How I Make Insane Gold in Guild Wars 2 with Trading Post ► GOLD GUIDE 2019

How I Make Insane Gold in Guild Wars 2 with Trading Post ► GOLD GUIDE 2019

I am going to explain to you how I make insane
amounts of gold in Guild Wars 2, thanks to the Trading Post. I will explain everything
to make these methods available for everyone, even casual players.Subtitles are available
in multiples languages so be sure to activate them on the YouTube Settings. Table of Contents
& Useful Links are available in the Description Earning money from Guild Wars 2’s Trading
Post is surprisingly easy, but many players choose to avoid it because they see it as
a challenging, time-consuming, and confusing way of earning gold. Although it isn’t initially
a particularly fast process the eventual income potential is enormous.This method is available
for casual player: you don’t need to play each day. I am going to explain to you the two methods
I use to make insane Gold with the Trading Post.The first method needs a lot of time
& patience, but second method is way faster.In addition, at the end of the video, I will
tell you my 3 secret tips. These tips are not well known, but they will help you to
make or to save a lot of gold, so watch until the end. To use these methods, you only need 2 things:
#1# A Full (paid) GW2 Account. Free 2 Play Accounts have Trading Post Restrictions.#2#
At least 50 Gold, because you have to invest some Gold to make profit.If you don’t have
enough Gold, don’t be sad, I created an Easy Gold Guide, how to make Easy Gold Beginners
Friendly.Link is in description, so you can watch it first, make some Gold, and then come
back to this video. Let’s start. Income is earned in two ways from the Trading
Post: SPECULATION & FLIPPING.Don’t worry, I am going to explain them to you in detail,
what they are and how to do them.It’s very easy. Speculation involves predicting market trends,
buying items at a lower cost, and then when the market price of those items increases,
you list them for a quick profit. In other words, you buy an item at a low price, you
wait the price to increase, and then you sell it. For example, I bought this Black Lion
Weapon Skin for 50 gold 5 months ago, and now I can sell it for 120 gold, this is a
50 gold profit, including the 15% Trading Post FeesSpeculation requires a lot of patience:
you have to wait a few months between the moment you buy and the moment you sell the
item.If you want a faster method, Flipping is way faster. I will explain it after Speculation. But your main concern is how can I guess which
item is going to increase in price? Which items are worth speculation?Well, I am going
to tell you the Top 2 Items I am speculating on, since they have an almost guaranteed chance
to increase in price. But first, what are the reasons that explain
the price increase ?1- Items are no longer available, or they are available at higher
cost than before (like old Black Lion Weapon Skins) 2- Item are available only during a
short period of time per year—like festival items from Wintersday, Halloween, and Lunar
New Year, the price slowly increases during the year and then drops when festival starts
(that is, when the item becomes available again). The cycle repeats each year. 3- the
items are useful only in a short time window each year (like achievements only available
during a festivals that require specific food) so the price increases at the very beginning
of the festival, then drops when it’s over because achievement is not any more available Black Lion Weapon Skins are my favorite Items
to speculate on.GW2 Releases a New Black Lion Weapon Set every two months or so.When the
New Weapon Set is released, the cost of 1 Weapon Skin is 1 Black Lion Ticket, but you
also can buy it from the Trading Post. The supply from the TP comes from people that
already bought the weapon with Ticket, & sell the weapon on the TP instead of using it.At
release, the price is nearly always between 30 & 60 gold on the TP. When a New Weapon Set is released, the cost
is always 1 Ticket.The price of the Previous Weapon Set (released about 2 months ago) increases
from 1 Ticket to 2 Tickets.And the price for the set prior to the previous set (released
about 4 months ago) is increased from 2 Tickets to 3 Tickets.Tickets are the only way to get
Weapon Skins released in the last 6 months.If the Ticket cost increases, you can expect
the Gold cost from the TP to increase too; it is a direct correlation.
1 First Tip : to speculate, you need to use
this site It will show you the prize history for each item.Let’s have a look at Equinox
Black Lion Weapon Prices. First, here is the release of the Equinox
Weapon, in August. The Blue and Red lines are the price on Trading Post, for sale and
purchase, respectively. From August to the 16th of October, the price was 1 Ticket, and
on Trading post, the cost is about 50 Gold.The 16th of October, GW2 released a new Weapon
Set : the Mad Realm Weapon, for Halloween.This means that the previous Set, Equinox, went
from 1 ticket cost to 2 Ticket.Look at what happened. Prize nearly immediately increased
a lot, from 60g to 90g, in only a week. Then, from October to December, prize remained
stable, or even went down a bit.But the 13th of December, GW2 released a new Weapon Set,
Orchestral Skins, available at 1 TicketThis meant that Equinox Set Went from 2 to 3 Ticket,
& Mad Realm Set from 1 to 2.Look what happened. The prize of Equinox increased again; at a
slower rate, but it kept increasing.In February, 6 months after release, you can sell the Equinox
Weapons for 120 Gold.If you bought the Equinox skins for 50 Gold 6 months before, and then
sell it for 120 Gold, you won more than 50 Gold, including the 15% TP Fees. A Black Lion Weapon on TP costing 1 ticket
is always about 40g to 60g, so you can expect a Weapon costing 2 Tickets to be nearly twice
as much, and a weapon costing 3 tickets to be nearly 3 times as much.In reality, it’s
always a bit less expensive, because there are more parameters you have to take into
account, and which help you to speculate. Here are some tips : If the Weapon Set is Beautiful, lots of players
will buy it, so the prize will become more expensive, and you will make more profit.
