Harry Winston jewellery shines at Biennale des Antiquaires

Harry Winston jewellery shines at Biennale des Antiquaires

Maria Doulton: Unusually for the usually all-white
diamond king Harry Winston, we’re seeing colour in the new Water collection, created by Sandrine
De Laage, who is the art director. I had a chance to catch up with her and find
out why it is that Harry Winston turned to blue this year. I’m with Sandrine De Laage, who is the art
director at Harry Winston, and you’ve got a big collection to show us. Sandrine De Laage: The new collection that
we are unveiling today for the first time is called Water by Harry Winston, inspired
by another treasure of nature which is water. We are introducing colour and very happy to
introduce colour with this collection. It’s true that the past years we were very focussed
on diamonds, but we shouldn’t forget that Harry Winston was a lover of gemstones and
coloured stones also, and blue is very, very important in this collection. We worked with many different kinds of stones
and many different kinds of blues, from Paraiba tourmalines to blue and purple sapphires,
cut in very different ways. So talking about colours and new colours,
this is a set made of diamonds, of turquoise and blue sapphires, and it’s called Plage
because it recalls the movement of – Maria Doulton: The beach. Sandrine De Laage: – of the beach, and the
movement on the water when you jump into the water. Harry Winston used to love this combination,
and we have many different designs in the archives. I recall how much, and these pieces
were very famous at their time. So you see the movement. Maria Doulton: Yes, that is so nice. Sandrine De Laage: It’s following the movement
of your hand and your wrist. Maria Doulton: I’m on holiday already! Sandrine De Laage: Every single piece from
Harry Winston must be tried on and looks even more alive. So you’re obliged to try them


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Great job on this channel! Always classy, always informative and well done. As a descendant of the Russian aristocracy I support this channel for the culture, history and art it shares. You are preserving very fine traditions in gems!

  2. Lady… Yours introducing millions of dollars in diamonds and you can't afford a hairdresser or even a brush?
    I've seen better hair styling from the homeless street people!

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