He Confronted the BIGGEST Gold Digger!!!! (insane)

He Confronted the BIGGEST Gold Digger!!!! (insane)

Yes, yes Whoa, welcome everyone. I know we’ve been gone for a while. Well, technically only like two weeks But still, it’s YouTube and in the YouTube world That’s a long time but we’ve been working on something very big behind the scenes guys And if you guys want to sneak peek of exactly what that is stick until the very end of this video to watch it But okay on to this video So for this video we were helping this guy named T figure out if his girlfriend’s already would end up trading him for another guy Who had more money or aka we were trying to figure out if this girl was a gold digger now. Here’s why T Wanted to test his girlfriend So my plan to give T that peace of mind that he wanted as always was simply I was gonna have one of my very Good friends pretend to be rich hit on Ari and eventually ask her on a date We called this person our decoy and the friends who I chose to play. This role was none other than this guy. Oops Wait, no. Sorry. I didn’t mean to stop on him. I meant to stop at to this guy This is the homie Lawrence and don’t let that look on his face fool you he is more than capable of playing the role in Getting the job done. Believe me Yo, yo, we are outside So the day for Laura’s to hit on Ari came and after we picked him up from his house We then made our way to Beverly freakin Hills Remember Lloris is playing the decoy in a gold-digger video, which means that it’s my job to make the sky look. Hella. Hella Rich, and that’s why a couple days before this day. I ended up going online and I rented out a multi-million dollar mansion It was pretty expensive But you know what it’s worth because you guys love these videos And I mean this when I say this, we can’t keep making these videos without your guys’s freaking support like I know it might not seem like it but when you guys slap a like on this video when you guys even just share This video it helps us out tremendously Now when you guys check out and support our partners That helps us out even more because they support us and this week We partnered with World of Tanks blitz to bring you this video World of Tanks. Blitz is an online team-based tank combat game You battle real people from around the world using real historically accurate tanks from around the world Now the premise of the game might be simple. However, this is what’s a strategy that goes into every single battle for example you really need to watch out for obstacles aim accurately fire quickly work as a team upgrade your tank and most Importantly, you need to outsmart your enemy. If you install the game through my links in the description below You’ll get a new player special bonus of an awesome tank and a 7-day premium account It’s absolutely free to download on iOS Android and more. So hopefully I’ll see you guys in the game so I could destroy your tanks But okay, so we got our mansion night time King T showed up at the mansion We set up our camera angles and then about an hour later our we showed up and man Let me tell you one of the hardest things that we had to do This video was to get re to that mansion, but here’s how we made it happen a day prior I asked you to hang out with are we at a park in Beverly Hills just minutes away from the mansion He pinned me his location when he got there and then me and my team proceeded to showing up And just get them from there after spotting them we parked across the street We set up our cameras and then I call T to have him use the restroom So my friend Jay could have a five-minute window to walk up to re and grab her number – later invite her to the mansion The truth is guys. Jay was actually my original choice to play decoy for this video I mean this guy helped me paint my office the previous week, so I decided to give him a shot Now Jays job this day was easy All the attitude was walk up to Ari and ask for a few models because he was a real estate agent looking for a girl To model in one of the houses that he was trying to sell. My name is a nice to meet you yeah re Man, that’s a good man’s good name. I really like that name now. Thanks to T. We already knew that re did model So this was supposed to be easy, especially because Jay was also gonna pay her $1500 who the hell’s gonna resist 1,500 freakin dollars But unfortunately instead of seeing all that Jay instead decided to say this what I was just gonna come over here and tell you how good-looking you are I was gonna invite you to my house You want to come over to my house It’s a cool house, I mean not like that it’s not like that. It’s just a really cool house I appreciate if you come check it out By the way, guys, I really apologize for the shaky cam I should have used a tripod instead of holding it with my breaking hands. Thank you. Are you sure I’m rich? I mean I got money How much more creepy can you get you got this bored girl scooting over and everything It’s unfortunate Vajay, utterly filled and at that time I thought we were screwed because I have no other freakin decoy on standby or anything Are you being a hundred are you kidding? Did you follow the script that I told you to follow Will we end up handing Jay right back to us as I try coming up with a plan B I’ll he’ll that don’t go back again and try He makes his way back from the restroom And at this point I text him about our dilemma and then suddenly an idea hits me We have no other decoy on standby