How I Became a Gold Digger

How I Became a Gold Digger

“Hey Fatty, are you seriously going
to go out like that?” He said to me. I looked in the mirror and the beautiful diamond earrings
he got me for my birthday, the gold shiny chain
around my neck and all the glowing rings still couldn’t hide the fact that I looked… …fat. We showed up at
the 5 star restaurant where he tossed his keys to the valet and practically drooled at the hot
girl standing and waiting for her car. I wanted to freak out but I decided to wait until we got home. I want my present. It was our anniversary dinner after all. It’ll be a good present. After I ate the salad
he ordered for me, the waiter came by to pour some more of the expensive
bottle of champagne into our glasses. It’s almost time! I was practically giddy but I kept it all inside and tried to take my mind off of it. I tried to think about how I love him. Despite all the nasty things he says to me, despite the yelling, despite the fact that he cheated, I love him. I do. And now I want my present! It’s my prize for
putting up with him. He smiled after the waiter left and pulled out a big box. I smiled coyly at him. My present! He gave me a wink and then handed the present to me. I wanted to tear it open
like a four year old on Christmas but I kept my composure. I slowly pulled the ribbon, picked at the tape gently and calmly undressed the box. There was red box inside and when I opened the lid, there was a beauuuutiful
shiny diamond necklace. I’m super depressed in this relationship and I hate being around him but when I see diamonds, it all just melts away… This is how I became a gold digger. I wasn’t always like this. In fact, at the beginning
of my first relationship, I was really determined to prove
that I was not like the other girls. I wanted to show that
I was not materialistic, which was true at the time, and I wanted to show my appreciation
with whatever he gave me because his love was all
that mattered to me before. All of that changed when he started buying me
a lot of food and things. His mother never showed him
any real affection as a child, and because of that, he mimicked her ways by showing
me affection only through gifts. I have never received
this much stuff before, especially since my mother and I
often struggled financially because she was a single parent. He gave me everything I wanted, even if I didn’t ask for it, until the point that the total money
spent on me for every date was equivalent to 100 dollars. That’s a lot of money, especially since we were barely
even 16 back then. But, we had a lot of problems and we started fighting more
and more because of our problems and so it came to the point that his money was the only thing
that made me happy in the relationship. His gifts were somehow compensation for my unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the relationship. He would just give me all
these different and expensive gifts and we’d go on these expensive dates to hide the core of the real problem -we didn’t love each other
that much anymore. It kept getting worse between us. I was no longer patient
and understanding with him and I became demanding and even aggressive when I didn’t get what I wanted. I treated him almost like
he wasn’t my equal; I had ridiculously high
expectations of him because I couldn’t feel what I felt during
the first year of our relationship anymore. But, I didn’t want to break up with him, even after 3 years into the relationship because of his money. At this point, he was already cheating
on me with another girl, but I still remained firm
with not breaking up with him until he was able to buy
me a present for Christmas, Valentines and my birthday. I even tried fooling myself,
thinking that deep down, I still do genuinely love him, but I knew that
it wasn’t him that I loved, but it was his money. His money helped me with a lot of things, not only was I able to afford
the things I needed and wanted, it helped ease my own mother’s expenses. She didn’t have to pay that much for me and she was able to save a lot of money. At the time, ever since I fell out of love, the only person I thought about
was myself and my mother. I thought that he deserved me using him, after everything he has done to me. Even though I had my part in the blame
for the outcome of our relationship. He was also no angel. I may have eventually
become a gold digger, but he also did his part. He became more and
more emotionally abusive. I had to stop eating
because he kept calling me fat and because I was so depressed, I was able to quickly lose
10 pounds in less than a month. He didn’t just very often call me fat, but he would also talk behind
my back to his friends about things like how he never thought I was pretty and how I always needed to make
more of an effort to look presentable. He also had unrealistically high
expectations for me all the time because he was always ashamed of me. He was afraid of showing me to his friends
because of my physical appearance. It was just a very toxic relationship that was just bound to break and I just capitalized on it and took advantage
of it while I still could. But even though he treated me so horribly, because of his money and my shallowness, I persisted on staying. But in the end, I eventually broke up with him because I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t like who I was turning into. I knew that what I was doing was not me, and I was afraid that
I’d fall into a much deeper hole that I never wanted to really dive into. I want to become the old me again, the girl who wasn’t materialistic, and whose love was
initially pure and genuine. I decided to distance myself
from boys and dating after that to just really reflect and make myself heal
from my previous relationship. I still was very good at saving my money and I even worked different
small jobs to earn money. I sold most of the things he gave me and put it in my bank account to
help my mother with future payments. I wanted to become better and I didn’t want to go back to who I was before. I didn’t like who I had become and I wanted to love my
next boyfriend more genuinely now and not just use him
because of his money. Though I have to admit that I did relapse. Getting into short-term relationships
with guys I never really liked. They had money, and they gave me what he gave me before and that’s why I stayed with them. It was short-term
because I knew it was wrong. There was something
within me that told me to stop. I was never really happy
with this kind of lifestyle, and finally, after the second
short-term relationship, I became even more determined to change for the better and separate from my materialistic ways. I wanted to become a much better person. I didn’t want to be a gold digger; I did not want to use people for what they had anymore. I hope that this story will teach people that a relationship should not
survive solely on expensive gifts and extravagant dates. Money cannot buy love and that they should not depend so heavily
on someone just for their money or base their self worth on money and gifts that their significant other gives them. A relationship should just be filled
with genuine love and affection. Gifts are okay, but if gifts are the only
way of showing affection, then something must be changed there.


