– Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going to be doing a home haul because we’ve recently bought a few new bits for our home. While we’re in the process
of having our kitchen done. So, as you can see behind me we’re nearly there but we’re not quite there. We’re still waiting on
a few more doors and the splash back as well but,
while we’ve been in the process of redoing the kitchen. It’s made us relook at the whole space. This is our living room
and kitchen and we just decided to update a few
bits, accessorize a bit more. So, I thought I would share
it with you guys cause we don’t buy new stuff for
the home very often but I really like some of the
bits that we got and you will see in this there is definitely a copper and a brass theme as well. I will of course put all
the links for the products I’m going to show you in
the description down below. So if you want to go and
check them out, you can. I think I’ll just start. A lot of this is just from Amazon some from Next and Sainsbury’s as well. So the first thing I want to show you is probably one of my
favorite recent purchases. It is these pots and pans. They’re white and they have really lovely copper detailing on them. So the handle is copper and
the lid is copper as well. There’s three of them
and they’re stackable. So it’s great for when we put them away. They’re also really good because they’re induction or they can
work on any kind of hob. Copper and brass is really
in trend at the moment but because it is a trend
we didn’t feel confident enough in getting a copper tap or handles. We thought it would be nicer to accessorize with a few bits that could changed up in the future if trends change. So we found these on Amazon we’ve been using them a lot and I really love them. It’s actually been really
nice because the last time we bought pots was 10 years ago. I can’t believe it but those
pots are still absolutely fine. We just thought we would treat ourselves to these and we really really like them. Next up and sticking
with the copper theme are these copper utensils
that we found on Next. Just thought that looked really nice. A little bit different
and very Instagram-able. So we bought a few sets of
these and they look really nice in our cutlery draw and that is the next thing I wanted to tell you about. We found this cutlery draw on Amazon after searching for so long for one. When we had this kitchen made it came with a plastic cutlery tray and we just felt a little bit cheap and we just wanted something a bit more
solid and something that felt a bit more luxury I guess. It comes in loads of different sizes so whatever draw you have they will probably make it for that. It was a little bit more expensive than a plastic one but it
feels very good quality. I like how its engraved inside and it just looks really really nice. I also want to show you this great plastic clear storage that we found on Amazon. It came as a pack of four
and I’m storing things like pasta and rice in mine but
you can store things like protein powder, oatmeal,
whatever it is you want to have. It just looks really nice in
our new pantry and I really like the look of having
all of our products decanted and put into
clear jars like this. I just think it looks really slick. They were quite reasonable as well. The tops screw off and
they’re really easy to use. So I really liked those. I also want to show you these mugs that we picked up in Sainsbury’s. We weren’t looking for
mugs at the time but we saw these they were reduced
down to one pound 44 each. We thought they would look really nice again with the kinda copper tones in it. They feel good quality. This one says enjoy today and
this one says good vibes only. So I think we got five of them in total. It’s just nice that they all match when we have friends around. I can pull these out. I just thought they
were really really cute and very reasonable as well. We also just found a new
clock for this space and we bought it on, you’ll
never guess where, Amazon. But it’s really nice,
it’s white and silver and it matches the fixtures
and fittings in this room. As I said, quite enclosing
but I really like that you walk into the room and
you can see it straight away. It also has normal numbers on it but also roman numerals as well. Our seven year old is
learning how to tell the time at the moment and this is great for that. On the wall where the clock
is we’ve also bought a round shelf to almost go
parallel with the clock and I think it looks really nice
we found this shelf on Next. It’s just quite decorative
as I said it is a circle and we plan to put lots of plants on it but maybe also some photos in the future. One of the plants that we’ve actually bought to go on the
next shelf that we got. Is this little one we found
on the Next website as well. We liked the color of the pot. It’s completely artificial
you may be able to tell that. I also like that it is
kinda little bit floppy and it hangs down on the shelf and
it’s just really really cute. It was very reasonable as well. I can’t remember but I
will link it down below. Now onto a bigger purchase
that I really wanted to tell you guys about because it took
us a little while to find. It was quite difficult to
find a hob for this kitchen because we went for a
very white quartz worktop. We didn’t want to have
a black hop on it and we looked at white hobs but
then we were nervous that the white hob and the white
quartz would match exactly. It would be quite difficult
to get a perfect color match. So, we found this silver one. I think its by the brand
Whirlpool but again we found this hob on Amazon and it’s
just a really nice silver. It will hopefully tie in
again with the fixtures and fittings and the splash back as well. This is an induction hob
and it has boosters on every single part of the hob which is great when you need to quickly boil some water. So we’ve been using it for a few weeks and I’ve really really enjoy using it. So I thought it was worth mentioning cause if you are looking for
something that will go with your white worktop
this really really works. Last thing I wanted to
tell you about is our under the sink storage shelves. I’ve mentioned this in a vlog before but I just bought another one. So now we have one of
these shelves under our utility sink and one of
them under our kitchen sink. These shelves are great
because it makes it from a space where you just have one place to put things to three shelves and all of the slats on the shelves are removable. So no matter where your pipes are you can adjust it and it is also
extendable or shrinkable. Is that a word? But you can extend it to the length of your sink. They’re just really easy to adapt to under your sink storage
and I’ve loved using it. I can store so much more stuff under there that I wanted to show you guys. Right so that is it for this home haul. I really hope you enjoyed
seeing some of the new items that we have bought for
this room and hopefully the next time I film in this room. It will be our full kitchen tour. Anyway, let me know what you
think in the comments below and I will see you in my next one. Bye guys!


