House of Kolor Application Tips SS01 Silver Sealer with Jon Kosmoski

House of Kolor Application Tips SS01 Silver Sealer with Jon Kosmoski

I’m Jon Kosmoki and I’m Mike Taylor and
we are with House of Kolor. We would like to talk to you today about our new SS01 Silver
Sealer. Jon can you tell us a little bit about it? You know what is nice about this sealer
it’s a marked improvement over those of you who have used our KS12 and our KS212 this
product surpasses that much easier to use more beautiful does a wonderful job of making
things silver you are going to love working with it. So Jon tell me what makes this so
unique compared to the KS12 and the KS212? Well it’s the compounds that’s in it the
resends that we use this a pure acrylic urethane with a new silver in it. It’s beautiful,
it’s it creates that barrier that we want it’s the system we highly recommend it beats
the use of the K12 the old KS12 we had before and the KS212 that was compliant and this
one by the way is a compliant system which is really good. It uses our new KU152 catalyst,
which is the catalyst for the shimmer two systems. Right and it’s the only catalyst.
Well it’s the only catalyst in the top coatings you know we use the KDA 3000 for the primer
so don’t mix those up at all. This is the answer now if you want to add a little bit
of color to it if you are going to use this as a base Kandy it’s still not as good as
our SilverMax but it is a beautiful silver base and it colors anything like if you have
a multicolored car with primer on it you want to get it all on one color for the job you
are doing it this is the answer for that and it really covers quickly it’s a beautiful
silver base can be used for a base for Kandy I still like the SilverMax for the maximum
look the patina. Now I heard you say that that I know this is the only catalyst for
our new Shimrin2 system a lot of guys out there I’ve heard hey can you use KU100,
KU150, 151? No you have to use the KU152 for the Shimrin2 system one catalyst. The ratio
on this is 6 to 1 and that’s a new ratio for us. You need to measure carefully and
remember it’s a 6 to 1 ratio. No reducer. No reducer needed. Perfect.
We are now going to work with our SS01 compliant silver sealer. Please understand that’s
its not the same as our primers that also become sealers this is an acrylic urethane
therefore requires the KU152 catalyst the only catalyst that works in it so don’t
make that mistake. We are the only company that offers the silver sealer and it is quiet
a unique product you will love working with it. Remember it’s a 6 to 1 ratio you do
not add reducer in this case. We are going to go ahead and mix this up and we are going
to spray it on one of our shapes and then after it’s covered we’re going to show
you how it really loves to be tinted with the KK series Kandy concentrates. So we are
going to put some of that in it then we are going to tint it towards the Kandy color with
what we are going with which is Kandy pagan gold and then we are going to go ahead and
put a Kandy color over it to just show you how easy the Kandy becomes when you use our
Kandy carriers and you use this combination also we do like to use our regular silver
or our new SilverMax for more beauty and additional beauty over this silver but this gets the
car silver quickly or the object that you are painting motorcycle parts whatever it
might be gets it there quick. Go ahead Mike let’s put this together. Sure. We have gone
ahead and stirred it a little bit before but we need to make sure that there is no residue
on the bottom. And there is one thing I would like to mention Jon that you see in the sable
and that reducer you do not need reducer. Don’t need it. It’s plenty thin. Don’t
need it. But look at the beauty of this stuff. It’s a very beautiful sealer by itself.
But again the Orion SilverMax adds too it. You just don’t need as much. When the Silver
sealer is put down it cuts down on your quotes and actually saves money. And then the sealer
becomes a barrier to make your paint job impervious to drying down, loosing gloss, soaking what’s
underneath the sealer. So it becomes that barrier that’s why sealers are so important.
I notice when I spray it it goes on fairly wet so you personally I don’t think I need
to go super close some guys go too close and then it starts to sag on them where I like
to kind of stand a little bit farther back and kind of go a little quicker to get it
to bite a little bit. What guys call a tack coat or a bond coat the first one goes on
tacky then with a little bit wetter coat. General by then you got your coverage you
don’t have to mess with it anymore than that. Well some guys get a little scared of
molding you know. Yeah that happens because this doesn’t contain the capsulation palmer.
That’s an important note. Wow look at that Jon. Don’t be afraid of it. It is a beautiful
beautiful flake design in there I really like it. And look at how well it covers up that
tin on that stick. That one even silver color. To make things go fast. Ok let’s give it
a shot. We are going to go ahead we are mixed so Mike is going to go ahead and get his mask
on and we will get the shape out here and go ahead and paint it. Perfect. As you notice
you put the first coat on this it wants to more around and it’s modeling pretty bad
on you don’t freak out let it flash off to where it dries out and it dulls and it
comes back with more of your tack coat it will even right out for you. So we are going
to do that right now. All right so we just finished the second coat now as you saw it
took a little more time and I actually did a longer pattern basically just quick fast
patterns a little too tight I stretched it out a little bit. And if you look at it it
looks a lot more even now. Hey remember Mike when we talked about tinting it? What do you
think about taking some of this KK12 we are going to try a Kandy on this? Let’s pour
a little of this in your cup. You want about a 10% mix we are just going to do a guesstimate
here and stir this in in the gun cup. Look at that. Changes the color of it completely.
That’s beautifully. And now go ahead and put a couple of mist coats on this and we
will let it set up and then we will go ahead and shoot a Kandy on. That sounds terrific.
Let’s go. Thanks Jon. Well Jon what do you think about that spray out of that silver
sealer? It’s pretty amazing when you watch it work. How fast it sets, how easy it goes
on, and how beautiful it is even with a small amount KK’s tint it. I mean you can see
how easy it’s going to work on any of your projects. Yeah absolutely it’s just beautiful
stuff. Quick to set you notice we top coated it very quickly within 10-15 minutes we were
ready to go on our top coats it did not move it’s frozen in place gives it that barrier
so it doesn’t attack anything that’s underneath. Start using sealers if you haven’t been
because your jobs are going to improve the best thing is there are no falls back later
when the jobs are out in the sun they don’t fall back they maintain their gloss. So those
of you who don’t think sealers are the answer need to start using them and this is a great
one. It is. Well I’m Jon Kosmosk and I’m Mike Taylor we want to thank you for watching.
And if you need more information on any of the TDS’s or any other VOC information just
go to our website we’ll see you next time. Take care.


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