  1. 16?!?!!?!? What are these children doing?!!? My goodness… I thought he was like 40 and she was like in her mid 20s or something… Lord help us

  2. "I ain't saying she's a gold digger,
    But you don't see her with any broke nigger."

    Don't attack me, it's just the lyrics to a song. By Kanye. Just saying.

  3. Her: I don’t like him he treats me badly but with all the gifts it all melts away I loved his money
    Me: what type of shovel do you want? Silver? Gold? We even have diamonds. Or perhaps you need the respect for yourself that you lost for money.

  4. How I became GameDigger

    One day I play one game, then I keep playing I can't stop playing even those someome tell me to stop.
    The name was called Roblox

  5. Being a gold digger is actually good since there is no this thing called "true love" in this world, the real love is only money

  6. I know I’m a materialistic kinda person but I’ve just started university and I am determined to get a successful job where I can cater to my needs without depending on some guy. I want pure love and I don’t see me taking his money when I’ll have my own, it’s just a patience game now.

  7. Sometimes women are a pies of shit, if you parents are split up ask them why I did and realized how evil my mom is

  8. most women are gold diggers. i dont see any women dating below their level in the looks department unless the guy is insanely rich.

  9. Some people may laugh but this was my reality. My ex showed his love and affection thru gifts and money. I know, poor little white girl!
    I’ve never known love from a man. When my now ex husband showered me with gifts of course I was excited. I thought this was a measurement of his love for me.
    In the end that’s all it was; money. The fighting was endless. We couldn’t even look at one another.
    I was never a woman out to get money out of a man. And all I really want is someone that is financially equal to me. I have worked hard and I want him to be in the same place in his life.. But, I will never ever replace money with kindness, respect, and connection.

  10. I wouldn’t put up with this man unless he gave me one thing.

    Nothing Im getting outta there and away from that son of a b—

  11. "His mom never showed him affection"

    See what bad parenting does to people? You may think that its not a big deal but it can mentally change a person

  12. Sooo is she saying its his fault? Cause shes the one who at the beginning said "my present" like golem after he finds the ring.

  13. My parents dont like it if i date someone who.doesnt have a lot of money,they would say "is he gonna feed u with love? Pay your bills with love?"

  14. Chick has always been a golddigger at heart and it was always in her character. Just needed it to be brought out. You don't debelop being a golddigger. She made that clear when she said she went out of her way to prove to an early boyfriend that she wasn't like the others. If that were true he would see it and she wouldn't need to prove it, period.

  15. Hey fatty are your seriously going to go out like that

    Girl:looks in the mirror:

    The girl:Sees the ear rings, the necklace, and the glowing rings:

    Thegirl:Even after putting on all these rings and necklaces you can still tell im fat..

    Me:Well yes, its not a sheet over your whole body.

  16. hey Anya, despite all the comments that seem to make fun of your story, I think you are a loyal lover. the truth is we all had been in a toxic environment or relationship, but the difference is how we cope with the situation. it is toxic, but sometimes we all agreed that we have to bear it because of some important reason. you may become the antagonist character in a love story movie or drama, but you are human too and you deserve a respect. so glad that you pull out yourself from that toxic relationship, it may become an inspiration for other women to do the same thing as the first step to gain confidence and respect for themselves.

  17. "i sold most of the things he gave me, and put it in my bank account"
    yeah youre definetely going to save a bunch of money with all those withdrawl fees…

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