or in the car, but luckily we did have Madeline there now She can’t play decoy But she could at least go up to Ari get her number and invite her to the mansion And since Madeline was a girl It didn’t really matter if T was there or not and so that became the new plan and considering Jay didn’t even hit a single line in the script that I gave him I decided It was safe to send Madeline in with the same script, but since she was in gym clothes We just made some small tweaks for it to fit her character So instead of having Madeleine walk up directly to our we like J. Did we instead have her running some laps first How many allows she gonna do I told her to do at least two or three? it’s kind of like believable dude, I do that’s real and Madeline runs pretty slow Just saying we were waiting there for a while lap. Number two there one lap number two Madeline’s a trouper take a look for the team here Finally after Madeline completes her third of laps. She stops in front of REE and ignites a conversation. Okay She stopped perfect guy. That’s so random new lead model Oh boy. Well, I Follow my cursor right? She’s out of breath. So tired I Was like running around this park and I was like, oh my god. She’s so pretty But you look great you look great I wish I could be drinking about Starbucks So Madeleine starts off strong and sticking to the script She tells our way that she’s in charge of finding models for her boss who works in real estate She explains the business module to her and then proceeds to asking if she’d be interested in modeling for them at the beautiful mansion but if you’re down I mean No, I mean you have the great love Yes tomorrow, I mean he’s flexible though, if you can move things around promise it’s worth it like it pays really really well Okay, it sounded like Ari was a little bit unsure at first However, Madeline just brought up the pay and that seems to be having an impact on her decision Are you down I mean, yeah, I think having tea they’re actually really really really helped Do y’all like social media or like do you mind if I get your number something? Oh, yeah, you could just take my number Okay, and that ladies and gentlemen is how we got Ari’s number and managed to get it to the mansion. Yes But So now you guys know the full story Madeline was responsible for keeping in touch with Ari and making sure that she actually showed up. Okay, perfect Text me when you’re getting closer and I will go outside for you. Okay? And with that final confirmation that RA was on her way to the rest of the team and I had upstairs to hide and he will be able to listen in to see if his girlfriend’s passes or fails of this test, but unfortunately, There were only two earphones. So yokes and Jay we’re out of luck and could not listen Yeah, that’s yours so 15 minutes go by or so and Madeline finally gets the text that Ari is here So she heads outside to grab her. I don’t got any questions for you, but just keep your fingers crossed The girls make some small talkin and they make their way back into the house Where are we is greeted by Laura’s who’s our decoy and my brother Josue who’s actually playing the photographer Now remember our we think specially is there for a photo shoot so it’s not wasting any time we put that girl to work So pretty much should be fierce on the couch And so the photo shoot begins the trio downstairs have all we pose in multiple areas of the house for the next 20 minutes Now earlier I told Dolores that when he thought that they’ve taken enough pictures inside of the house I wanted him to take Ari outside to the pool to take pictures there for two important reasons Those are good good some by the pool Reason number one this would mark the moment that Madeline and Josue would begin to ditch Loras and Ari Remember we need them by themselves so that Loras can ask her on a date So Madeline exits first by making up the excuse that she has to take a very important phone call outside. Okay? and now reason number two as to why I asked Loras to take Ari to the pool is because I needed to reposition the cameras the thing is that the house was just so big that we couldn’t capture everything that we needed in one take so when Laura’s Josue Inari stepped outside. I came downstairs and readjusted the cameras to capture the spot where I want Loras to ask Ariana dates No, no To let him know we’re all clear and then text Loras to come back inside So that’s it. We’re done already. Yeah Like 30 minutes, but um, I got some food here if you want a burger or something else why you want to do? Okay, and perfect Josue now makes up his excuse of supposedly having to go edit the pictures that he just took and just like that People we successfully got lorrison re all by themselves. We’re going to eat and then I’ll write you a check and we’re good So earlier in the daytime when we first got to the mansion we actually made some burgers and I just think it’s so funny But Lars offered her one because those burgers are hours of old big-ass house in this big ass grill But the big-ass grill does not work, but as plans that Laura Sven instructs re to sit in perfect line of our cameras Yeah, we could just go ahead and go sit in the little nted Yeah right here. So Ari gets comfortable takes a bite of a burger and then Laura’s just comes and kicks her out of her spot Yeah, I just put too much mustard in this I don’t think I did put a lot of ketchup though You know, you wanna make it a new one. No, I good cuz