Harry Potter Inspired Necklaces: DIY

Harry Potter Inspired Necklaces: DIY

hi my name’s April and I work at the
Bead shop I love a bit of fine jewelry so today I’m going to show you two Harry
Potter inspired necklaces first one is a snitch flown away and then the second
one is a time Turner they’re quite simple to make so just
come along with me so to make your very aim Harry Potter inspired time Turner
you will need three different size of quicklinks
large medium small one five mil swarovski gazillion I think I was like culture
past but I’ll put the link in the box and one six mil jump ring one happen and
I’ve gone for an 18 inch chain but it’s your choice and where you want to turn
time so the first thing you need to do is thread on your Julian and then make a
simple loop how to do simple loops also on our YouTube channel so next you need to open your jump ring quite wide this is quite a lot
to put on so your going large, medium, small and finally place onto your zillion chain and then close up the jump ring and there you have it one Harry Potter
inspired time-turner okay so what you need to make for the
Harry Potter in spide snitch necklace is 2 angel wings one bright gold schrafft’s
key bead eight millimeter one eye pin 18 inch chain but it’s your preference or
name and four four millimeter silver plated jumping’s
to start you’re going to thread the bright gold bead of the eye pin then
create the same loop on the other side so there is a tutorial on our page I
knew how to do this like that and then just jump off the end and just okay so one bead next you’re going to
open up your jump ring and thread the bead and Oh needs even a
little bit more and jumping together so you have one wing so far next you do
the same on the other side you well make sure the wings are both facing
in the same direction the way she might have a wonky snitch if you like that
okay the next thing to do is find the half of your chain and cut it with some
cutters maybe okay so this is the Philebus as the
chain is quite thin you might prefer a thicker chain so then open your second
jump ring and thread on to the wing and then on to the end like say but we said
if I said formal jump rings just because the other sizes
probably won’t for this chamber if you use a different chain then you’re more
than welcome to use the different sized jumping okay and you just do so again on
the other side you and there we have it there you go
one Harry Potter inspired snitch necklace you will find all our products
online don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and all that social media stuff
and post us a pic of what you made thank you bye

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