Heart of Gold: Official Teaser

Heart of Gold: Official Teaser

when I landed feet-first my knee buckled
inward and then I felt my leg go the opposite direction but I was so worried
about the bike not hitting me I didn’t really think about landing feet first
into an air bag and ended up breaking my fibula
the bone was displaced so I basically could sit in a cast for two months and
maybe it’ll heal in time? and maybe it’ll heal properly? that was the
ultimate decision is just to be able to still be healthy and ride my dirt bike and that’s kind of what freestyle allows me to do my goal is kind of just to be
successful at freestyle and learn as many tricks as I can and I actually
thought that goal was maybe like a two years time type of goal and
somehow I did it in under a year but now I need to set a new goal I tried to flip once to dirt and blew my knee out was flipping into the airbag and broke my leg so for a trick to take this much away
from me we’re gonna make this happen

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