I wasn’t gonna get it How is it though I was out there cooking Chef never could so after some small talking burger bites Laura starts to strategically make his move You should do some more digs with me. I got like six other houses we can use Yeah, so what do you do besides modeling? What are you studying Nah dude our failures are good like you really get into some insulin a real estate Like there’s a lot of money in that this is where you want to listen in cuz it’s about to happen right here Yeah, I mean I remember this day and I make some music Songs like they out everywhere, you know, I know I know Okay, honestly, I didn’t know if this was good or bad for lares he was on the right path He brought up the real estate. He brought up the money, but then bringing up the music kind of veered him off track He ends up putting his burger down getting up and grabbing re and himself something to drink And for those of you guys wondering if there’s alcohol in the cups, no, it’s not alcohol this time. I swear Right now again I don’t know if Flores did all that because he lost his train of thought or because he was trying to get Ari to stop Asking him about his music, but if it was to get her to stop asking about his music Well, it didn’t work because she continues to ask him to play his music No, no right now we eating and stuff Now maybe later though my belated Ari is pretty relentless. So check this out because suddenly Loras gets an idea here. I look How about this? I’ll play you one song. I want a song only but you gotta let me take you out to eat He completely flipped the script on her. Yes, sir. All right now she hasn’t said anything yet I’ll play you a song but you gotta let me take you out Before the shoot like I mean like I take you out you get dressed nice I get dressed nice I pick you up But go to a restaurant. I’m serious You want to take me out just like here What are your that is that I want to take you out cuz I think you’re pretty you know, you cool He was looking good on the couches and stuff, you know She said why don’t you take Madelyn out? She’s hesitating. Well madam. I like she’s pretty and everything. But like she’s on that personality like you do Just don’t got personality like you are you talking to her is like damn That was pretty staff its loris. You’re lucky Madeline. It wasn’t there Okay, so this is so suspenseful so Ari is resisting which is good however at the same time she so hasn’t said no Thanks and shut Laura’s down But all of that might just be about to change, you know, let me take you out on a date So Ari has admitted to having a boyfriend which is really really really good However, I don’t think T thinks it’s good. He doesn’t look too happy or relieved that Ari has brought him up I thought she said that she had a boyfriend. She wasn’t why she’s still talking to him. Alright, I mean to be messed up nothing Man can take care of you the way I can Because what you double thinking it for why you even hold your bags you can get to know Being this seriously creative like come on Finish trying to change your life I Know you’re worth – why you think I’m trying to take you? Oh, come on, you like big houses you like nice cars you like money This is good, so you gonna let me take you on a date it No When what’s he doing too long demonic fattest, I move fast things were looking Everything was literally going so good She was saying I do she admitted I had a boyfriend she was like Why don’t you go out with Madeline instead ready? Shit happen multiple times like she always like making up excuses not let her a slob efficient She always I said, I’d be trip initially I’ll be fucking like just making up shins just like trying to get mad shit So it looked like T Had a good enough reason to not trust Ari after all because she completely failed this test with complete disregard for him classic So now the question is do you want to go down there and confront her here? Yeah. Oh no juice buddy shit I just want to tell me to fuck the truth. You don’t want to expel all what you say nothing I wanted to tell me the fucking truth. So, you know Okay, and so with that we begin getting ready to make our way downstairs those bitch gonna have the excuse brush So ladies and gentlemen This is that time in every single video where you need to check if you have takis in front of you or not Now with you do good But if you don’t then go get some so you have something a munch on because I never ever say this lightly This shit’s gonna be good You’re this, yeah, you know exactly what you want Sammy up guys Let’s go How’s that fool re how’s your food is it good? Is it good? I’ve been here away before you even got here. I Know him. This is my home boy. You get it now That’s the fuck. I do you get it. Now you see a lot of these fucking cameras here you get it You sure you don’t me to help you clear oh fuck this, you know, what the fuck going on just fessed up So it’s the same shit, huh? Yeah, fuck that shit I said same as shit I had the feeling you’ve been doing shit behind my fucking back. I Know my guys fine shit to you know, what the fuck you just deal with Nobody guys find shit to you. What would you throw him? So what the fuck was you just doing? So what the fuck was you doing just now Okay, so I know T didn’t want me to intervene or explain anything to Ari However, I felt like I had to because if I didn’t she would have just kept on playing dumb It was a test to see if you would end up accepting to go on