Here’s The Truth About White Castle People Don’t Know

In a sea of fast food competitors, White Castle
stands out. Perhaps it’s the small size of its iconic
sliders, the mystique of its busy late night hours, or scarcity in certain states, but
the company has been successful creating a “crave-worthy” business. Here are a few fun facts you should know before
your next White Castle run. Step aside, Harold and Kumar: Martin Kessman
was a frequent customer of White Castle for an impressive 50 years, but he eventually
became so overweight that he could no longer fit himself into the booths at his local Nanuet,
New York, location. So Kessman sued White Castle in 2011 under
the Americans with Disabilities Act for not providing him with six more inches of, quote,
“gut space.” This lack of gut space became a real problem
when Kessman tried to squeeze into one of the booths and injured his knee in the process. “AHHHHH! AHHH!” Rather than shun White Castle burgers for
good over the cramped seating, Kessman simply had his wife pick up his slider supply. The lawsuit was eventually dropped once White
Castle renovated the location, providing proper gut space with new seating. If Krispy Kreme is going to capitalize on
National Doughnut Day and Popeyes is going to play along with National Buttermilk Biscuit
Day, then you can bet that White Castle is going to jump on the bandwagon for National
Slider Day. On May 15, 2019, the burger chain celebrated
the holiday by offering fans – what else? – a free slider. All they had to do was visit their website
and print off or download the free slider coupon to their phone. Of course, enjoying a slider without a cold
beverage to wash it down with is just wrong, so White Castle kicked in a free soda to sweeten
up the deal. If you’re wondering where this holiday came
from, look no further than White Castle itself. White Castle VP Jamie Richardson admitted
in a press release, “We invented National Slider Day as a special
tribute to the fans who share that appreciation for the slider and share their Cravings with
us.” While most of today’s White Castle locations
are modernized with drive-thrus and are far larger than their early counterparts, there
are some of those early White Castle buildings still around. The third White Castle restaurant opened in
Indianapolis, Indiana in 1927 and remained in operation until 1979, making it the longest
continuously operating White Castle in the country at the time. The small white brick building was even listed
as a historic landmark by the National Park Service in 2011. How many burger joints can say that? Even with its history, the building hasn’t
always been a hot real estate commodity and it sat vacant for 15 years after being used
as a real estate office and then a National Guard Recruitment office. In 2017, Indiana Landmarks bought it from
the National Guard for the price of just $1. Indiana Landmarks then put it on the market
for $70,000, where it sat for two years before it was finally purchased While it won’t become a restaurant again due
to a legal “covenant” White Castle has on the building, new owner Jason Hartman is hopeful
that he can find a long-term tenant that sees the value in the history of the building that
only had room for five stools in its early years. “It has great character, so I wouldn’t want
to change that.” One of the more bizarre moments in White Castle’s
history involves being pulled into some political mudslinging between Texas Senator Ted Cruz,
2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, and Texas burger mainstay Whataburger. In August of 2018, when Cruz and O’Rourke
were battling it out for Texas Senate supremacy, Cruz’s spokesperson called his opponent a
… “Triple Meat Whataburger liberal who is out
of touch with Texas values.” “What does that even mean, Ted?” It was some pretty strange trash talking and
more than a little confusing to a lot of Texans who were quick to proclaim on social media
just how much they enjoyed triple meat Whataburgers. It took an even more head-scratching turn
when Cruz said this: “I’m a big fan of eating White Castle burgers. I like their little burgers.” That statement wouldn’t be so odd, if not
for the fact that White Castle doesn’t have a single restaurant in the Lone Star state. Texas writer/director Richard Linklater couldn’t
help but lampoon the strange political moment by making a short ad using a character from
his film Bernie, who was just as befuddled by the statement as the rest of the state
was. Perhaps one day, White Castle will bestow
the good people of Texas with a restaurant so Cruz and O’Rourke can hash things out over
a case of sliders. White Castle has had its share of imitators
over the years, with most of its competition becoming just a footnote in fast food history. Though dismissed as just a cheap food fad
early on, its small square burgers were eventually such a hit that the chain found itself being
imitated from competitors big and small. In the 1980s, KFC had their Chicken Littles
sliders and Burger King tried its own version of the slider called the Burger Bundle. While Chicken Littles and Burger Bundles are
long gone, White Castle also saw smaller burger joints pop up that were brazen enough to rip
off the White Castle name and building design. California had its own version of White Castle
with the slider joint Coastal Castle. Coastal Castle president Kenneth H. Clifford
told the Los Angeles Times in 1985, “White Castle didn’t make that hamburger famous,
that hamburger made White Castle famous.” Understandably, White Castle didn’t exactly
agree with Clifford. Gail Turley, White Castle’s director of advertising
said at the time, “We’ve spent 65 years building up a reputation
and we do not intend to have other people capitalize on it.” Long story short, Coastal Castle no longer
exists. Other imitators like White Tower, Royal Castle,
and White Palace have come and gone. Meanwhile, White Castle continues to expand
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