House of Cards | Interview | TimesTalks

House of Cards | Interview | TimesTalks

mmm mmm let me ask you to i mean i you mentioned before that you spend time
with congressman McCarthy and I’m order II summit meetings were
off the record as far as what they told you but but I’m wondering if there is any through
overriding advice that I gave you are or or what
kinda questions you ask them warm I was per i’m looking around
washington politics for a long time over many many years and so I’ve been
around it i’ve seen a lot of it but I was specifically interested in what is it like to be in a position
where you have to try to corral 218 congressman in a particular way to try to get them to vote in a
particular way to try to get them to go in a particular direction and how remarkably difficult that is
particularly I suppose you look at it for you know when he he
he rose to power in his rise to becoming the majority
with I think happen faster than anyone in history congress you doing four years for on he
also came in at that time when a huge amount of new congressmen were elected in many cases
on the heels of the Tea Party and having come to Washington with a
kind promised they’re gonna change politics in the morn do it the way that Washington does is so
very very tough position room for a guy like him to be an and it
was for me very fascinating You Buy Me with meeting which was an incredible
thing to do said and listen to and be part of and I
was really interested in the mechanics how many deputy whips to you how many
times you go in me your your all of those how much does
your staff do all that work right at what point you
try to close things how many times you fly back to your own district already sorta in some ways slightly
technical things arm but also this or the interest in and
how much do you you know twist arms and how much does
that kind of thing go on susan was very hopeful from you to spend time with both do you
feel i mean we know in Kevin spent a lot time Steny
Hoyer and Kevin McCarthy for in preparing for his will to do spent time in the in real life
politicians are for political spouse is to prepare for this I didn’t David Fincher’s I think research subjects us 1 would still and calculated of %uh and under the bus stand this more human merge so I didn’t really work why here
attributes run other than that grace boards with
woman I think also the great thing about the
way much go over to writers have been developing characters I still don’t know so much about Frank
reston’s government so many things as we go along this journey that its kinda fun sometimes and we have
a certain characters in in the piece in the second season foresees were you don’t know a lot about
them you don’t know a lot about backstory way thank you in some ways it frees up the
writing team in being able to at some point used decide what you’re
going to reveal about a character when you’re going to reveal me you in a
sense what great things about looking at this in terms of chapters or were telling us for a long period of
time is that characters will reveal themselves in time and with
enough space for it to happen want great things not
being in a position at home to a pilot for the series were your obligated just spent 45 minutes
establishing all the characters charisma we’ve had this incredible
luxury of being able to allow it to evolve as Bo and his team
have wanted the story routed to measure itself must be
incredibly liberating someone’s right i feel like i mean it’s funny I I know in a lot of ways
don’t feel like we’re doing a series I feel like that word really long 30 film its that’s the way
it feels truly revolutionary part house of cards
which is the distribution which is a I mean I don’t know of the notion
binge viewing has been around for a while but this is
the first I’ve heard of it and I think because I’ve live streaming in
technology our viewers when I have a chance to
experience this in real time on their own schedule
I guess it’s the elect it’s the next iteration a box sets
arm happens that affected your relationship
but I guess I’ll start with Kevin with your viewers and just how the
rhythm a show like this proceeds when you don’t know when people to be
watching that’s why I first have to say I think
they’ve been spewing has been around for certainly since
boxes came along you know for a number of years now you
you talk to anybody about what they’ve done on a weekend in this I stayed home
and watched two seasons of Dexter I watched three
seasons Breaking Bad so I do you think that the way in which
people have been consume and the attention spans audiences has
definitely seems to have shifted or at least on beyond what many
television executives are far audiences could have right arm in terms
of how it shifts the way in which audiences experience something I think it’s part
of the excitement a bit as a platform is that now audiences
really are in control in a way I guess you could say that it’s a little
bit like picking up a novel you can decide to put it down on the
site a row the bed when you want you it doesn’t you
don’t have to you do middle overs to upset you do the
n-terminus you can watch three episodes you watched all 13 so the bingeing part definitely is a
guest people better you know I had a lot of
people some industries thank you sir three days of my life but I’ll I i think
it’s quite interesting and exciting for an audience
to be used to be in a position now where they can decide how they want something
to evolve for them right route yeah someone means and control doesn’t comment message think that’s a bit too much it
was a I right are is both W cubans with the its novelist approach non-violent the make it also
experience that’s why we don’t actually that the
subtitles sculpture spread so book you can side read five chapters
once were just one in space so you know I think yet the set out to make this one assessment TV
show at all more novel worth when the we just want a great story I’m
interested in sort of your your view for the political world house
for the room 2013 the world was blowing up nothing is
getting done a you have any any overriding messenger or less and that you’re drawn
from what you’re saying today your where you see the country oh you 0 yes I’m asking happened yet yeah this is
this is the area where I anytime you start to actually talk
about this sorta stuff you you come under such criticism for even
opening your mouth but I i think probably a I it’s better that I just you know let
the experience that I’m having doing house
the cards speak for itself you want a balance up I there was no you exactly when the country’s yeah I’m I the question i mean essentially no
house in Kearns obviously draws into a national pathos right now about politics again it’s the mixes exhilaration revulsion
its and against endlessly compel arm minutes wonder if if this is a
particularly cynical time for really hopeful time I mean it’s hard to know obviously but move
through more use its order on the the Nexus and fiction them I’m I’m me personally I’m an optimistic person
and i actually think the show is optimistic on how so because things
get done you well anyone who strives anyone who the you know grasps for what they want is a former optimism now the problem is
that people take optimism and idealism and they want to equate to idealism can be incredibly cynical
and and in its intransigence you know on so you know we you can get all the semantic
things but yet but at the end of the day were watching
two people who love each other who are ruthless in
their love and worthless in there work the strife and I think that that’s optimistic wherever you whatever you
think about them on the ethical spectrum as up to you you know but I think they
make an argument for the ends justify the means and I think that they on you know give us something complex compelling and mysterious of mmm