  1. What would be nice is if Jackson and Caleb move into Frazier's room ( Frazier move into to Caleb's room) and turn Jackson's "old" room into a guest room ( or something like that)

  2. You picked up some lovely bits, you’re kitchen is coming along so nicely! You must be so excited to get it completely finished!! The hob is gorgeous!! Xxx

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  4. Hi Emily! Omg your kitchen looks AMAZING! Love me a white/light gray kitchen 😍 We are also in the works of redoing our kitchen because it’s just time! Love you, love this video (as always) 💐

  5. Some lovely bits here. Just be careful the copper finish doesn’t come off your cutlery in the dishwasher, we had a copper set which is now completely silver, and we have a viners copper knife set which also started to lose its colour so they now get washed up rather than dishwasher!

  6. Kitchen is gorgeous and I'm sure your very excited as you have been wanting a new kitchen for a while. Love the bits and pieces you have got. I really like the wooden cutlery draw. Gosh I like them shelves under the sink 😳how good is it you can remove a piece. Xx

  7. The kitchen looks so nice, I literally have "Hearts on the eyes" emoji feeling right now. Not that the pink kitchen was not good, but this one is so elegant and pure <3 🙂 xoxo

  8. Ohhh it's lovely, pots and pans are so expensive, I think mine are 10yerd old too. Loge your style, I think you have the perfect home, I find I get too attached to thing d or I feel guilty throwing things out, like plastic toys I get so bad throwing them out, but I get overwhelmed we have so much crap, I need to start wriiting a list lol 😂

  9. I think you need to flip the cutlery drawer so the baby spoons are at the bottom not at the top! Makes it so much easier when making a quick cuppa. We made the same mistake when we had our kitchen redone earlier this year. Great video 😊💕

  10. Loving the kitchen! You have great taste!
    Question, I never got white pans and pots cause I always have the feeling that they will eventually look burned, and will be more noticeable. How are they going on in your experience??
    Thank you 😊 xxxx

  11. Love this video Emily! Just be careful with the Next copper cutlery, I have them but they are now completely silver.. they probably shouldn't be put in the dishwasher (like I did) 😂😂💗

  12. Kitchen looking nice at background…loved the rosegold theme for cutlery. I have also updated my cutlery into copper since we bought our 🏠

  13. You have a beautiful home aesthetic , it’s so modern and sleek while still being welcoming. I can’t wait to see the back splash !

  14. In love with everything that you picked…….especially…hob was one of those that took all my attention
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    you are amazing as always❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Greeting from india

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  16. YES! I have been waaaaaiting for this!
    Nothing I love more than a haul AND interior details.
    Your decor ideas just keep getting better and better each time 😍

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  18. Funny story- I know you got cups at Sainsbury’s but I typed Positive Vibes cups into Amazon.
    The results mostly adult toys yuck 😂 you have to love Amazon.

  19. Hi Emily, I am one of your biggest fans, although I am Egyptian living in the Middle East with lots of different culture and many of your hacks and shopping lists we don't have, I have 3 kids as well and I love your videos so much… I usually start my day on one😍I have a 1.9 years old girl wish you can tell me how many items should I buy for her in winter

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    Your lipstick looks very nice too😍 can you tell me the Colour/Brand please?

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  26. How is Fraser only just learning how to tell the time. Isn’t he nearly 8? My mums had me training how to tell the time since I was 2. I use to have to tell her the time every night when I went to bed ??

  27. Hi Emily! Thanks for messaging me on Facebook! This is my channel (completely bare I know) but hopefully not for much longer!

    Your kitchen is coming together beautifully! The pans and mugs are gorgeous! My kitchen is full of copper! All matchy matchy 😍 time for a next haul as well I think! xxx

  28. Gorgeous worktop! We are in the process of getting a new kitchen too. We have chosen a French grey kitchen from the new Laura Ashley range along with white quartz worktops. I hadn’t thought about a silver hob though! Thanks for the tip x

  29. Always love a video from you and so happy you all are receiving the kitchen of your dreams!

    … but those pots don’t ship to the US and I am IN LOVE! Any local moms able to help me find someone who sends them here?

  30. One thing i love about your videos is that your terminology for certain things is different from here in USA, not everything obviously but for example we say "back splash" and over there you refer to it as "splash back" so interesting!!! 😊😊😊

  31. I went to Sainsbury today and remembered the mugs in your haul. Obvs couldn't leave without picking up one of each… hehe. Cheeky purchase. Lol

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