Herkimer Diamond and Silver Giveaway!!!

Herkimer Diamond and Silver Giveaway!!!

I wanted to try something a little bit different
so I’m gonna do a random giveaway. And this is gonna be everything that’s in
the giveaway. This is a Herkimer Diamond which is a double
terminated quartz crystal from upstate New York. 1901 barber dime all wrapped in silver. And
these 2 are in my groundscore videos from paradise falls. I mainly communicate through Facebook, through
messenger and can also do emails to exchange shipping information. I do NOT have WhatsApp and I probably wont
be getting one anytime soon. To Win just simply Like, Share, Subscribe
and Comnent your name below. And Christmas Eve I’m gonna put all the names
in a hat and draw out a name at random and announce it on Christmas. Here’s your chance to get some crystals, these
2 are from paradise falls and this crystal here I wrapped from my claim in Fonda. And good luck and I hope to be doing more
of these in the near future, more giveaways. So hit that bell icon if you wanna stay in
the loop. Good luck everybody.


  1. Wow these are gorgeous!!!! 😍 Barber dime is an awesome coin, never held one before. Definitely subscribed to your channel!!

  2. Liked and shared, been subscribed to you for a while now, I always enjoy your videos. I love working up in that part of the state, walking across a freshly plowed field you can pick them up, just watch for the sun to catch them.

  3. This is Toni Gochis even though my name is different here 🤷🏻‍♀️
    This is so cool 😊 That dime looks familiar to me!
    I shared your link to my rock people’s group – hoping to introduce a nice bunch of rock/gem folks to you and your work. Thanks for the
    an-ti-ci-pa-… 🎄🎁🎄

  4. Esta é uma oferta que estou fazendo. Os cristais são conhecidos localmente como diamantes herkimer. Um tipo de cristal de quartzo com terminação dupla. 7,5 na escala de mohs. Para ganhar, estou pedindo às pessoas que gostem, comentem, se inscrevam e compartilhem. Você poderá ganhar estes se estiver interessado. Estou desenhando um nome das pessoas que comentam o vídeo e o anuncio em 25 de dezembro

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