  1. Good interview, but holy caRp, kevin spacey needs to learn how to shop for pants in his size! trolol  O.o  not that I didnt like it …. n all… 😛

  2. Really great show the arc of ambition is something that will always captivate us in drama or comedy. From the great mythos of Greek and Latin to the great plays of Shakespear and tv great shows like House of Cards, the Wire it goes to show you as much as the circumstances are always changing the story, and nothing but the story never ever will. 

  3. Next time move the interviewer's mic a little farther away from him, really distracting hearing him breathe throughout the whole thing. And Robin Wright's closer. Just … fix the mic situation.

  4. Robin Wright Is amazing. Dont get me wrong Spacey is also amazing, but her scene toward the end of season 2 where she was so stoic and cold and finally broke down for just a second or 2 when she was sitting on the stairs was just amazing. Everyone talks about Spacey and his great accent, acting, and oration, but I feel Robins character maintains such deadly cold beauty. Its more of what she doesn't say. Things like her posture and her air of presence that communicate so loudly her persona.

  5. It is very telling that Spacey and the rest declined to say anything about the politics of this country for fear of attack. Imagine if it were a math question; the worst he'd fear is just being incorrect and maybe looking a bit dumb.

    Politics is an entirely different beast. It is so charged with violent exuberance that to approach politics without the shield of a fiction like with 'House of Cards' is to risk social ostracism and condemnation. It is a hysterical fever in the same way that religion is. Just as with religion, we can tell how strongly it still has us in its grasp by how desperately we attack those who point out falsehoods in our convictions about it.

  6. Beau Willimon is the true genius here! What a great writing from him and the rest of the writers team. (y)

  7. My favourite scene. 'Listen, if you breathe deeply you'll past out right away, nothing is gonna hurt" too bad Doug was shelf most of the season.

  8. You can totally tell the interviewer is a print and not a broadcast journalist by all his "hm" and "uh huh" and "right"s lol

  9. I grew up watching Robin Wright in the soap opera Santa Barbara. She was in one of my top three favorite films of all time, The Princess Bride. Now she's in one of the great political dramas of all time.

  10. Mr. willimon says "anyone who strives and anyone who fights is optimistic". That's great. That's the definition of jihad. He will fit well right along with the moslems finally take over the country. Good boy. You might keep your head for a while.

  11. It started a few days ago on Netflex. The main reason I watch it is because Claire his wife is smoking hot. I am hoping for a nude scene.

    Any way it is not just one episode a week like every other show on tv shows. Netflex has the whole season on tv at one time. No commercials I finished the entire season in 1 and a half days 

    It was pretty good. I thought last season they were running out of ideas, but their writers have some imagination.

    I was making love to the wife and she asked why I kept calling her Claire. I told her no I said I love your hair.

    I still have my cuff links on my dress shirts that say F U stands for Frank Underwood. I gave a pair to my oldest son. I could not find a pair that said F U. So I bought pair of F's and a pair of Us.

    It's a pretty good show. The star has shifted from Kevin Spacey to Robin Wright that alone made the show even more interesting.

  12. Just finished season 4 of this great show, Just in time to start watching the crown. Which is another great show Netflix just released.

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