Hotel del Coronado, Hour 3 Preview | 20th C Jewelry, Compact & Purse | ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | PBS

Hotel del Coronado, Hour 3 Preview | 20th C Jewelry, Compact & Purse | ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | PBS

GUEST: This belonged to my mother and she
passed away– it was two years in April– and she was originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
and she was quite a social, beautiful woman who was very interested in fashion and entertaining. I would imagine a lot of these were gifts. My mom was married twice, she was a beautiful
woman, and she was a collector. APPRAISER: So I was drawn to this collection
today because it’s a wonderful snapshot of four of the major jewelry periods or movements. So we have here, beginning with this beautiful
brooch, from the Art Deco period. The Art Deco period spanned from 1920 to 1930,
and it was a period of extreme opulence and extravagance in our country. So women wore brooches during the day, they
wore them at night, and they wore them to complement their very simple, flapper dresses
from that time. It’s comprised of platinum and diamonds. The center diamond weighs about a half a carat,
and it’s framed by additional old European-cut diamonds and single-cut diamonds. I calculated that the total carat weight for
the whole brooch is about six carats worth of diamonds. I wish I could tell you exactly who it was
made by. There are no marks on the back. My guess is that it was made in America in
New York City somewhere between 1925 and 1930. At auction today, just for that brooch, I
would say it’s worth about $7,000. GUEST: Great. APPRAISER: After we have this wonderful example
of 1920s, we come here to this compact. It is from the Retro period. The Retro period dated from about 1935 to
1950. So we have here an example of a silver and
gold compact with sapphire set clasps. When I was looking at this compact, I noticed
that it is signed by Tiffany and Company, and this is a beautiful example from the time. This is a larger compact, it probably would
have been used for cigarettes as a cigarette case rather than to powder your nose. And at auction today, I would expect the cigarette
case to bring about $1,000. Following the Retro jewelry period we come
to the 1950s. This was a period of extreme economic growth
and success, so we have very heavy 18 karat gold woven body of the purse with a very beautifully
decorated diamond and emerald clasp. The handbag is Italian. I don’t know who made it or who retailed it. It was probably retailed in our country, most
likely retailed in New York City. Just the gold alone weighs 300 pennyweights,
which today is worth $14,000. When I take the rest into account, including
the design, the craftsmanship, and the materials used, I would say at auction that
evening bag is worth about $20,000. APPRAISER: And, finally, we have this beautiful
pendant that is made by Van Cleef & Arpels. And we see that here with a signature on the
back, it says, “VCA, New York,” with a serial number. This emerald and diamond pendant would have
been mounted by Van Cleef in the 1960s. The emerald, based on the color and the quality
and the inclusions, to me, appears to be a Colombian emerald. I calculated that the total carat weight of
this emerald is about five-and-a-half carats, it’s framed by about two-and-a-half carats
worth of diamonds. It’s a very beautiful piece, and at auction
today, I’d say it’s worth about $10,000. I would expect the entire collection to bring
about $38,000. GUEST: Oh, thank you, Lucy. (voice breaking) She’d be so pleased. She would. Thank you.


  1. shock
    She's probably thinking what else she has at home from her Mum.
    Good on Mum tho.. impeccable fashion taste for the eras. 🙏✌🏼❤️

  2. What a gorgeous collection. Have saved this video to favorites just to be able to go back and enjoy these desirable lovelies again and again.

  3. 100% the cigarette case is from the art deco period of 1910-1920!
    100% appraiser is low-balling her evaluation! Collectors would pay 3 times that much for each piece!

  4. The woman who brought the items is clearly disappointed with the low-ball appraisal of the broach and cigarette case.

  5. I never understood people who has a hard time selling stuff because it was owned by their family.. the family is not living inside this dead thing and if I took an exact match and switched them around you would feel like an idiot for clinging on to this dead material.

  6. Even thou she has a grotesquely massive set of chompers Id still smash Lucy Gorgan deep in her a-hole or snatch. Id love nothing more than to ejaculate all over face and hair!

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