it’s been something that I wanted do for a
while so if there’s anything that you’ve wanted to do for a minute do it period
what’s up you guys sorry for the poor audio quality I am just not choosing to
pick up my external mic I’ve been getting questions about my hair the hair color
and if I’m going to make hair videos again and honestly I haven’t made hair
videos in a while as you guys have seen on my channel and that’s partly because
my hair isn’t in the best condition and I feel like it is not representative of
my abilities you guys if you’ve been following my channel for years then you
know that I know how to take care of my hair so the issue is not if I know how
to take care of it or not it’s just consistency and not feeling like I have
even the energy to deal with my hair after dealing with other things in my
life that I have to focus on but I thought I would come on here and
give you guys an update so my hair is just in two braids right now so here’s
the deal I told myself after having a shroom trip that during that trip I told
myself I would no longer hold myself back from doing the things that I want
to do I don’t have a bucket list but I have all of these things I have a few
things that I wanted to do for a while one of them was dyeing my hair
um kind of like a copper ginger color reddish ginger copper and so after that
trip I decided so my boyfriend and I both dyed her hair and that’s really the
story I chose not to pick up the camera because I was living in the moment and I
also didn’t know what the hell I was doing
so I didn’t want it to come off like it was a tutorial because not all videos on
this channel Believe It or Not or on YouTube are tutorials a lot of them are
just as showing y’all what we’re doing so take everything you see with a grain
of salt so I used the brand ion and I did a permanent color the color was six
r6r or seven I’ll let me take my hair out while I’m talking I had done tons of
research on YouTube about how to dye your hair without using bleach so I knew
it was possible and I knew you just needed a higher developer so anyways I
went into Sally’s Beauty Supply talked to the ladies in there and one girl was
well versed in coloring hair she told me that I just needed the color that I had
and then 40 developer so apparently the difference between the developer levels
so like from 20 to 40 it just is how much the solution lifts your hair
cuticles which means then you are experiencing more damage yeah and I just
was like really not trying to use bleach on my hair because as you guys know I
have the heat damaged I haven’t heat damaged so so because I had the heat
damaged it made it easier to want to die all of my hair because it was already
damaged don’t like but hey I did my ends first I stayed away from my roots about
an inch and a half my roots I stay away from there first on
the first go-around and then after like 25 minutes I was watching it through the
processing cap and after about 25 minutes I decided to then put it on my
roots and those are the instructions but then my roots ended up lifting way
faster and lighter than my instead my hands only lifted to a certain level so
inside of my hair the red is more copper it’s more of the true color but all on
the outside the perimeter it’s this really nice reddish so I didn’t really
get the desired color so then I went back into Sally’s still now it’s still
like orangish and here one more copper than the outside but I went back into
Sally’s talk to the lady again and she just said that what I could do is either
try do a test Rand and see if my ends will lift anymore without using bleach
and if they don’t then I could bleach my hair up to the level of my roots or my
desired color I ended up not getting enough bleach and so I could only do
three quarters of my hair then the next day I had to go back in and get more
bleach I waited the day because I’m like this is just too much and then I
finished with this top quadrant and the color was definitely Church to what I
wanted but this is the final result I really should have just bleached my hair
from the beginning and then uses the color so anyways I ended up toning my
hair because the color was kind of brassy looking what else I did another
flush of color and then I toned the hair actually so I ended up getting more of
this red color which is not the color I want
like a deep ginger copper color but I ended up really loving this color that I
have it is not even all around as you can see my actual hair is growing a lot
and then there’s like this random ass patch of just the vibrant red are you
the back is really light and orange and if it’s what it is I do actually still
like the color but that those are the detail that’s the team I can’t go back
through and show you guys what I did because I didn’t record that but here we
are now after I bleached my hair my shit was dry the dryness has ever been and
I’m still experiencing that it is just so dry but because of the heat damage
you guys already knew that yeah my hair has grown a lot because of that biotin
and then other things that I’ve been doing I’ve been using a new hair girl
foil my hair is just super thin now and fragile I’ve been getting a lot of hair
fall anytime I brush through comb my hair and it of course is because of that
heat damage I was going to let my hair be and just really work on doctor and
get back to health my life damaged ends but getting my hair as healthy as I can
and growing it out and then cutting but I have a vacation next month and I just
want it I just want the damage to be gone like I’ve never been shy of getting
a haircut this is the color it is really cute I’m not sure if you can tell that
the back is lighter so we haven’t worked that orange copper color back here as
you can see and then up here it’s just a little bit deeper but I love the color I
love the color so what I called and talked to the receptionist I pretty much
told her that I wanted to come and get it would cut with my hair in this state
so I want my hats pretty much straight it’s like between a flier and a blow-dry
and it’s like this order that I would want my hair cut like this and then I
would want it washed and conditioned and then in it’s currently state if this is
even possible and trim any more thin ends or just like raggedy jacket ends
and give it like a tiny little shape so that is the deal that is what I’m going
in to get and she thought it was best to book me with a stylist that is
specialized in curly hair that’s the deal that is what I’m going in to get
and this info is hella long so maybe this will be two videos this will just
be like the update I just want to say thank you to all of you guys that
understand what it means to not be perfect this is about yeah three to four
inches cut off again it’s not a big deal to me if I cut my
hair you see this random ass patch of red I just cannot my hair has been very
representative life I think periods like transitioning from surviving to thriving
is the motive right now that’s what I’m doing and it is going very well
creative direction has been just oh so quick billing and I’m so happy that I
jumped in head first but yeah that’s about it I will see
y’all in my next video let me know what y’all think about the hair I know a lot
of you guys really love it and I appreciate all of the beautiful and nice
loving comments that I’ve gotten about my hair color I really really love it
which is all that matters but I am happy to know that you guys also rock with it
it’s been something that I once do for a while so if there’s anything that you
wanted to do for a minute do it


