So I just pulled out a bunch of 20s and these 20s are gonna become ones at the strip club because we’re gonna be spending Those ones on the stripper because this episode we’re testing a stripper. Yes. You heard that right? I said a stripper Her name is Vanessa, and she’s been stripping for about a year Now her boyfriend’s name is Mika and they’ve been dating for a total of four years Mika loves and supports his girlfriends But he’s also curious a Vanessa what and depleting him for one of the wealthy successful good-looking guys who walk into the strip club here and there and well today were putting Vanessa to the test and we’re finally gonna find That out for him. So thanks to Vanessa’s boyfriend we know exactly where she works and what her stripper name is Right now we are around the corner from where she works because we don’t want to be seen by the security guards and then to question yo Why you filming this But I’m with Paul Who is in the previous episode And he’s playing the decoy this episode You guys remember Cole right? He tested his girlfriend in a previous episode She ended up passing the test But she wasn’t too happy when she found out it was a test and she ended up getting really mad at Cole and then dumped him Well since that video Cole and I have actually become really really good friends and considering that he is now single I just thought he would make the best decoy for this video So Cole is gonna be the one who’s gonna walk in there spend a lot of money on her and get her number So we can move on to phase number 2 and phase number 3 So get a lot of private dances So yeah, get a lot of private dances! Okay In an effort to not draw attention to the camera I held it as discreetly as I possibly could while Cole got in line in a strip club money talks the more you spend the More love you receive So that’s why we sent Cole in there with a fat stack that has Vanessa’s name written all over it Okay, I feel like I was secretive enough, but Cole’s in he’s in we’re good now We just got to go wait by the car Cole has been inside the strip club for about 20 minutes now We’ve given him enough time to get comfortable find a nice spa order a beer and look around I text him and I ask him if he spotted venecia and about five minutes or so. Later he responds what I mean is like he hasn’t I don’t want to start heading home until I was a hundred percent sure that Cole was Gonna be able to execute his face so we decided to give him a little bit more time Oh ALRIGHT! WHOOOOOOOO!!!! We got to the club at 11:51 and it’s now been almost an hour later Kol still hasn’t let us know if he’s found Vanessa though, but you know what? I honestly don’t blame him I’m pretty sure this guy is having a really great time in there So we wait a little longer Kol continues to chug down drinks and tip ones Hopefully though he just doesn’t blow all of the money before actually getting a dance from Vanessa Kol must be having a great time because I have not heard back from him since the last time that I texted him I decided to finally bug hole for an update come to find out this guy has been having such a good time in there that quote he Forgot about the mission Well, my message gets him to just ask for Vanessa as opposed to just looking for her and sure enough He finds out that she’s in the back getting ready We also find out that a private dance is a ridiculous two hundred dollars But I mean heck what can we do at this point? We’re already committed. So we decide to just stick to the plan I no longer have to stick around them. Now that colas found Vanessa He just has to play it cool requests a dance from her tipper generously and get her number It’s 2:22 in the morning, and I was finally confident enough to head home Okay, so I woke up to some very good news and some bad news the good news Is that at 4:15 in the morning coal tax was me saying a mission accomplished 4:15 in the morning people you guys want to say that it got some dances firmer made some small talk on our number and apparently we’re pulling phase 2 and Phase 3 tonight. That’s very short notice I was not expecting that but we can make it happen or at least I’ll try my best to make it happen now as for the bad news apparently One of the dancers at the club thought Cole was recording way too much and she asked him to stop he captured this moment on video So the dancer then took her concerns to security and then security a school to stop because it makes some of the dancers Uncomfortable. So because of this dancer Cole was unable to record a lot of footage of Vanessa, I mean So what if we’re supporting we have a number okay, so you might be wondering how cool ended up getting Vanessa’s number well Easy he did so by exploiting Vanessa’s dreams see one of the nicest dream is to become a big-time dancer for music videos or any other sort of Film crazy enough. She’s actually been in a couple of videos for a big time artists like Chris Brown and too short Well, anyways, when Cole was getting his private dances