1. great job vanessa is awsome im so happy she passed the test i feel respect that she was chill about it who else agree s

  2. Sooooo they can shake their ass, pussy & titts in random ass people face but got a problem with someone recording 😂😂😂😂😂 okay

  3. Bro needs to marry her immediately. She understood him and his reasoning behind the insecurity enough not to get mad at him for doing this 😳

  4. yall must not know then….. strippers make they own damn money, dont need no man taking care of them. if a woman make her own money, she aint worried bout no dude makin money. she probably make more in one night than all yall do in a month

  5. I think he should do videos where the girls are testing their boyfriends, it prolly wouldnt work to see if the guy was looking for a girl with money but it would still be interesting

  6. We need to get bro on TV if he isn’t already!! This the most lit channel I came across. I been up since 10pm YESTERDAY watching these videos and haven’t been sleep yet

  7. Meka was just a lil' insecure that's all…he just didn't want to say it, so instead he kept saying he was curious and if he would've said that to her she would've looked at it as a sign of weakness. No guy says, "I did that because I was just curious." Dude just had trust issues because she was a stripper, let's keep it real. hahahaha

  8. I don't get whats the point of putting in the title "Will she cheat on him for someone more rich?!". We all know the answer.

  9. "But on the real, you gotta take her out to eat somewhere nice, then eat her booty after" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Did he say dude had multiple girlfriends but worried about this one… am I hearing that right..? if so this shit crazy

  11. Awww this was so sweet 😍😍😍 and they look great together !! I pray for many many many more years for them together!

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  13. It’s simple.. most strippers/adult workers are real af, they’re confident in themselves and don’t need seek validation from others

  14. curiosity? shut up, stupid man! he definitely cheated on her and now he is having trusting issues cuz he is not loyal! and this is a mental defense! how he Guarantees her for not cheating on her?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. She gotta do what she gotta do to make a living and I respect that but I'm not the type of guy who would want to be on a serious relationship with a stripper, my 💔 wouldn't handle it well

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