If the Weapon Set is Trash & Ugly, less players will buy it, and your profit should be lower.For
example, this Weapon Set is not really that great, which explains why the cost is low.
But this one is really beautiful, so the prize is higher. I speculated on the Equinox Set,
and made 3,000 Gold Profit.I bought 60 Weapon Skins when the cost was 1 Ticket, 50 gold.
I sold them for 120 Gold each 3 month later.If you are poor, you can start with only two
or three Black Lion Weapon, but you can still make a 100 Gold profit. Last tip: be careful, because after a certain
amount of time, usually about 9 month, the Old Weapon Sets become available on the Black
Lion Chest. So the prize will fall dramatically. You have to sell your Weapon Sets before that
happens, or you will lose gold.My advice is to sell your Weapon about 1 or 2 month after
the cost switch to 3 Ticket, so you are sure to make profit.If you are impatient, you can
sell it before, but you will make less profit. Wintersday Gifts are probably the most secure
and easy item to speculate on. You don’t need a lot of gold, and you are sure to make
some profit with them. If it’s your first time speculating, I advice you to use this
item first. Wintersday Gifts are only available during the Wintersday Festival, which takes
place each year in December.A bit after the end of Wintersday, the price will start to
increase because Gift are no longer available. Look at the graph, this is the price on the
trading post of Wintersday Gifts throughout the last 4 years.You can see that each year,
shows the same cycle. First, Wintersday starts in December, you can loot a lot of Gifts,
so the cost is very low.Then, Wintersday ends in January, and you can see that during Spring
& Summer, the price slowly increases because you cannot loot the Gifts anymore. Then, in
Autumn, the Price is at its peak.Finally, Winter comes around. And when Wintersday comes,
after few days, the price is drops very fast, because Gifts are available as loot again. So, how to make Gold with Gifts? It’s very
easy: just buy some Gifts at the end of the festival, in January. You can buy some Gifts
for about 4 silver each.Put your Wintersday Gift in your bank. Then be patient. If you
wait until at least September, you can sell your Gifts for nearly 9 silver. This is a
100% profit after TP fees.If you don’t have a lot of gold, you can buy only one stack.
It will cost you 10 Gold in January, and you will be able to sell it for 20 Gold in September. This method is the most secure method for
beginners, because no matter the amount of people doing this, there are so many people
buying & selling Gifts, and the supply is so huge, that even with a thousand people
using this Trick from my Guide, it won’t change anything, you will make profit. You
only need to be patient. Last Year, I bought 500 stack for 5,000 Gold. I sold it for 10,000
Gold doing a 5,000 Gold Profit.The more gold you can invest, the larger your profit will
be.But even if you are poor, you can make decent easy profit. Basically, you will always
gain about 100% Profit. If you invest 10 Gold, you will get 20 Gold back. 100 Gold ->200
Gold. 1000 Gold ->2000 Gold. Speculation is a long term way to make Gold,
few month. Flipping is way faster, taking only a few hours or few days.Flipping is when
you place a buy order for a specific Item, knowing that you can sell it on for more,
and make profit.There’s thousands of items that you can do this for and it all hinges
on the fact that those fulfilling your Buy Orders want to quickly sell the items they
find. Whether it’s trash weapons or food, there’s a margin to be made on most items.
The key is identifying which items will provide a profit after the Trading Post takes its
cut. (15% Fees)In other words, you put an order for an item at a Low price, and when
you get the item, you sell it at a higher price, at least 15% higher to make profit,
because when you sell an Item on trading post, you lose 15% From TP Fees. Which Item should you Flip ?Because of the
15% Fees from TP, you have to flip on item that got at least a 15% Gap between buy & sell
prize.You can use this site to check if you can make profit, you can write the buy & sell
price, and it will calculate the profit including TP 15% FeesMost often, the rarer the item
is, the larger the gap is. The more supply there is for the item, the lesser the gap
is.For example, mithril is so abundant that the gap is very low, so it is not an interesting
item for flipping. There is multiple item you can speculate on.