from Vanessa He conveniently lied and mentioned to Vanessa that he had a lot of connections in the music industry he lied and told her that he could buck her a lot of gigs and Potentially even get her signs as planned this intrigued Vanessa They exchanged contact numbers and agreed to meet up today to discuss more about it and being the night owl that vanessa Is she agreed to meet Cole at 9:00 p.m. At his office, which in reality is my office? But yeah, anyways Cole then sends – at the address but with the wrong Suite number and I’ll explain why he did that later It’s now 11:00 a.m My FaceTime Vanessa’s boyfriend Mika update him on everything and tell him to meet us at the office at 7:00 p.m I then text my friend ant and in vitam attack along because you know, he loves strippers He was really happy about the way 7 p.m. Comes along we meet up at the office and we start prepping for Vanessa’s arrival We set up all of our cameras and then we figure out our angles once we find our angles We then proceed to hiding the cameras. Look you can’t even see it. It’s like there’s no camera there. Look at that Yeah, yeah right And then we just put like some things around it like a book or something and we’re good and now that the cameras are hidden We now give Vanessa a call to see where she’s at Hey Vanessa, I was just wondering if you’re on your way 30 minutes away. Yeah, that’s cool. That’s perfect See you soon drive safe BYeeeEEEEee So with Vanessa still 30 minutes out It’s given us a chance to come up with some last finishing touches Like opening the blinds up in order to add this much-needed third angle. And of course also double-checking that our phones linked up perfectly So that way Mika can listen in Finally after a little over 30 minutes Vanessa finally arrives. Oh I think she’s here. Hello. Hey, what’s up? Are you here? Okay, remember earlier I mentioned that Cole sent Vanessa the wrong suite number on purpose Well, that’s because we didn’t want her to catch us by surprise like this. Okay? Yeah, actually Just stay right there. I’ll come get you okay? So because we did give her the wrong suite number we can now peacefully hide and then hit record on all of our cameras we Make it to the backroom and Cole waits at the front door until I call him once we link up He then heads to retrieve Vanessa Alright let me get some predictions, what are your predictions for this test Umm I think that, SHES GONNA BE GOOD! How do you feel how do you feel though? How do you feel like knowing that she’s dancing on other guys How does that like make you feel? Like that Cole has grabbed Vanessa and is now bringing her inside freaking cold out here, huh? Over walking in right now. He then directs our on where to sit so that she is in perfect line of our cameras As they make small talk our third angle outside starts moving closer in order to get a better shot through the blinds and Mika prepares Himself for what’s to come? Okay, do not forget why Vanessa agreed to meet Cole tonight guys Remember she is here to discuss what he can do for her to jumpstart and further her dancing career Saying that you do more than just like dancing in the club Too short too short I should probably know him Okay that right there could have cost us this whole test Cole is supposed to have big connections in the music industry How the hell does he not know who to sure is? That’s full those you were okay, but As far as all of those as far as like all of your aspirations and like a dreams Is there anything that you feel like it’s kind of like holding you back or like slowing me down at the moment Anything’s holding me back really it’s just more so, you know, it takes time and you got to know the right people And it’s all about connections including that exactly and basically but I wouldn’t really say things will do that Well, it’s a good thing. You know me now because I actually have a lot of connections I know a lot of like agencies. I know a lot of agents I know I know a lot of managers and stuff like that so I can eat Yeah, I could probably help you out with that. Yes. : oh is everyone in the industry except too short? Do you ever find yourself? Like I don’t having life just getting away You know like rent bills. I don’t know. Are you in school? Do you have any like student debt? Like oh It has a lot to do with this conversation because here’s what cause getting at Conveniently in the drawer next to him Cole has an envelope with $5,000 in it Cole’s gonna offer to take care of Vanessa like paying her rent and her bills that way she can focus on her music videos he’s also gonna offer her these five thousand dollars of rent and all he wants in return is for Vanessa to become his girlfriend and his personal stripper Oh Unlike the ones though, these hundreds are not real. They’re just prop money, but Vanessa doesn’t know that and that’s all that freaking matters I mean I guess Okay, here we go here I wanted you to come over here today because I Want you to be able to focus on your dreams and