a date with Morris He was actually upstairs listening to the entire conversation that you two just had right now and stuff Okay, so when Madeline walked up to you and invited you tomorrow that was a part of the test I don’t know if you recognize and remember Jay, but he walked up to you first Yeah, that was a part of the test. Nothing that was said or offered in this test was real This house is actually not even lorises. He’s not rich. He’s not super super successful It was all just a test to see if you would end up going out with him And again, he was upstairs listening to everything So there’s no point in lying or denying anything or playing dumb you already knew that shit Bro, ain’t got ain’t nobody got his funny shit the OS No pieces on a fucking setup, not the fuck You just did I just saw you feeling go out with this fucking god now fuck that shit ain’t none that shit You know the fucking day off my fame no, fuck you go, dude Wow, so, that was a very quick explosive and shocking confrontation, I know it definitely had Loras shook But don’t think it’s over just yet because it’s not because my dumb ass ends up saying this So are we got him so quickly that she didn’t realize that she was leaving without her phone and I’m dumb for calling it out Because I didn’t realize that I have just caused the world war three Oh my god, what did I do? Why couldn’t I just realize that she left her phone after she walked out of the freaking house? Start legit fighting for the frickin phone, okay Now I’m not trying to get the monetized or promote violence So I can’t show you this in its entirety But Ari is literally throwing blows at to get her food back But in the end she is able to get her off of him, but unfortunately He still is holding on to her phone and to all my headphone users. I’m warning you guys right now You might want to turn down your volume because World War 4 is about a kickoff You ain’t getting this you fuck your best friend you get your shit back – I put your best three on my mama Okay, what ended up happening guys is tea ended up grabbing re and he is literally about to toss it in the freaking pool Notice that she left her phone behind at this plate I honestly felt so bad for re she was literally holding on for dear life to not get tossed into that pool But luckily she gets free before getting dunked but she still doesn’t have her phone thank you Yoshi back no, fuck that shit Thank you me your shitbag. Alright, give me your shit bag. Give me your shit back after class is my fucking pool Keep keep following me keep playing me Keep fucking playing keep playing with me. No, fuck that. You ain’t get your shit back. Fuck that I’m fucking your best friend recording on your phone, bitch This girl would not give up though she wants her phone and she’s willing to go one more round for it This time though she successfully Retrieves him and here’s the part where I stop feeling bad for Ari because despite having her phone in her hand She continues to stay there and argue as opposed to just walking out. Okay, it’s over you got your phone there. That’s enough. It’s over You Fucking home My brother my daddy autumn you already know it don’t play don’t play so I got you over Hmm thought you knew us fucking cheat, huh? Would be a hole your fucking line makes the money gonna be high Your fucking life everybody as you dummy Record it at the away are you should probably head out before you probably take series of they gotta die I don’t want to see you throw to be poor. Like I really really don’t You should probably just head out You want talking pot don’t feel answer the fucking point And so with that Ari finally decides to leave she’s barefoot and I’m sure she’s a little embarrassed but wait Because it’s not over I’m just kidding. It’s over Doors she slammed the goddamn door hard Whoa, you guys made it to the end of the crazy freakin video but now let’s get to that sneak peak that some of you guys are waiting for and most of you guys probably forgot about Ready, three two, and one here we go. Alright guys, so we wrapped up an incredible shoot or a portion of the shoot, right? Yes This is what I’ve been doing This is why I can’t upload videos back frequently because we’ve been working on something big and massive and we’re really excited to share it With you but not yet. It’s gonna be bigger than this house. Alright


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    then after the video evidence surfaced, the boys were released because she had no choice but to admit the truth, THEN she lied AGAIN saying she was "forced" to say there was no rape (EVEN THOUGHT THERE IS A FREAKING VIDEO EVIDENCE SHOWING WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED), THEN! her lawyers bailed on her because she is such a scumbag and the worst kind of criminal and a human, THEN! after all of this, the feminists in Israel, instead of apologizing for siding with her from the get go before there was even a trail, THEY SENT A REQUEST FOR THE POLICE TO MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO SPREAD AND WATCH THE VIDEO EVIDENCE THAT SHOWS THE CRIMINAL SEXUALLY MANIPULATING THE BOYS! and the talk changed from the fact that she almost ruined the life's of thousands of people (12 boys and there families and friends etc…) to those boys are criminal for filming it! they are worst then rapists! they should be thrown in jail and get raped and killed!


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