Hand Stamped Textured Bracelet Tutorial from ImpressArt

First you’re going to take your multi-function hammer
and insert your ball-pein texture head into the hammer with the notch facing down.
Then secure the texture your head into the hammer by tightening the screw at the bottom of the handle. Now before you begin your project, you want to
make sure that the blue film on both sides of the bracelet blank is removed.
And to remove the blue film, take your finger and scratch the edge of the bracelet until the film lifts up,
then pull. This film is on your bracelet to protect your metal from scratches while it’s in the packaging. So you’re going to hold the multi-function hammer at the
bottom of the handle with your palm of your hand over the screw. You’re gonna apply a little bit of pressure
to keep the screw from loosening up while stamping. And just repeatedly hit the bracelet blank
to texture the bracelet from left to right or right to left and you can texture
the bracelet to your preferred liking whether that’s a little bit of texture
or a lot of texture – it’s up to you! And your screw will loosen up over time and that’s okay. Tighten the screw back up again and
continue texturing. Then once the bracelet blank is textured to your preferred
liking, we’re ready to bend the bracelet into shape. So now we’re gonna bend the bracelet into shape
using our Bracelet Bending Bar. You’re going to insert your brace of blank
into the channel with a textured side facing up. You’re going to hold it securely with your thumb
to keep it in place. Then take the palm of your hand and bend it halfway around the bar,
making sure you’re not over bending. Then you’re going to flip the bracelet over.
Again hold it firmly in place with your thumb. Take your palm of your hand and
bend it halfway over the bar. Now we’re going to come in with our Bracelet Bending Pliers
and we’re going to start in the middle of the bracelet and match the curvature of the pliers
with the curvature of the bracelet. And we’re going to give one good squeeze in the center
and you’ll start forming your circular shape. You’re just gonna squeeze and release the pliers,
working your way towards the end of the bracelet. Making sure you tuck in the ends. Then flip the bracelet
over and follow the same technique squeezing and releasing the pliers until the end of the bracelet.

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