Home Made Copper Knuckles Lost Foam Casting Not Brass

Home Made Copper Knuckles Lost Foam Casting Not Brass

be careful while you do this! Pressing down on the dirt to make it nice and compact to prepare it for contact with the molten copper. *Melting copper.* Pour in the molten copper. *Water sizzling on hot copper.* *Removes copper knuckles and sand out of wooden box.* The copper has solidified but still requires a bit of tinkering before it is ready. The water is to cool down the piece of copper. Be careful, cooling it for too long will make it fragile. *Angle grinder* And THAT is how you can make your very own home made brass knuckles out of copper.


  1. do u have to use a special kind of sander or can u just get sand and take off the rocks and por water to help it

  2. Why has the start where he melts the foam not on a satisfying video's compilation?? that was satisfying as hell!

  3. Home Made Copper Knuckles Lost Foam Casting Not Brass
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    Today i'm making some copper knuckles from start to finish using the lost foam method. This video took me about 2 hours to make but i made it to less than 5 minutes. i'm going to be making more videos soon about casting copper so please be sure to subscribe.

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    Falc1NL1 năm trước
    Its so satisfying when you melt that foam.
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    blaze ice
    blaze ice1 năm trước
    +blaze rictofen blaze
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    Nancy Corral
    Nancy Corral3 tuần trước
    Falc1NL he
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    Jiang Hongrie
    Jiang Hongrie1 năm trước
    Ewwwww I hate the sound of breakng polystyrene
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    Beef Slayer
    Beef Slayer1 năm trước
    I wanna know what song it is
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    Jery Tracy Gutay
    Jery Tracy Gutay1 tuần trước
    yes i agree
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    THTerra1 năm trước
    So statisfying to see that screwdriver going trough that material
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    THTerra8 tháng trước
    +Mr.Piano Guy im not sure, i think it's when Materials behave not in the way they should do or how people know it. That's my Theory
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    PurpleEnder Panda
    PurpleEnder Panda7 tháng trước
    yea it really is
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    It's Doggo
    It's Doggo1 năm trước
    King of Random copied you!
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    And Justice For Tijn
    And Justice For Tijn1 năm trước
    Grant had the same idea, something different to copying
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    BlueMacGyver1 năm trước
    +Brabander Tijn How would you know?
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    Fainted1 năm trước
    Grant thompson is stealing your ideas
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    Sabastion Downs
    Sabastion Downs10 tháng trước
    you mean he is stealing grant Thompsons ideas?
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    ANice Gamr
    ANice Gamr4 tuần trước
    no this was made first
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    Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts1 năm trước
    Scumbag king of random…
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    poke gamer
    poke gamer1 năm trước
    plz like if ur a rebel
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    Ghostbuster 1337
    Ghostbuster 13371 năm trước
    IKR he is
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    Jake Pie
    Jake Pie1 năm trước
    You seriously deserve more subscribers than you have.
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    SPUDMAN1 năm trước
    Yeah, definitely he is awesome
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    Kailash Seshadri
    Kailash Seshadri1 năm trước (đã chỉnh sửa)
    +Tito4re of course u r awesome
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    Bryan Noyce
    Bryan Noyce10 tháng trước
    bravo on using copper, not too many people doing that. If you can get a finer sand the surface will come out much nicer. Also old timers used to say "work the model not the metal". It means, get you model formed to the exact detail you would like in the finished casting, that way, less work on the grinder. You've inspired me, I may have to try copper.
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    mika Cammann
    mika Cammann8 tháng trước
    dat moment when u realize ur cool looking knife cant to shit when it came to cutting
    Trả lời 1
    x MiisTeRz
    x MiisTeRz8 tháng trước
    +Tito4re 👊👍
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    Dribbz Gaming
    Dribbz Gaming8 tháng trước
    Who else became goosepumps while he cutted the styrofoam..
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    Hidenobu Kiuchi
    Hidenobu Kiuchi5 tháng trước
    Dribbz Gaming
