He Confronted the BIGGEST Gold Digger!!!! (insane)

He Confronted the BIGGEST Gold Digger!!!! (insane)


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  2. Damn y'all should have confronted her on the actual date the next day! Tee could have asked to link her at the same time "busted bitch"

  3. feminist logic.

    1 – a hoe says she got raped

    2 – the guy has video evidence showing he didn't

    3 – he is a monster for filming it, and he is to blame

    this is actually happened in Israel a 19 year old female sexually exploited TWELVE 16 year olds, then claimed they raped her, luckily (thank god) they filmed the entire thing, the video not only shows that there was no rape at all, it showed that she was at full control over the entire situation, even choosing who to sexually exploit and who to reject!

    then after the video evidence surfaced, the boys were released because she had no choice but to admit the truth, THEN she lied AGAIN saying she was "forced" to say there was no rape (EVEN THOUGHT THERE IS A FREAKING VIDEO EVIDENCE SHOWING WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED), THEN! her lawyers bailed on her because she is such a scumbag and the worst kind of criminal and a human, THEN! after all of this, the feminists in Israel, instead of apologizing for siding with her from the get go before there was even a trail, THEY SENT A REQUEST FOR THE POLICE TO MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO SPREAD AND WATCH THE VIDEO EVIDENCE THAT SHOWS THE CRIMINAL SEXUALLY MANIPULATING THE BOYS! and the talk changed from the fact that she almost ruined the life's of thousands of people (12 boys and there families and friends etc…) to those boys are criminal for filming it! they are worst then rapists! they should be thrown in jail and get raped and killed!


  4. If girl told her boyfriend that she was pregnant to test his loyalty and see if he runs away everyone would say that she's the bitch even if he did run away. When dude does it, he's the cool guy who deserves better. Wtf.

  5. How do you know that she would go with him because of the money. The house doesn't look that good and it looked like she doesn't believe that he does music and sees that he's making stuff up. I think she just told him yes because she was afraid of telling him no and actually wouldn't go with him.

  6. what the fuck is rong with this guy? u enjoy doing this kind of crap content? why u get so happy to make people broke up? wtf is rong with u? cant u make people think and make them change? instead of doing everything worse? ur a shit human being….u dont try to "open peoples eyes" with that "gold digger" crap, u just ruin peoples lifes, u make that to unsecure people… cause u know ur stupid plan is going to work, omg u should be hated so much… after u destroy peoples lifes to get content… AND UR HAPPY WITH UR STUPID WAY OF THINKING!!! get lost kid…

  7. How do you guys get so upset about a woman with standards? If that’s what she wants then you can’t shame her for it 😂

  8. This is so wrong y’all..and it’s very disappointing how you guys are promoting violence 😏it’s totally not cool and y’all should be ashamed of yourselves 😕😏😡

  9. These guys are so idle making troubles to young couples.its not fare at all making videos to make couples seperate.you should create an organization to help e.g st jude children hospital not wasting money and time making troubles to families please.that young girl didn't deserve shame.sorry gal go to school and concentrate on a course earn good money leave the crazy men they can embarrass you.

  10. This is stupid, money plays the role of God nowadays and I don't why these stupid people sign up for this shit. Everyone knows damn well that when there is money involved shit will happen, UDY should start testing dudes and see how loyal are they. Poor girl, y'all are lucky she didn't have a gun :D.

    I can't believe millions of people subscribed to this dudes BS channel, WTF is this?

  11. BRUUHH why did she do a Good dude Wrong??????????

  12. Damn he called her out her name and got in her face like he was gone hit her I got 2 daughters ima come see about them lil boys lbvs

  13. Um hello thanks for reading my comment out of all the comments u read mine and maybe just maybe if u like you'll get one wish and u can wish for more wishes that my rule ok bye

  14. I feel bad for the girl…. She was considering it but never committed. This guy was jealous and sensitive and decided to tell her he's going to beat the fuck out of her and fuck her best friend. What a loser. And the way he put his hands on her so aggressively… Unfortunately I gotta say shame on everyone recording

  15. Well she’s not even cheating nobody even knows if she thinks of that boy as a friend well now she actually did she said she fucked his best friend

  16. 18:50– argument start
    Lmfaooo he said she ain’t getting her shit back til he fuck her best friend. Then plot twistssssss

  17. I literally stopped and paused the video when he said go grab a snack because this is going to be goooood!! Got my snack!🍿🙋🏼‍♀️ Now please continue…👏🏼

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