your aspirations and your career I don’t want you have to worry about money trip about like paying your rent Your bills all that all your focus on you modeling your games music. I want to be able to take care Are you like like are you trying to manage me? Do you want something right and return it like you just not about it? No, I definitely want something in return but I’m not manager. Like I said, I know managers and I can definitely get you signed Okay. So what is it that you want? I mean, it’s nothing crazy. I actually want you to keep doing what you’re doing What is it that I’m doing dancing? Basically, I want you to dance for me. Like I want you to be my personal stripper Okay, so cause ladies offer out on the table and Vanessa is speechless she and Mika have been dating for four years now But she’s just been offered the opportunity of a lifetime The question is will she find this opportunity more valuable than her relationship with Mika in exchange Yeah, I don’t know So Mika breathes a sigh of relief but you guys know this test is not over I think it’s safe to say that Vanessa is a visual person right at least when it comes to money Well with that being said it’s time for her to see the money now Obviously, it’s prop money, which means that we can’t let Vanessa hold it Otherwise, she’ll see that it’s fake. But that doesn’t mean that we still can’t effectively have her visualize Cole’s offer So underneath the desks, we put up money counter for the dramatic effect that we need Cole rises to his feet He bends over picks up the money cancer and places it on the desk here like I’m a visual person I feel like if I just show you what I’m talking about, like you’ll better understand, okay? He now prepares to place a five thousand dollars through the money counter 5k right here $5,000 $5,000 cash right here $5,000 This can be all yours if there every time you dance for me. Okay, and you know what? I’m gonna throw this in there do you know, this is Okay, throw one in the test last part of Cole’s offer was not a part of the original plan But I mean great improv Cole I can take care of you. You don’t have to work your fucking job anymore You can commit like your full energy and time and select your art and like your career and I can help you with that They say seeing is believing right? Well now let’s see what Vanessa says after seeing everything Anybody you don’t have to be too proud Like honestly like we could all like you some help every now and then I thought I was coming here just have like the business Conversation about like music or modely? Yeah. I mean we’re having that no, I mean, can I ask you something? Yeah, you’re a handsome guy. You’re young. You don’t have a girlfriend side shake, you know you never used to do Honestly, I feel like I’ve been searching like my whole life for like literally you when I saw you last night up on that pole And then when you were dancing up on me, I was like this day Seriously like I’ve been thinking about you non-stop like since last night brew and I just I I don’t know I really just I want to be able to take care of you It could start off as like you my personal Dancer, right, and then maybe it can evolve a little bit more from there and maybe we can date She’s so she’s showing signs of blue No, you don’t what? What wait, what does this guy even do? Who is this guy? Security guard you’re dating fucking paul Blart over here See like a small talk you’re dating like a mall cop security guard. Yeah. Can this guy really take care of you though? Like I know those guys don’t make a lot You can’t be seen like walking around wipes up with a fucking mall cop I guess I can respect that But I mean what if we just like go out to dinner get to know each other a little bit And I just work just so you know you’re throwing away like a bullying opportunity So surprisingly vanessa is turning down Cole’s offer as opposed to getting salty offended or feeling objectified She still tells Cole does she still willing to work with him if the music video thingy is legit But nothing more than that Is that is that enough like well you let me know when enough is enough cuz like she’s saying no But he’s still going down here. You let me know like if you didn’t say yes at the money counter part. Yeah And with that the test is over vanessa has passed she has chosen to not treat her boyfriend for money So it’s like is bound The booty okay, let’s not get distracted here Mika still has a decision to make choose what you wanna do now Do you want to go out there? Come clean or do you want to So with that we disconnect from her phone call, then I head outside to grab our third Engel Yes Vanessa passed but just because she passed doesn’t mean that she’s gonna be too happy when Mika comes clean about what was going on okay last chance to turn it on and leave and not last year Okay, so ironically Mika has decided to do the exact same thing that coltd but as we know it a go so well for calls So let’s just hope that Mika isn’t making a mistake