Hands of Gold – Ed Sheeran – Peter Hollens (Extended Cover)

Hands of Gold – Ed Sheeran – Peter Hollens (Extended Cover)

He rode through the streets of the city Down from his hill on high O’er the winds and the steps and the cobbles He rode to a woman side For she was his secret treasure She was his shame and his bliss And a chain and a keep are nothing Compared to a woman’s kiss For hands of gold are always cold
But a woman’s hands are warm And there he stood with sword in hand The last of Darry’s ten And red the grass beneath his feet And red his banners bright And red the glow of the setting sun That bathe him in its light Come one, come on the great lord called My sword is hungry still And with a cry of savage rage
They swarmed across the rill He rode through the streets of the city Down from this hill on high O’er the winds and the steps and the cobbles He rode to a woman side For she was his secret treasure She was his shame and his bliss For a chain and a keep are nothing Compared to a woman’s kiss For hands of gold are always cold
But a woman’s hands are warm Hey Hollens Family ! Thank you for watching this video. I was so excited when I was watching Game of Thrones last week There was actually a song with lyrics on
so I can make for you I’m also a big fan of Edie and a lot of people found this a little controversial But i was pretty stoked to have happened. I hope you have enjoyed it, If not, I have new ones coming out all the time We had over than 450 people signing for super collaboration That will come very soon. If you missed your chance to be part of this
We’ll have more comming on the way Make sure you are a Patreon to participate Because it’s just these people that are going to be in. If you missed this round, will have much more Make sure to leave a request in comments below What do you want me to do next? And as always, this song could not be made without my incredible Patreons Many thanks to you from the bottom of my heart You’re the reason that I do what I love to live
you’re everything to me If you want to be with me in my next collaboration, sign the Patreon they will be the first to know If you have not seen my last song of Game of thrones
The rains of castamere Click on the video here on the side and watch And if you want to listen to more than 9 hours of songs A Capella I’ll include my playlist And if you want to be part of Patreons and be part of my art, my journey and collaborations the link is here And I’ll see you in two weeks with a new song. Kisses, peace


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  2. In the First Episode from Season 8. Bronns hoe say that ed sheeran dies in the battle against dany als drogon in the 4. Episode of Season 7

  3. Hey, Peter, you might want to report this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNOxJrtRsKw They lifted your cover!

  4. Peter Hollens this is amazing. I started singing 6 months ago. Id be honored if you wouldn't mind listening to a few tracks on my page, and giving me a few pointers. I'm the first to admit I need a TON of work, but if you wear headphones, it kinda covers up my imperfections and you really get a feel of what I was going for. Thank you sir! You're an inspiration

  5. Can't believe how many times I've watched this.
    Would love it if the lyrics were on it, so I can sit at home and mutilate it… 😂

  6. This gotta be foreshadowing for next weeks episode 8×05 with Jaime riding through the streets to go kill cersie

  7. Amazing you are better than anything I heard on tv in years, though I don't own one anymore 🤣 Please do more movie songs, Game of thrones has couple more and there are others like Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Kingdom of Heaven etc

  8. Jaime, in 8×5, he road to the streats of the city (king's landing) dawn from winterfell, he road to a women sigh.
    Cause hands of gold (on the euron face) are always cold, but cercei hands are warm.

  9. I think it's about Jamie, after all he went through he still stormed Kings landing just to get to Cersei, and he has a golden hand

  10. whether or not it is written about Tyrrion and Shea in the books (which it is) the show does not take that aspect into consideration and lead the audience to believe its about Jamie, which the lyrics actually do suit better than the story of Tyrrion and Shea. At least with the lyrics provided in the show. Which mean it's still correct when they say its about Jamie because according to the show it is.

  11. Excellent! I want to listen again and again!
    If you are interested, go to my channel and watch my cover of music inspired by the "game of thrones")

  12. I like Peter but this rendition of this song suckkkkksss. I hate the lyrics he adds, it like doesnt go with the meaning of the song and history. And it was sooo over done. Like cringggeeeee

  13. Dios mio.esta cancion es de el segundo libro cuando tyrion oculta a shae en el burdel.pues bien: describe en la parte del caballo justamente la escena de arya en desembarco mientras se destruye ella encuentra el caballo su redencion. Su salvacion y resulta que Dios Martin nos lo puso en las narices pues a mi parecer ese sera el final o una parte del final

  14. That 2nd verse for some reason makes me think about Robert and Rhaegar more than Tyrion. It sounds like a scene from the battle on the trident. "Come one come all the great Lord said my sword is hungry still" I like that line

  15. your voice is beyond magic, i've been hearing you since the skyrim song with lindsey. your voice and its magic layers 🙂

  16. I can imagine how much the video could be if the singer could walk slowly in the backside forest with some slow motion techniques,would be fantastic,but i loved the music after all.

  17. Peter, this is great, I love your performance! I didn't find the sheet music on the internet, will it be available?

  18. I associate this song with good memories of Kings landing. The first time I heard this song, I was eating the best bowl of brown I ever had.

  19. I'm so deep in GOT.. I LOVE IT.. I'M on s7e1…I most definitely reconize the face n voice of Ed Sheeran… So…I looked it up to confirm… Confirmed!!! Keep up good work Mr Ed… Love your voice.. N songs…

  20. I'm aware of how painfully late I am to the game, but I'm slowly trying to start GOT…. I found this song a few weeks ago before I even started the show… its so beautiful. You have the perfect voice for this song, it makes it enjoyable to listen to <3

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