Hidden LEPRECHAUN Presents! Hide N Seek for POTS of GOLD!!

Hidden LEPRECHAUN Presents! Hide N Seek for POTS of GOLD!!

– What about a. – [Dad] I’m the Daddy horse. – I’m the Senior Carrots,
and I like to eat carrots. – [Dad] I have a fork,
and I feed people carrots. – Hey look, it’s Chica Linda. – [Dad] I got some carrots on
a fork, who wants to eat them? (munching) – I do! – [Dad] Okay. (loud banging) – [Dad] What was that? What the heck? (laughing) What’s that noise? – It’s a noise, what’s that noise? Where’s that noise coming from? – [Mom] I’m scared. – [Dad] I’m scared. – [Adley] Should we open it? – Hello? (gasps) – What? – [Dad] What’s going on? – What the heck? What is it? – [Mom] What in the world. Nan, was that you? – [Nan] What? – [Mom] Did you hear that? – Yes, I was just coming, I got the baby to see what’s wrong? – [Mom] What was that? – [Nan] What on Earth happened here? – [Dad] Look at Nico’s thing! – Nico, look at your thing. – [Mom] They left a note, let’s read it. – Let’s read it, they left a note. – [Nana] Why would they do that? – Oh, my gosh. – What’s it say? – It says, “I came here a year ago, “you tried to catch me.” (gasps) Who did we try to catch? – The Leprechaun. – Yeah. – [Dad] The Leprechaun, booger. – Yeah. – He says, “this year will be extra tough, “you just wait and see.” – Let’s follow it. – Wait, it says, “I’ve
hidden eight pots today, “only one is filled with gold,” – [Dad] One of them has gold? – Yeah, “they’ll be really hard to find, “you might grow really old. “Tricky, tricky you may be, “but when I come back,
you’ll never catch me.” (gasps) Ohhhh. – [Dad] Okay, let’s follow it. Is this what we follow? – Uh-oh, there’s a ladder tipped down. – [Dad] That tipped down? – My horse! – [Dad] Are you okay, Spirit? (laughing) – Look at the little seat. – [Dad] He tipped it upside-down. Look, his footprints. – His foot-, look at over here, the door, you can’t open it anymore. – [Dad] We got to follow the trail. Hold on, where does it go? He stepped right there, where else? We got to find all the pots. – I found another one! – [Mom] Oh, a footprint. We got to find eight pots,
Adley, and only one is gold. – I found two footprints. – [Dad] Okay, footprints. – [Mom] He must have been over here. (squealing) – [Dad] What the heck? – [Mom] Why is it open? – Lift me up, lift me up, lift me up, I want to look in there. There’s nothing in there. – [Dad] What? – [Mom] Nothing’s in there? – [Adley] Nothing’s in there. – [Dad] This guy is tricky. – He is tricky. – Maybe in there? – [Dad] I don’t know, let’s
keep following the trail. – In the living room, too. Wait, I slide down. I found two, I found some, in my tent! Whoa, ow. – [Dad] Is there anything in there? – Oh, nope, there’s nothing in there. There’s nothing in there. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, he is good. – Maybe over here, Dad,
over here Dad, maybe. No. – [Mom] No. – Looks like my house. – [Mom] It is like a house. – [Dad] Knock, knock, knock, knock. – Knock, knock. – [Mom] Hello.
– [Dad] Are you in there? – I just can be in the window. – [Dad] Oh, another footprint. Ha, on the glass? He walked on the window. – [Mom] That’s crazy. – [Dad] This guy’s crazy. What did he. What? – I think I saw something. – [Dad] Where? – By the shoe. – In your shoe Nana. Found it. – [Dad] A pot of gold? – [Adley] A pot of gold. – [Dad] Does it have gold. – [Mom] It was tricky remember? – Yeah, he was tricky. – [Dad] Oh, that’s not gold. – [Mom] He tricked us. – We have a big metal one,
and now we a tiny one. – [Mom] Yeah, we have a
big one like that, huh, for Halloween. – [Dad] Nico, what do you
know about this leprechaun? Where is he? Hi, ah-yi-yi-yi-yi. – Dad, I found the other pot. Up there, look! – [Dad] Where? – [Adley] Up there. – [Mom] Oh my gosh.
– Oh my gosh. Here, hold the vlog, I’ll get it. Ugh, I got it. – [Adley] Okay. Can you hold the vlog. – Yeah, let’s look. – Can you hold the vlog? He tricked us. I’ll go put it by the other one. – [Dad] Good idea, we’ll put
all the tricks right there. – Oh, where the, we got two buckets now. – Two buckets. Okay, how many more do we need? – Where should we look? We gotta follow the trail. – [Adley] There’s shoes, look. – [Dad] There’s shoes? – [Mom] I don’t think it’s upstairs because Nana was upstairs. – [Dad] Oh, yeah, and
