Homemade Silver Bullets that Actually Shoot! (With Cody’s Lab)

Homemade Silver Bullets that Actually Shoot! (With Cody’s Lab)

Hey, what’s up guys? I’m hanging out today with Cody from Cody’s lab He’s went down to the coin shop and bought some of these 90% junk Silver coins because we’re gonna melt these things down and see if we can turn them into genuine silver bullets What would you actually use a silver bullet for other than killing a werewolf? I don’t know but that’s what we’re gonna do today Let’s get to it Apparently there’s a lot of different ways that you can melt down silver now if you’re on Cody’s channel You can be using some weird experiment like making silver thermite to do this you use a chemical reaction about the silver But since we’re in my basement today. I’m going to be using the mini Arc furnace It’s very small very compact. We can get this thing to extreme temperatures . So there you go guys backyard bullet making 101 Here we go Now to make an identical copy of our bullets in silver I’m going to be using some of this petrobond sand it holds together extremely well, and I’ll take the shape of our bullets I’m going to put this wooden retaining wall around it and sprinkle some of the sand and pack it down nice and tight to create our molds All right, you can see how well that sand is packed in there now theoretically if we pull those plugs out We should have little molds. Oh look. Did they come out? Yeah, and actually I’ll stuck together brilliant heck I wish I would have had this stuff when I was making my silver molds All right guys the time has come we have got everything set up We’ve got our molds here ready to go. We’ve got our Arc furnace carved out ready to go here We’ve got our carbon electrodes ready to be fired up Here’s the coins Think we’re just gonna melt the coins right in there because that’ll give us the option to pick this up and pour it exactly where we want it to go. So we’ve got our silver coins in the Arc furnace now all we have to do is put on the lid and fire this thing up like so Oops. It came off. It snapped. What’s cool is those coins are almost melted already. I don’t know if you can see that There you go, you can see that My bad, that’s metal Here we go check that out guys The coins are almost melted and that was only about 25 seconds But unfortunately my carbon rod broke so we’re going to do a quick repair and get back into it for a second try I might be able to just melt this without the lid on it Check this out guys, so even without a lid we got this thing completely molten that is glowing orange, and it’s ready to be poured It’s like the oil in the sand is burning Here we go at least we got one more bullet out of that Just give that a little bit of time to cool down, and then I guess we can chop those bullets out of there What do you think of my Arc furnace? That, is hot. This is cooled down enough to the point where I can touch it so I think we can go ahead and dig these bullets out. Over here we’ve got Cody’s bullet from his thermite reaction Looks like we’ve got a couple of reasonable casts Throw those in some water. Cody’s is gonna be pure silver and that actually turned out really nice Yeah, it’s a little rough, but the gun will still fire Here’s how our silver coin bullets turned out you can see the shape is pretty good. They’re a little bit crude After sanding and polishing that’s what we got cool little silver bullet, okay measuring the weight. We got our copper bullet weighs in at about 124 Grams exactly our silver bullet weighs in at 94 Grains so it’s a little bit lighter which means it’s Gonna go a little bit faster check it out guys This is the original 9-Millimeter bullet used for my glock 19 and these are our silver bullets reloaded into the same casings the bullets are a little bit lighter weight than the lead But they should work just fine All right Check it out check it out just to do things right we came out here with the silver bullet and a handgun and a werewolf Target, we’re gonna shoot this thing just to see if it actually works or not Don’t know if it’s the safest idea, but we’re going to give it a shot for your viewing entertainment So check it out apparently our improvised silver rounds actually do work how cool is that let’s check out the damage you hit him? I think a grazed his shoulder there Questions if we can recover the bullet Looks like it’s wedged out in there a little ways didn’t come out the back so cool. We may be able to recover that That does have some kick to it Actually made it through the woods yet. Oh, it came, right through oh dang our silver bullets are powerful. Where did it go? There it is dude. No way check it out. That actually looks surprisingly intact Yeah Looks like it’s got a little bit of riflings in it how cool is that guys we could almost take that back and reload it And shoot it again This is my favorite silver bullet it came out really you know it looks really shiny it is a little bit pocked But is that Gonna make a difference to way it shoots and find out right now Right through the face look at that right through the schnoz Actually looks like his mouth is open now. That’s cool that was silver it would have got him all right Cody what you got? What are you doing here? So this is the pure silver bullet short and stubby one should still work though This is the one that we made with this thermite reaction eat precious metals Check it out look at the damage I think it’d be going down after a shot like that. Definitely went into the wood there cool Let’s split it open and see how they look Doesn’t get much better than that. I’ll see you one there. Oh sweet. Sweet let me check it out I went from here to here. That’s a that’s a reasonable distance. Yeah, it actually looks like it’s in really good condition the wood kind of polished it even Because I shinier than when I went in yeah, it’s the Shelby one. It’s our pure silver yep, yay precious Metal Bullet recovered ok our several rounds worked and we were able to recover two of the bullets from inside of that stump Which it’s really impressive the condition that these things are in I mean They’re a little bit rough, but almost could just polish them up and reload them use them I didn’t have like a red core So they didn’t mushroom or anything. They just went in and stopped. I think they’ll do well for the purpose they were designed for So we have had some success. We made silver bullets from nothing but some silver coins, mini Arc furnace We melted them down used a sand mold they came out a little bit crude But you know what we now have some fully functional werewolf deterrent Which we may or may not ever have to use, but it was a lot of fun It was so big thanks to cody for conan hanging out today. This is great cody’s lab. Go check him out He’s got a lot of experiments with chemicals that I can’t pronounce and also on his channel You’re gonna see the termite reaction heated with silver oxide It is like pure silver is it not this would be fine silver fine silver, so that’s awesome. Go check them out cody’s lab Thanks for joining us in this video guys when we looking for you in the next one. Talk to you then ah ha ha ha ha ha Subscribe to the caption guy
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  1. Can you melt some high quality steel by melting it with thermite or ark furnace and cast steel bullets and shoot them to see the difference between regular, silver and lead bullets??? Please?

  2. There actually is nothing that said silver isnt ideal as projectiles except cost.silver is a soft dense metal like lead and may actually be a bit harder than lead offering some penitration value.

  3. It's not a copper bullet, it's a copper clad bullet. The thin copper coating keeps the lead from sticking to the barrel. ^_*

  4. Como é que somente projétil de prata mataria um lobisomem? Por um acaso o cinza metal seria tóxico para certas bestas? 🤔🤔

  5. The whole Silver Bullet thing actually originated from when the Catholic Church try to ban rifles because silver cannot crab rifling effectively they thought silver holy/ rifle evil . Some people still think that rifles are evil but that's a different topic

  6. 2:42
    Did you see that rad effect on the camera? I don’t know what it’s called (probably a corona or something) but it looks totally sweet.

  7. This is freakin awesome! Could you do this w/pennies though? I could save a lot of time casting pennies instead of hunting for lead. Don't think I'd try it w/out seeing somebody do it first. (I'm way too scared of ruining my molds…) Might try the dirt molds though. Cool video 👍

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