  1. we need more ginger haired black girls lol!! I've been wanting to dye my hair this color for a long time too! I have a salon appointment on the 27th of this month that im excited and nervous about all at the same time!!

  2. Thanks for sharing and just doing you! Love the color!!! I just got reddish highlights 2wks ago that I โค and decided to go back and color my entire head… in the past I didn't have the best experience with color because of my lack of care bit wanted something different!

  3. Cute color! Nairo-Plex Treatment and then the humectant-sil by Nairobi is so bomb and works wonders dryness and damage!
    But how you gonna just say โ€˜shroom trip all casually tho๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. I want that color! ๐Ÿ˜
    Have you ever tried Olaplex? I see a lot less ends on the sink and my curl pattern has never been better! They're selling a huge bottle of No. 2 on Overstock.

  5. I love your vibe and personality every video brings. Youre just so chill and i would love to have vlog style videos of you just showing us your life!!

  6. And this is why I like you, you are one of the most transparent and relatable YouTubers out there. You don't pretend that everything is perfect, yes life puts us through some messed up stuff but we can work our way out. Now, I don't know if this is a sign, but, I have gone almost eight months without dyeing my hair, this is the longest Ii've gone since I started doing it as a teen. But, it is damaging and I'm a lazy natural, there's something about jet black hair that I just love and of course my hair is naturally a dull brown. I'm gonna wait a bit and see. T'keyah, keep doing you, young lady, you're doing great. And the color looks GREAT.

  7. Im loving the motions you are going through w/ your hair. You are doing what you want to do!! Ppl are so scared to do anything and you are doing it!

  8. If you would find a wonderful experience colorist/stylist
    Your hair would be in an awesome abundance condition. Coloring hair is for experience colorist. That spend money time in classes to learn color theory. You really should find an experienced professional stylist to take care of your hair. I notice when your hair gets back on track you find a way to damage your hair again. I wish you much success Empress.

  9. I always been afraid of some of the things u put in your hair and on your face.Please be more careful and stick with what works. Love your videos mostly your personality

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