[ HD ] Copper Rounds: Part 3/5 – Clones of Clones Redux

[ HD ] Copper Rounds: Part 3/5 – Clones of Clones Redux

* * To turn off my comments, disable the Captions (CC) * * Hello everyone. This video is part three of the copper rounds series. We’ll begin with the Standing Liberty design. The silver counterpart I’ve showcased before follows
the original bare breast design. This copper round is following the 1917 modest route design,
covering the bare breast. The obverse shares the same design as two copper rounds
in the second series video. Those two previous rounds were better though, imho. The next one gave me a chuckle. I’m sure you’ve heard about chinese knockoffs before, right? Well, here we have an american knockoff, lol! The design used is almost the same one as 2012 Panda. The fur details on that reverse side is well done though. The obverse is still using PRC as its inscription. I’ve showcased Provident Metals dragon round before with
the temple as obverse, but with english legends. Next, it’s the exact clone of the silver round clone of
Incuse Indian Head Half Eagle. Heck, they may even share the same die. So, yeah, like the silver counterpart, I couldn’t resist
abusing this round too. They are so easy to polish because of their incuse style. Obviously, once again polishing highlights what matte finish hides:
the unsmooth surface. Well, this has been part 3 of the series.
Stay tuned for part 4. Cya…


  1. Very cool, I just subbed. I really like the copper clones. I saw some on provident I think and almost got them. Great video, keep it up.

  2. Well, first, all the coins and rounds showcased in this channel are for collection purpose only. I expect zero return from them ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    But, if you're curious to know my opinion on copper rounds in term of investment, I'd say these aren't the proper vehicle for it. The premium to mint copper rounds are too high that in order to profit, copper needs to rise many folds, maybe at least 400-500%.

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