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    Mason higgs
    Mason higgs5 tháng trước
    Who hates the sound of styrofoam being cut euugghh
    Trả lời 16
    I'm an Otaku Deal with it
    I'm an Otaku Deal with it4 tháng trước
    Not only when cut but when rubbed against some materials
    God it hurts my ears
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    六忠李洺翔4 tháng trước
    Mason higgs
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    Uranium Bolt
    Uranium Bolt1 năm trước
    I don't want to sound aggressive but I'd punch the shit out of someone with those
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    Ana Karen
    Ana Karen11 tháng trước
    Trả lời
    IraqI GaMer
    IraqI GaMer10 tháng trước
    Trả lời
    huhhman1 năm trước
    Would turn out better if you used proper casting sand.
    Trả lời 13
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    bleach bru
    bleach bru1 năm trước
    Trả lời
    huhhman1 năm trước
    +parker sawyer if you want to add more work into something go ahead. I prefer to do something right, not half assed.
    Trả lời
    Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith7 tháng trước
    What sort of sand are you using to make your molds from?
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    The Watcher
    The Watcher5 tháng trước
    only side effect is that if you get it hot enough kaboom, and if that doesnt happen, hydrogen peroxide gas is extremely poisonous
    Trả lời 1
    strawsparky336 tháng trước
    you made a video on how to make a weapon that is illegal in most of the united states. dope.
    Trả lời 11
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    Dustin Hughes
    Dustin Hughes5 tháng trước
    strawsparky33 not if you keep them in your home or at least in wisconsin anyway
    Trả lời 2
    CairoTanGT1 năm trước
    I KNOW HOW TO MAKE COPPER KNUCKLES!!!!!!! melt copper make your hand a fist then pour it on your hand thwn BOOOMMMMMM
    Trả lời 10
    UniqueHacK3R | HD | Official
    UniqueHacK3R | HD | Official11 tháng trước
    Not funny idiot I tried it and it turned into diamond instantly, so fake
    Trả lời 5
    Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach11 tháng trước
    Can you make me a copper dildo, cause I work at suzie I need to put those on the shelves.
    Trả lời 8
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    Bill Nye The Sell Out Guy
    Bill Nye The Sell Out Guy9 tháng trước
    I lost my 13in one idk where it went but when I lost it I started getting throat pain
    Trả lời 1
    Rick Flesh
    Rick Flesh8 tháng trước
    Jhin are you a boy?
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    Imran18101 năm trước
    this guy uploaded first but king of random did it better anyway…
    Trả lời 7
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    Just a Black Dude
    Just a Black Dude1 năm trước
    +Exotic Vanilla orrrrrrrrr one could look at 2 different end products and see which is better. I'm sorry it's KoR.
    Trả lời
    Kernzy1 năm trước
    +Exotic Vanilla No its because he did a better one. Nothing to do with how known he is. Im not subbed to either of them. But i watched this vid first and went to that other one and the finished product is much better. "you are just a follower" isnt that basically what every subscriber is ?
    Trả lời 1
    Erik Verkade
    Erik Verkade1 năm trước
    does anyone else get goosebumps from the sounds of cutting styrofoam with a knife?
    Trả lời 5
    Metalman200xdamnit1 năm trước
    +Erik Verkade I think we all hate that sound.
    Trả lời
    miguel perez
    miguel perez1 năm trước
    I did I got freaked out
    Trả lời
    Jessica Lefever
    Jessica Lefever1 năm trước
    get a vice get a vice get a vice >_< that angle grinder part made me nervous Man save those hands
    Trả lời 5
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    A True Wisconsinite
    A True Wisconsinite1 năm trước
    +Jessica Lefever The worst part about that was that with like the one tool that you are not suppose to wear gloves with for safety reasons, he wears gloves with while he hardly ever does when handling the molten copper.
    Trả lời
    Ian Hickey
    Ian Hickey1 năm trước
    +Jessica Lefever same! also should never wear gloves when grinding
    Trả lời 1
    luke w.
    luke w.8 tháng trước
    m8t u gotta use finer sand when doing this it looks so shit when it comes out
    Trả lời 4
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    SilentKnightXD6 tháng trước
    +Bob Beltcher lol ok
    Trả lời
    Chris R
    Chris R4 tháng trước
    Could have made it look a lot nicer, I agree. This would probably cut your hand if you actually used it
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  4. Hello, the jobs that you do are fine. But it should be better protected. You are manipulating the tool without a protective plate. :O

  5. Je ne sais pas si tu parle français mais je crois, je voulais juste te dire que je trouve tes vidéos très sympa et j'aimerai que tu continues voilà 🙂

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