look Olive’s right there. Olive would have barked. – Maybe the leprechaun
just put those shoes. – [Dad] Yeah maybe he tried to trick us. Ha, ha. – Yeah, maybe he tried on mom. Nope. – [Dad] Is there anything over here? – [Adley] No, nothing. Yes, there is, right here. – [Dad] Oh, what’d you find? – There is mom, look! – [Mom] Okay, open it,
see if there’s gold. – [Dad] Is there gold? – No, he tricked us. Let’s go put it by the others. – [Dad] There’s always stuff on the fan. No, there’s nothing on the fan. – [Mom] Leprechaun was
probably wasn’t all that. – [Dad] Maybe in the dog house? – [Mom] Do you want to
look in the dog house? – Yes, I’d love to. – [Dad] Is there anything
in the dog kennel? – Yeah, I found it. – [Mom] Adley, bring it over here. – Okay, coming. – [Mom] What’s inside? – Let’s go over here. We’re so excited. – [Dad] Is there gold? – No, he’s tricking us. – [Mom] How many is that? – [Dad] Count them. – [Mom] Count them, how many are they? – One, two, three, four. – Oh, you have four, we need four more. – [Adley] Four more. – [Dad] Nico, do know
where this leprechaun is? Huh, did you see him? Maybe in Spirit. You guys, I’m checking Spirit’s backpack. – [Mom] Oh, that’s a good idea dad. – [Dad] No, just the carrot. – [Adley] Wait, come over here Dad. – [Dad] What? – Come here. – [Dad] What? – This chair was tip over. – [Mom] Maybe it’s under it. No.
– [Dad] No. Hmmm, let’s follow the trail. – [Adley] He’s made a mess. – [Dad] Is there anything in here? Whole hole house is a mess. Oh, I see one. Look, back there, can you reach it? – Yes. Oh, it’s over there. Let’s go get it now. I got it, I got it. – [Dad] Okay, what’s in it? – [Mom] Ah. – [Dad] There’s no gold. – [Mom] He is such a trickster. – He’s such a tricky, tricky. Let’s go put it by the others. – [Mom] Nico. – It wasn’t Nico. – [Mom] Oh, it wasn’t? – No. Wait! – [Mom] What? – I see something. – [Dad] Where? – [Mom] Oooh! – [Dad] What? – Let’s go over here. – [Dad] I hope there’s gold in this one. – Ugh, there’s no gold. – [Dad] No gold, we got another one. – [Mom] No gold. – [Dad] Do you guys
know where any more are? Gotta look up high. – [Mom] Okay, we need one more. – Maybe over here. Hm, I’m sure it’ll be in here. – [Dad] Oh, I don’t see any footprints. – [Mom] I think there’s one more. – Yeah, one. – [Dad] I just can’t find it. – Ha, looks like Nico’s
car seat flip over. Let’s go check over here. – [Dad] Let’s go. – Whoa. Let’s go to and check. – [Dad] I don’t see anything. – Wait, I found it, right here. You were tripping on it. – [Dad] I was tripping on it? – Let’s go over here. – [Dad] Okay, let’s open
it and see if it has gold. I hope it’s gold. (gasps) We found the gold! I want one. What is it, is it candy or is it real? – Let’s, no keep it. – [Dad] Okay, I think we’ll just keep it. Do we have all of them? – [Adley] Yep. – [Dad] Which one has the gold? – This one. – [Dad] I want some gold. – No, let’s not eat. – Hey Adley, look. It says, “In three days time I will return “to see what you did find. “And sad I’ll be if I do
see, trap you left behind.” – [Dad] He’s coming in three days. – He’s coming back. – [Dad] We should make a leprechaun trap. – Yeah, should we make one right now? – [Mom] That would be cool. – [Dad] We should make a leprechaun trap. – We need to go get supplies. – [Dad] We gotta go to
the store and get stuff and we can maybe try to catch him. How did we do it last year? Do you remember, what did we need? – Cereal. – [Dad] Oh, we could put cereal in there. – Yeah. – [Dad] And then maybe a little hole. And then what will we do? – She will get trapped. – [Dad] Yeah. – Maybe he’s too big. – [Dad] No, we’ll make a big hole for him. Should we do it? – Yeah, let’s do it. – [Dad] Oh, yeah. Look guys, we got all this gold. – If we catch him we can get more gold. – [Dad] Yeah. Next video, we’re gonna
catch a leprechaun. – Yes. Thanks for watching, bye. (Irish music)


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  6. Hi My Birthday is on March 20 2012 did you know that did you find the gold from the lapercole he is funny but he is tritsky

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