Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (7/10) Movie CLIP – Hellboy “Smokes” Johann (2008) HD

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (7/10) Movie CLIP – Hellboy “Smokes” Johann (2008) HD

Gute Nacht,
Agent Hellboy. Look, Agent,
l know you don’t like me, but l could take
away your badge. Never had one. Kept asking, though. You will learn to
obey me, follow protocol and stay fockused
at all times. Oh, that word ”fockused.” Yeah, with your
accent, l wouldn’t
use it that much. l knew Professor Broom,
young man. You didn’t know
Professor Broom. Yes, l did. After my accident…
Shut up. Shut up. …he designed
this containment suit. A wonderful man. And even then
he was worried
about your future. He… Hey, Gas Bag, stop it! Right now. Or what?
Are you threatening me? Because l think
l can take you. Excuse me? You heard me. l couldn’t hear you
from all the way over there. l can take you
because you have
one fatal flaw. Oh, l wanna hear it. No, you don’t.
You can’t take criticism. Try me. Can’t take it. (SHOUTING)
What’s my flaw? Your temper.
It gets the best of you. Makes you weak.
Makes you vulnerable. (CHOKING) Oh, crap. Johann. (GASPING) (CHOKING) Johann? Johann? Hey, Johann? Come on, pal.
Hang in there,
will you? Johann? Johann? Damn. (JOHANN SHOUTS) Ow! (JOHANN SHOUTING) There we are. Your temper,
it makes you sloppy. Try to control it,
Agent Hellboy. Before it controls you. (SINGING IN GERMAN) Glasshole.


  1. I'm just wondering about the agents that walk by that might not necessarily be aware that there's an amorphic disembodied spirit that could possibly be, at times, wondering the halls singing obscure German folksongs.

  2. Me: To bad this movie was the last one with hellboy.

    Friends: Actually there is a new …

    Me: IT … DIED … end of story.

  3. You know what would be much better?
    having hell energy drinks instead of tecate that he had in the beginning of the clip in his locker

  4. Injustice 2 was my true introduction to Hellboy. even though i'm not really that interested to read the comics (mostly because of the art style) do Hellboy fans recommend these movies to more casual fans?

  5. I came here after watching the stupid hell boy 2019. Ron and the Columbia production was million times better

  6. This scene in the movie makes me split my sides with laughter but even I wouldn't tempt fate by making hellboy mad

  7. Guys i seen this film when i was like 4 and then i forget about a film like i have never seen it before and now in 2019 i again see this film it was really hard to remember this film –

  8. I think my biggest nitpick with this movie is Stewie Griffin throwing on the thickest, most breathtakingly stereotypical German accent I've ever heard. The tone of the movie shifts here and there to be sometimes comedic, sometimes touching, and sometimes dramatic. But hearing Seth do that accent muddles everything because it's like he's doing a bit. No part of what he's doing is convincing as a serious role

  9. If this scene in today film, it'll be called cringey, stupid, and unfunny. But since this is an old clip, it's brilliant, clever, and funny.

  10. It's exactly like when you hit a sibling too hard and they scream and then you hear your mum coming 😂😂😂

  11. 1:57 This has got to be my favorite Hellboy-ism: he gets hit by something, thinks about it for a second, then calmly says "Ow."

  12. I remember roasting hellboy when I was younger I said he looked like a demon with meat slabs on his forehead and my dad would just start dying 😂

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