HEART FRIENDSHIP BRACELET ♥ BFF Gift Idea! DIY Tutorial for Beginners

HEART FRIENDSHIP BRACELET ♥  BFF Gift Idea! DIY Tutorial for Beginners

Hello everybody and welcome to a new DIY video! I love to wear fun bracelets on my arms and ankles when it’s summertime I think it’s such a fun and cute accessory. So how about making them ourselves? But let’s make them extra cute with a heart shaped pattern. It’s also such a cute gift for your best friend sister or anybody you love. But before we get to the video, as always don’t forget to subscribe and leave a thumbs up for more videos! To make these you just need
some yarn. First off I’ll start with the basic
pattern, in case you don’t remember how it works, or you’re just new to this for this. You will need three 1.5 m long strings of yarn. This seems to be about 60 inches. The more strings you use the bigger the bracelet but also the more complex. Put the strings together
and fold them in 2. Make a knot where the fold is and tape it to a surface. To begin, for this bracelet we just make the simple forward knot. For that with the
string we have on the Left we will form the shape of the number four over the
one we have on the right and then go through the loop repeat that again on the same string do
these same steps until you’ve gone through all the strings now take again
the first string and repeat the same this is how you make the basic pattern
of a friendship bracelet super easy right but now let’s take a look at the
heart bracelet it may seem a little bit tricky at first but it ends up being
super easy you only need to learn two different rows that just will repeat
themselves its first you start with two normal chevron rows followed by two
special rows and again two normal chevron rows and so on make sure that
the color on the edge is the one that you want for the heart so for this
bracelet with the red heart and a pink background the strings have to be placed
like this red pink red and pink again everything will mirror in the middle so
you basically have the same on the right side just from the right to the middle
also keep in mind that with the four strings on the left you will only work
on the left up to the middle and the same applies on the right side so let’s
start with the first Chevron row with the outermost left string make justice
before two simple forward knots until you get to the middle don’t forget to
stop there now on the right side we will switch it
up a bit so like I said everything is mirrored so instead of two forward knots
we will make two backward knots that’s basically the same as before but with an
inverted four repeat again until you get to the middle so these are the two knots
you need to know for this forward and backward knots
simply put forward knot as a normal for and backward knot is an inverted for now when both sides get to the middle we
have to connect both strings so I did again to four knots repeat this whole thing again since we
are creating a second Chevron row now comes the first special row it’s not
as straightforward but still pretty simple once you get the hang of it
starting on the left side take the second string and make two backward
knots on the first string now take that red string that was the
first one before and make the usual forward knots until the middle now let’s
mirror the whole thing so again taking the second string from the ride we make
two forward knots over the first one then with the red string continue the
normal backward knots until the middle again we need to connect the middle so I
made two forward knots by the way for the middle it really doesn’t matter if
you do two forward knots or two backward knots it’s just important that you use
the right string if you use the left string you need to do two forward knots
and if you use the right string two backward knots for me it’s actually
easier to do forward knots but if you’re left-handed maybe it’s easier to do
backward knots and they work just the same this only applies to the knots in
the middle now make a second special row now make two more Chevron rows and you
will notice how the hard shape starts to appear continue until you get the desired
length and finish it off with a knot I decided to make a little braid on the
ends and done the whole bracelet took me about one and a half hours but to be
fair I was watching Gilmore Girls so I mean I was a little bit distracted I I hope you guys enjoyed the video! If you
did, don’t forget to subscribe and leave a thumbs up… and I see you next time! Bye 🙂


  1. I have to apologize but this video drove me crazy with how fast you went through it. Very frustrating. You have portions where you’re speaking about the next step but the video is still on the current step and then the way you speed the video up makes it very hard to track what needs to be done. Speak slowly, speak with the video. There seems to be basically two steps here, two chevron‘s and then two special rows. Instruct slowly on how to do each, then tell us that we need to continue that for the length of the bracelet, then give instruction on how to end the bracelet. We are wanting to make these in pink and white for breast cancer survivors in Hawaii. I thank you for putting this out there but please, slow down. God bless

  2. how come u asked us to get 3 strings and when u fold it 3 in half it makes six but u had four strings on each side ???????

  3. OMG 😱 Thanks to Sasha Harrison I just realized I totally skipped a step on the tutorial! The 3 strings are for basic bracelet! For the heart bracelet you need 4! 2 in your background color (in my case pink) and 2 in your heart color (red for me)!!!!

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