Hermès Kelly Double Tour Bracelet Unboxing/Reveal

Hermès Kelly Double Tour Bracelet Unboxing/Reveal

Hi guys so today I have an unboxing for you and it comes from Hermès Let’s get started So it comes in this orange bag And then You have the receipt here So this is the Kelly double tour bracelet So this is the box You can see the ribbon even has “Let’s play” so pretty cool let’s open it! so this was like a brand new piece so I was quite happy with it it has this pouch which feels very very soft there we go! this is the kelly double tour bracelet in etoupe and rose gold hardware and I haven’t I’m going to try it on This is like Gonna take some getting used to But You just turn it and yea and I have pretty small wrists so like this size is just perfect for me and actually there was the gris asphalt option also with rose gold hardware but I chose this one because it has white stitching which is very special and if you’re wondering it was $760 Singapore dollars oh I feel like I wore it on the wrong side so I’m going to try again Yea I wore it on the wrong side It was a bit loose that’s why, okay wait I think this like shorter bit here is gonna go underneath first Ok yea, this makes much more sense so yea I think that’s all for this video Thank you for watching!

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