1. Idk what it is but his videos make me uncomfortable idk they don’t have hides or humidity boxes something just seems off and it seems just not genuine it was weird how the baby’s weren’t moving I’ve personally never had that happen

  2. Tooooo bad you have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to ball pythons! Beautiful snake, not gunna be cared for right 🙄

  3. A bunch of these comments are just people bitching about how you handle YOUR animals, and imma tell you — I have more faith in you, the professional trainer than some keyboard warrior sitting at home judging you for exposing your craft.

  4. k oh my wife called lorie last week to have her hold a gecko the next day got sick this morning went to the hospital, when she gets home i will remind her to check back with lorie.

  5. Hi, I’m just a curious viewer asking, “is it safe to not have hides for pregnant females?” and “is it safe to cut the eggs open before they hatch?” I watch snake discovery, and they say it’s not.

    I just wanna make sure, thank you

  6. 9:36 Just imagine if your egg is cut open and the first thing you hear is awww man its nothing special just another Lori Ball Python haha. How much does a Super Leopard Lori Ball Python go for?

  7. Why the heck do you haters see his videos??? If you wanna hate go hate yourself! Stop hating and if you don’t like it keep it to yourself don’t share it and make other people sad or depressed because of ur stupid mentality and Judgement of others. Not everybody is perfect and the haters surely aren’t at all.

  8. I have four Boas and all four have great almost to aggressive eaters there is no way I could but my arms in I like that and not get hit

  9. Hey do sand boa hatchlings just kinda sit there like that? I dunno something about that entire clip made me feel off, not to mention it doesn't seem like the snakes had any hides or forms of enrichment.

  10. This just makes me sad. A lot of your snakes lay eggs, and you just take the eggs away. Atleast indiana jones swap them with fake eggs. You treat pregnant snakes horribly, no wonder that one had a deformity. The first snake shown looked very protective, and for you to just grab the eggs isnt very good for it.

  11. It’s a pretty snake, but the comments are well to point out you seem more in it for the hoarding and money then caring for these snakes.

  12. im in australia and long ago i seen a rare blue scale wild blue tongue lizard i never forgot the colour blue scales

    white cream belly strong blue with lighter blue markings

    ive not seen any photos on the internet that look like the one i found, any one else seen one, i wish i had a camera on the day ive seen many blue tongue skinks none look like the blue scale wild one i look at it for about 30 minutes i got a good look at him

  13. Do your snakes live in those jail like buckets there whole life cause idk anything about snakes but they look cramped and don’t have anything to do

  14. Oh noooo
    Why did you have to be the first one to do this…
    I already know you're gonna poke around at them and not give them a hide with a filthy tub that's too small for it like most of your snakes

  15. This guy is a kind soul and very passionate but I just want to emphasize that his enclosures are mediocre at best.

    No hiding holes, no humidity control, very little space and light.

    This is snakekeeping at its worst. Overly enthusiast keeper with less than ideal conditions

  16. Bruce is doing a great job. Love to hear him explaining what he is doing. I think you guys should send him to stay with Forest for a week or two for some experience. Would really benefit the channel and the reptarium animals! Loving the vlogs lately 👍

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