t even register any weight loss you know we only used the smaller out that was only one point one to begin with and this one was two point six so I would imagine when we do this larger vial will probably have some loss maybe we’ll get down to three and a half ounces I thought we’d lose more I really thought it was more mine Jeff point six is gonna come off point seven is gonna come off of these or probably be just under so despite doing what we did we didn’t lose any weight all we did was make it more probably see it better in this lighting now actually that’s the right light look at that look how much more pure the gold is now that we’ve refined it a couple times looks good though looks really good so I’m excited at least do the same process with that tomorrow I’m thinking that this right here that’s looking like 24 karat we’ve still got a little bit of that there it is right there a little bit of that flux right there I got a break off I’m gonna do that now cuz that’s bugging me and there you go the flux is fixed anyway we’ll bring you back in tomorrow after I refine this gold and melt those silver bars together alright guys we’ve taken the three ounces of gold and we’ve melted it into or refined it I wanted to get all the quartz out of it any of the clay or the dirt of the mater the other rocks that kind of form with the gold nuggets and we got 3.0 ounces on the nose as predicted just a bunch of little pieces that I melted just so that I can work with it at a later date when I get a better furnace I’ll tell you anything more than three quarters of an ounce to an ounce of gold it’s really hard to keep it hot with just a flame torch even though I’m using matte pro-gas it doesn’t matter it gets hot enough to melt but it can’t keep it hot enough to pour it especially when it’s more than 3/4 of an ounce so I made a whole bunch of little tidbits in here all kinds of different pours and then there are some times that report and there’d be a little left in the crucible so I’d report I could probably refine this again and make it into six half ounce pieces which I might do I might do that but I didn’t film it because quite honestly I couldn’t get a good pull with the materials that I have I’ll probably need to invest in a little tiny two torch furnace if I have that I’m pretty sure I could pour 1/3 ounce bowl around but I’ll tell you man it cleaned up a lot this is pretty nice stuff here I’m really excited about how it came out I love the weight of gold in my hands I mean this is three ounces right here just in this little tiny half-dollar vial and if it had been melted down to a solid block or a brick it would be about half as high as it is I didn’t want to melt these two original bars together the more I thought about it I thought you know what that’s my first and second sterling silver bar ever poured I don’t really want to mess with them I thought about making into one but you know what man it’s my first and second I think I’m gonna keep it as is maybe I’ll use this smaller piece as a giveaway when I hit 10,000 subs it’s pretty nice pretty heavy and then I took my 12 worst 40% half dollars and I’m talking these were hammered out scratched burnt you barely could make out a date if you could they would corroded deteriorated I just wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t refine it in other words I didn’t use nitric acid to pull the silver out I just melted the coins use the little flux to get rid of any contaminants and I wanted to show you what it looks like obviously 40 percent silver compared to 92 and a half is quite different you know the bottoms came out pretty silvery because silver is heavier than copper so the bottoms came out okay they look really silvery on the bottom but as you move up it it gets more the copper on top and I could probably polish this off make it look a lot better but I just wanted to see what it would look like if I did that you can definitely definitely see the copper tint to it but why wouldn’t you since it’s made up of a lot of copper as well anyway that was just a little fun experiment obviously I could handle two to three ounces with silver but anything more than half to three-quarters of an ounce maybe an ounce of gold it just gets too hard to keep it hot enough to pour for my setup like I said I’ll be giving this another go silver no problem gold I got to work on my process here but I’m new at this and any tips or advice for those hand poured silver or gold whores out there I’d love it hopefully you enjoyed this hand poured video I wanted to show where we start so as we get better at it you’ll see better quality I’m learning as I go do you enjoyed it I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching


  1. Decided to melt all of my old junk 925 Sterling Silver chains, earrings, old rings, etc and pour some Silver Rounds. I also took all of my gold nuggets and smelted them into some small gold rounds and pieces.

    This is not a How-To Video. I do not explain any of the process as it is my 1st attempt and I didn't want any of the viewers to follow my "advice" since I am just a beginner. I also didn't show much of the process for it because of the same reason. As I learn more and get better, I will share my findings learnings with you all.

    I ended up being able to combine the 2 silver rounds (925 Sterling) into one 2.4 OZ Silver Bar which I show in my Silver Stack Video – Link below:

    I also was able to further smelt the gold from the 17 pieces seen in this video into 11 pieces. A small win and I am getting better at heating and pouring the gold so I might be able to pour 6 1/2 oz rounds soon!

    Finally, I took my 12 worst 40% half dollars and made 2 Silver Rounds out of them. I did not refine the silver using Nitric Acid so the rounds are only 40% Silver and mostly copper, but I wanted to give it a try!

    For those concerned: It is not illegal to melt silver coins. It was from 1967-1969 but since then it is allowed as silver coins are no longer produced for general circulation. It is only illegal to deface or alter coins and then use as legal tender.

    PS – My Stacking Silver Hunting Mats are now ready and are listed on eBay, if you want to check them out:


    Thanks for watching and keep Stacking that silver my friends!

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    Thanks for watching!

  2. looking good my friend!! thanks for sharing with us!!! of course I smashed that like button!!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‰

  3. I uploaded a video of me melting some silver rounds the other day. Plan on doing it again tonight or tomorrow. Rob check out my silver stack video and let me know what u think. Also great video you can’t succeed without failing.

  4. Cool experiments. Always good to be learning. It pained me to see some of those bigger gold nuggets under the flame, but at least you’re making it into something new to keep, not just selling it to a commercial smelter.

  5. I found 8 40% ers in 142$ worth of Halves going back to pick up more rn! Nice video! I need to melt down my Sterling junk… HH!

    Edit: they had 40$ more I found a 2002 Nifc, a 1968 D and a 1970 S! That last one is really nice I know they're pretty rare…

  6. What kind of torch did you use? It may have not been a hot enough flame to totally liquefy the gold and keep it liquefied. A MAP torch should be plenty hot to at least smelt silver. If you are looking into creating a simple DIY backyard metal foundry, check out Grant Thompson's video on The King of Random (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHD10DjxM1g). I believe he has others on his channel where it's a dual-torch setup as well. Keep up the good work on your videos!!

  7. OMG Rob do it right LOLOLOLOLOL. I pour metal as a hobby.
    Break down and spend a little that cash and get yourself an automatic Melting 2KG Furnace for silver and gold about $240 investment from eBay free shipping. The way you're doing it now you're lucky it doesn't explode on you. When pouring your ingots you can use mini cupcake pans. This pours a nice flat ingot

  8. Another tip, try melting about 1 gram. And let it cool down naturally without water. There’s a REALLY cool quality gold has when you do it that way. As it’s cooling down, it will brighten up for a second. I’ll add a link to what I mean here: https://youtu.be/DyfPWiwqn74

  9. Friends, are we witnessing the beginning of RobSmelterExtraordinaire?
    I say Yes!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    More smelting to ya Rob!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Ž

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