Heads Series, Episode 1: Difference Between Copper and Stainless Steel Stills

Heads Series, Episode 1: Difference Between Copper and Stainless Steel Stills

Howdy folks, I’m Jeff from Moonshine Distiller. As you’re looking around for new still you might notice two main types stills, copper and
stainless steel. Traditionally stills were made out of copper. This because it’s a very soft metal used
to work with. And you also can solder it rather than welding it.This makes it very easy to assemble in the backwoods. However, more modern stills are made from stainless steel as much more durable
material and easier to keep clean. The main functional difference
between stainless steel and copper stills is that the copper actually reacts with sulfides that are in the vapors from your wash. Those sulfides, if
they end up in your final distillate, can actually cause bad hangovers and bad tastes. You can get the same sulfide removing effect in a stainless steel still by packing your column with a little bit
a copper mesh. Typically, on a five or ten gallon batch, just one pound of copper mesh inside your still column should be more than enough to remove the sulfides. With a copper stills you won’t need this copper mesh, since the still itself will react with the sulfides.


  1. So I have a warning for anyone thinking about buying from Moonshine distiller!!!
    They don't deliver what you order? I ordered a still, and electric unit, a $200.00 gin basket (that went missing in shipping – they said they would send another – and 3 month later they won't return a call! They won't answer the phone!
    They ignore customer service!
    They will not get back to you!
    When and if you get one of them on the phone they say sorry and no they are not that type of business and they want you to be happy …but nothing!
    as soon as they are off the phone – they're done with you!
    I have to say , the still is great quality!
    It works very well!
    It arrived with a couple dints in it and they verbally said they would turn turn some of my money , in which I said ,I would then buy more stuff from them!
    And It's all been hot air and a waste of a call.
    Jeff said Katie would fix me up – nothing! after a week of phone calls Travis answered the phone one day and said he was new (probably replaced Katie) and he was all – we run a good business and don't want bad new about us going out !
    I said ok fine , You keep in touch with me every couple weeks so I know your still on it and get the stuff sent out to me and I won't say anything bad.
    That was 2 months ago!!!!
    not a word!!
    No one will answer the phones, no one will return my calls!
    It may still all work out … I don't know!
    But be aware !!
    order # 17209
    not completed!

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