How Does She NOT SEE ME!? – Life of a Copper 4 – Rainbow Six Siege Funny Moments

How Does She NOT SEE ME!? – Life of a Copper 4 – Rainbow Six Siege Funny Moments

Hey Cory The Fitnessgram pacer test is a multi-stage Road capacity test for us to get more difficulty continued 20 read your test will begin in 30 seconds how about you? Take this your name to throw it up your butthole, please? Thank you He’s Twitch droning. Valkyrie is trying to shoot the Twitch drone and she doesn’t know what to do Valkyrie might kill Twitch Yes, I mean, oh wow or teammate died that sucks oh god she sees you, how did she not see you?! Twitch did you forget your glasses at home today? *laughing* Dude about how about you go outside and go to the window behind it? No shot that I can do that. I just want to see how long dude. Oh, I’m just gonna wait this out Shes looking right at you, Oh my god Twitch! Oh my god! NO! *laughing* What’s going on kav *laughing* No. Oh shit no no Get wrecked What are we doing today bandit, what are we doing? Holies a Quarry on the screenshot it Are you gonna screenshot it? No he saw me Can I order a Julio on check boys Doody boys? Boys, boys Can’t eat. Oh shit dude. Oh come and dog Oh you have him down, okay? Yes! Hello Sledge Oh my God, Oh my God Oh my fucking God Joining you and once seems you never invited me Oh my god is this *Laughing* Oh Oh My god You’re adult someone someone needs to be sacrificed for the cause There’s just not enough for an out of the three of us *Laughing* Oh my God that was the greatest thing of my life Uh oh O’Donnell’s trying to hold it down so there might be one by garage when it was definitely oh Don’t kill the hostage I got all three I got everyone That is savagery The old switcheroo I’m so done Oh my god, no way Oh my God Just stay there no your finessed him you absolutely finesse them just stay there don’t move don’t move ya there you go Oh oh my God *laughing* He’s looking right at you Oh, little switcheroo *laughing* Oh my God You’re the finesse guys That’s gonna be all for today’s video I really hope you guys enjoyed if you did be sure to leave a like and Subscribe if you haven’t already and real quick before I go I just want to say that I’ve been inactive this past week because I got loaded with tons of projects and I’m really trying to find that YouTube school balance, but while I was gone one of my videos skyrocketed interviews I’m talking eight nine thousand views in like two days, and that’s just fucking insane I Really can’t express my excitement because that’s just a glimpse of the direction I want my channel to go in and I’m just gonna continue to grind man I say this a lot be your support goes so far and I’m just I’m just so fucking happy like I’ve put a lot of Time and effort into each video, and it’s just so crazy how life works I’ve been trying to give off positive energy not only on YouTube, but in other aspects of my life And that shit just comes full circle Anyways before this video gets too long. I’m gonna end it there expect another video Sunday I’m going to try and grind like now is especially the time after I got that exposure from that one video I really can’t thank you enough I don’t understand why now is the time but I’m gonna capitalize while I can so expect another video Sunday and That’s gonna be all so hope you guys have a great night. Enjoy your Saturday, and I’ll talk to you in a few days


  1. Hey I need ppl 2 play rainbow6siege with I'm on Xbox my gt is Androidtundra24 I'm in bronze 1 I barley started playing so yea I used to be in gold but I stopped playing for like 4 or 3 months

  2. I was in a room on my drone checking corners but when i looked back i see kapkan going into the same room where i was sitting with my phone controlling my drone but he just walked past me like 50 cms next to me

  3. Sry but where is the fun? You just play against guys who are mostlikely way worse then you and make fun of it. Propably you are one of those guys who takes on only weaker people because if you would go up higher ranked you would get the shit beaten up ^^
    Simply retarded if you dont think of yourself having been once in their state and now making fun of them. Please dont show things like that instead show us how capeble you really are and not like that shit what every silver 4 player could do.

  4. I was playing casual as pulse and twitch came up to me got on her drone while i got on my drone and i got my nitro cell and blew her up

  5. Bro I don't care if you aren't super active, I just think you guys are hilarious and just keep doing your thing cause I laugh my ass off at your videos

  6. That never happened to me when i was copper. Matches used to be harder than what u showed in the videI think u were just playing casual dude. •_•

  7. The one with fire and thermite outside the bond was planted hon hatch why didn't you just blow up the hatch with your impact

  8. Its really cool when you see someone excited over 8k views. Especially when less thana year later, hes getting hundreds of thousands lol. Keep up the funny vids man!

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