here too regardless of the outcome though I hope you guys have your takis because you guys already know This shit’s gonna be go. I Hate to say this because it’s very stereotypical, but I got to be honest given that vanessa is a stripper I personally thought that she was going to fail this test I was actually shocked when she declined Cole’s offer and stayed loyal to her boyfriends. Mica mica Of course was ecstatic because he finally got the peace of mind of knowing that even though his girlfriend is a stripper and no matter How much money a guy can offer her she will never trade him? Well now Mika has decided to come clean to Vanessa about the test that he’s put her through and let’s just hope that things don’t Go south so you could come over here stand over here. Okay, let’s get the cameras go away Yeah, okay, um here let me drive this car Oh my god, so we have something we want to tell you or actually that Mika wants to tell you See if you would trade me for this guy or not So this entire thing vanessa was actually all just a big giant test like none of it was real um, we bake like he’s saying we wanted to see if you would end up trading your boyfriend’s Mika for cool and My name is Sergio Yeah Cole was actually been working with us this entire time that’s why when he went to your work guest last night I met chewing extra number and invited you over here and stuff That was all part of like this test And right now when he made you the deal offering you five thousand bucks and taking care of Paying your bills paying your grants down to Tesla All of that was all part of the test to see if you would end up leaving your boyfriend mica for home We’ve actually been here this entire time in the other room listening to the entire conversation that you had with Cole right now He’s hard and he heard everything he heard you being loyal and stuff so Yeah, so we’re here right now because he wanted to come clean to you He wanted to let you know what’s been going on and stuff which you know He felt that was the right thing to do in everything And yeah We want to let you to have a conversation and we want to record this conversation just for a little bit at any point Though I know it’s kind of weird it’s gonna awkward ven at any point if it gets like too weird or too awkward or You guys want to talk in private? Just let us know we’ll turn off the cameras or we’ll go outside or whatever It isn’t stuff like that. Okay With your permission though. We’ll record this conversation for like about two minutes I know it’s kinda weird, but ignore us ignore the cameras you guys can talk It’s a lot less a lot to do it right now I know but baby I just did this just to I was just kidding. So I just wanted to see if you Would leave me for somebody that had more money or materialistic things. I don’t know. I was just really curious So, why would you put me through this what do you mean you don’t know you obviously know so tell me for me Well, look at you. You’re smart. You’re beautiful and great personality. Okay If we can get some insights on your feelings, I know it’s a lot and I know you’re gonna you’re very nearly so down But are you mad at him for doing this? Are you disappointed in him? Do you feel like you broke her trust or I don’t know. How do you feel do you feel betrayed? No, I’m not mad. I’m really shocked. This is really unexpected. I love you. I just this was just all out of curiosity But I feel like there’s always trust issues with you know Boyfriends who have super girlfriends and you know, he just gotta be confident in your woman So I hope this gives you the confidence that you needed or will never have I said I didn’t trust you. I’m just It’s just a I just was just curiosity Okay, don’t quote me cuz I’m not too sure but I think this is one of our only happy endings Some drinks or something is Vanessa not only passed the test But she was also quite understanding as to why Mika placed her to the test in the first place Mika wanted a peace of mind and now he has it more than ever Even though Vanessa is a stripper and even though she does dance and other guys for money at least Mika now knows more than ever That she just sees it as business because her love and loyalty live with him some Vanessa Keep on doing what you do and make that bread and good luck on your career goals Here’s a little shout-out to help you out and Mika. Have fun eating them booty cheeks Would you look at that our merge is almost freakin gone we just had a restock our most popular design, but that Guaranteed this is gonna be gone at the end of the day then that’s because we priced our merch at five freaking dollars We don’t make a profit, but we don’t care because we’re not going thickeners and we’re horrible business people but as long as you guys get a rock this dope freakin UD merch High-quality merch guys for just five freakin dollars go to you two merchants calm. I’m not kidding If you don’t believe me, you’re gonna miss out


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