Honest Trailers – Iron Man 2

Honest Trailers – Iron Man 2

From the poor man’s Joss Whedon, comes the forgettable follow-up to
Iron Man, that’s essentially just killing time until The Avengers. VOICE (CONT’D)
The completely dissappointing sequel you fooled yourself into
liking just because it had Iron Man in it. VOICE (CONT’D)
Suit up for a feature-length version of the Nick Fury bonus scene from the
end of the first Iron Man. VOICE (CONT’D)
Which will still be unresolved by the end of this movie. VOICE (CONT’D)
We’ve witnessed Tony Stark battle global terrorism and his inner
demons, now prepare to see him take on his biggest challenges yet… VOICE (CONT’D)
Tedious government committees! VOICE (CONT’D)
Corporate manuvering! VOICE (CONT’D)
Low batteries! VOICE (CONT’D)
Alcoholism? VOICE (CONT’D)
And some guy with a bird. VOICE (CONT’D)
A sequel so inferior it will replace an awesome origin story with countless subplots you won’t remember as soon as you walk out of the theater VOICE (CONT’D)
A story that ditches technology grounded in reality for laughably unrealistic magic holograms. VOICE (CONT’D)
And substitutes Jeff Bridges with…Gary Shandling? VOICE (CONT’D)
Witness a superhero movie with just enough Iron Man action to fill a 3 minute trailer… VOICE (CONT’D)
…But not a feature length film. Trust us. We counted. VOICE (CONT’D)
Instead, sit back and watch Iron Man… VOICE (CONT’D)
Attend corporate events VOICE (CONT’D)
Eat doughnuts VOICE (CONT’D)
DJ birthday parties VOICE (CONT’D)
And pee his pants VOICE (CONT’D)
Experience the epic face off between Iron Man and one of Marvel’s least known villains: Whiplash… VOICE (CONT’D)
…Who’s harnessed the most dangerous modern technology ever.
Only to waste it…on a whip. VOICE (CONT’D)
A foe with no known super powers who somehow survives being crushed
by a car, not once, not twice, but four f**king times… VOICE (CONT’D)
To defeat this madman, Iron Man’s bringing in backup, and they’re all
just as boring as the rest of the movie: VOICE (CONT’D)
Pepper Potts, an inconsistent nag who totally cool with her boyfriend
being Iron Man… But freaks out when he drives a
Black Widow: A sexy spy shoehorned into the movie, just to establish
her boobs for the Avengers. VOICE (CONT’D)
And Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes. VOICE (CONT’D)
Nope, not that one. VOICE (CONT’D)
Yeah that’s the one. VOICE (CONT’D)
Who has the skills to perfectly fit in and pilot an Iron Man suit,
without any previous experience. VOICE (CONT’D)
Wait, didn’t Tony need like half a movie to learn how to work that thing? VOICE (CONT’D)
A new chapter so thin, the key to the entire plot is resolved by a 40 year-old easter egg from Tony’s dad… VOICE (CONT’D)
…Who decades earlier somehow knew his grown son would keep his old diorama, put it in an impossible-to predict holographic computer display, that can magnify impossible amounts of detail, and reveal the chemical makeup of an impossible to create element, which Tony immediately synthesizes in order to wrap up all loose ends. Ugh, someone got paid to write this? VOICE (CONT’D)
Starring… VOICE (CONT’D)
Robb Stark VOICE (CONT’D)
Mrs. Coldplay VOICE (CONT’D)
Better Terrence Howard VOICE (CONT’D)
Some guy in a Mickey Rourke Mask VOICE (CONT’D)
Oh! That guy from, um…he was in that one movie… VOICE (CONT’D)
A guy in a Gary Shandling mask VOICE (CONT’D)
Vince Vaughn’s BFF VOICE (CONT’D)
Don Draper VOICE (CONT’D)
Sam…Elliott? No…Uh, uh…man that’s bugging me… VOICE (CONT’D)
And Hawkeye…with boobs! VOICE (CONT’D)
Iron Man 2. VOICE (CONT’D)
Sam Rockwell! Sam Rockwell! That’s the guy. I loved him in
Galaxy Quest.


  1. Iron Man 2 wasn’t that bad. Sam Rockwell was great in this, same goes for RDJ and Scarlett Johansson, who I think is the actress who pulls off a Black Widow like she should be. Though I cannot for the life of me, remember what happens in this movie in detail and in chronological order.

  2. After Iron Man, the next three movies in the first phase of the MCU are really not good (Iron Man 2 felt like a filler episode, Incredible Hulk was extremely forgettable, Thor was daring [it brought Shakespearean dialogues to a superhero movie ffs] but really boring). It's a wonder they made enough to make The Avengers, and thankfully Marvel learned from mistakes and held on until phase 3.

  3. This movie was an essential part of the MCU progression, most of the nitpicking can actually be pushed out by that, this movie wasn't supposed be as groundbreaking as IM1

  4. Actually, I fooled myself into loving it cause it had Black Widow in it *w*b

    And it actually is not that bad ^^;;;

  5. 3:55 Sam Rockwell made that joke in his SNL monologue “you may know me playing that one character from that one movie you may or may not have seen”

  6. How unreasonable that a guy who built a mech suit out of weapon scraps would be able to come up with a way to synthesize a new element when given access to his full workshop

  7. I forgot how angry and aggressive the old ones are…. the new honest trailers are just lighthearted and funny these are just aggressively nitpicking

  8. Iron Man 2 isn’t even a bad movie. The first film just raised the bar really high and the sequel didn’t live up to it, that’s all

  9. While the second film isn't very good plotwise, emotionally it has more depth and and is more relatable, in my opinion

  10. If that movie was so bad then…
    OMG……It can't be…….
    1 movie more on RDJ's contact with marvel. We would still have him after endgame.!!!!!!

  11. The completely disappointing sequel you fooled yourself into liking just because Iron Man was in it
    Its true tho lol

  12. Yeah, just because it’s part of the MCU, it doesn’t mean that all movie is good.
    DC fans can laugh at BvS at least…

  13. Notably, Tony Stark makes a big deal about privatizing world peace, then does a complete 180 by Civil War and is Mr. Sekovia Accords.

  14. Whiplash wasn’t a good choice of villain for this film. Crimson Dynamo would’ve worked, Titanium man would’ve worked, Ghost was in ant man for some reason. FIN FANG FOOM WOULDVE BEEN BETTER THAN THIS. MODOK WOULDVE BEEN BETTER THAN THIS.

  15. Whiplash was underused. He is a recurring foe for Iron Man in the comics that has often taken considerable work improving the armour to take on. Hammer even more so. Justin Hammer in the original material is not the idiot from this movie but rather a very cunning businessman who makes up for his own lack of technical brilliance by being adept at recognizing brilliance in others and manipulating them.

  16. I didn't trick myself into liking it because it had Iron Man in it… I tricked myself into liking it because it had War Machine in it.

  17. I'll have you know that "Hawkeye With Boobs" has a name. It's Kate Bishop, and she also has hip holes in her costume…for some reason…

  18. Honestly I enjoyed IM2. For me it was 3 that went completely shit-faced sideways for no reason, in the process taking several of Iron Man's best story arcs and characters and making a bigger mess of putting them together than whatever the [email protected]$ that creep from Human Centipede was trying to do……

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