[Hermès Archive] Diamond and White Gold Porosus Croc Kelly 25 in Black

Hello everyone. Today I would like to introduce you to this Kelly 25 handbag. A surprising product arrived at Ginza Xiaoma! The material is Porosus Crocodile, and as for the hardware – diamonds are set in white gold hardware! This really is it – a luxury bag that you can imagine as being the best of Kelly bags. The condition of each exotic crocodile skin is different, but there are individual differences, and only material in the best condition is ever used, which has very good, finely detailed features. The key characteristic of this Kelly 25cm is that you can use it as a regular shoulder bag in two ways. However, there is no bracket to attach the strap here. This is a pretty major feature. This handbag is sealed with a D Stamp. This indicates this handbag was crafted in 2019, but it doesn’t have the typical shoulder brackets. As with vintage models, there are no brackets to attach the strap. Therefore, it could be said this bag was crafted to be primarily a handbag. Here we have extremely rare features. Once again, this is a Porosus Crocodile crafted Kelly 25 handbag, encrusted with diamond hardware! Here we have prominent diamonds encrusted within 18 karat white gold. Let’s take a look at the accessories. As usual, it has two keys, and it includes a clochette and lock. The clochette is also crafted from Porosus Crocodile. And the main feature is this lock. This is also 18 karat white gold. Usually, the lock is enveloped by the same leather material, but here it is completely encrusted in diamonds. The slight difference is that the size of this lock is a little small, so it is entirely special. I very rarely see Kelly bags with diamonds; I’ve been working with Hermès bags for decades, but I’ve never seen this. This is a ridiculously rare handbag. As for the condition, there are various types of Crocodile materials, but there are various individual differences as well. The scales are neatly arranged, and the condition is superb – the highest quality of exotic skin. Thank you very much for watching until the end today. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to our channel for more Hermès videos.

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