Just look at items on the Trading Post, each time the gap is bigger than 15%, you can make
profit.If you want to train first, you can try it on a very low cost item.I am going
to tell you the Top 3 Items I Flip, but first I need to tell you a very important rule:
be patient. When you sell your Item, perhaps it will take time before someone buys it. Don’t cancel your sell, even if a lot of
people also listed it for sale at a cheaper price than yours.Price fluctuates a lot, depending
on holiday, weekend, and current events on GW2. Sometimes you’ll have to wait 5 minutes,
or 5 hours, or 5 days, or (occasionally) sometimes a month.Don’t cancel it, especially if it’s
a very expensive item, because when you put on sale on the Trading Post, you pay a 5%
Fees of the cost.This means that, if you listed on the TP something for 100 Gold, you will
lose 5 Gold. And when someone buys your item, the TP will take an additional 10% more, for
a 15% total. If you cancel your sale to relist it at a lower prize, you will lose this 5%.So,
don’t cancel expensive item listings on the TP, wait at least few weeks. Be Patient. The first item I like to flip is Black Lion
Weapon Skins.Yes, you can speculate on Black Lion Weapon Skins, but you also can flip them!There
is not a lot of supply, which means that the gap is often big. Check all the BLW you want,
but be aware that if the BLW Set is not any more available with a Ticket, it will probably
take a lot of time before someone sells a Weapon to your purchase order. The easiest
thing to do is to flip the latest Weapon Sets. When I was elaborating this video, the latest
set was the Orchestral Set. Let’s check the different Weapon Skins, let’s calculate
which weapon skins can make profit, and let’s flip together.For example, the Orchestral
Mace Skin. I can buy it for 33 Gold (put in a purchase order) & sell it for 38 Gold (list
it on a sale order).There is a gap of only 5 Gold. Let’s use the calculator : the gap
is not enough, there is not profit at all.Let’s find another weapon skin.The Orchestral Staff
Skin, I can buy it for 30 Gold, & sell it for 39 Gold. There is a gap of 9 Gold. Let’s
use the calculator : the gap is enough, I can earn more than 3 Gold. Let’s put an
order and be patient. Now, Let’s check more weapon skins, you
can see that sometimes gap is close, but sometimes you can make profit.The Orchestral Dagger
Skin buy order is very low, 29 gold, the gap is 9 Gold, so it’s interesting too.Let’s
put an order.One day later : I got my Greatsword & Staff Orchestral Skin, both for 30 Gold.
I can now sell these at the higher price.I put a small gap between higher sell & my own
sell, because I want this to be fast for the Guide, but this is not necessary. One day later, my 2 Orchestral Weapon are
sold. As you can see in my Trading Post History, I bought for 30 Gold these 2 Weapons, and
sold for 37 & 38 Gold.This is a 6 Gold easy profit.This is not a massive profit, but it
took me only few seconds, to put order & sell. You just have to be patient, few hours, or
few days.Now, let’s do this on a much more expensive item, for much more profit. Legendary Weapon. Yes, you can flip Legendary
Weapon & make incredible profit.But of course, you need to have a lot of Gold, and you need
more patience, because less people are directly selling or directly buying Legendaries.Here
is my daily routine. First, I have a look at each Legendary Buy & Sale Price. This is
exactly the same procedure used for the Black Lion Weapon Flipping, you can use the calculator
to see if you will make a profit or not.As you can see, Eternity or Twilight are not
profitable at all. On the other hand, Frenzy, The Howler, and few other Legendary, are.As
you can see with some Legendaries, I can make more than a hundred gold profit. Prices are always fluctuating, so you have
to check all the buy & sale prices, and to calculate which one is the most profitable.Also,
remember to check if anyone puts a buy order above yours, because you are not the only
one flipping on the Trading Post. As you can see, one day later, now I got Frenzy. I bought
it for 1410 Gold. I can sell it for 1800 Gold.Thanks to calculator, this is a 120 Gold profit.
Let’s sell it.Few hours later, my Legendary is sold. I earned 120 Gold, it took me 3 minutes
of gameplay, on a 2-day span. I showed you how to flip for Black Lion Weapon
and Legendary Weapon. You need some Gold to invest.But what if you are poor? There are
way more items you can flip that are not expensive at all.Just be curious & have a look on the
Trading Post.There is also this site that shows you the most profitable Items to flip
As you can see there are a lot of profitable items. Here are the Buy Prices, the Sell Prices,
and the Profits.Remember some item are very long to sell, so be patient. I advice you
to start with low cost items to train. Now, I am going to tell you my 3 secret tips
on the Trading Post.These are very basic tips, but they will help you to save a lot of gold
so listen carefullyNot a lot of people are aware of this fact, but the prices on the
Trading Post fluctuate a lot depending on the day of the Week. Less people are playing
during weekdays, from Monday to Friday.There are way more people playing during the Weekend,
thanks to casual players. This fact has a big impact on the Guild Wars
2 economy.Most of the materials & items on the Trading Post are more expensive during
the Weekend, because more people are playing, & casual player are not farming that much,
they prefer to make some Open World or Map Completion, or Story, or Chill.But they still
buy on the Trading Post, there are more people buying than selling on the Week End, so item
are more expensive.On the opposite side, Items are cheaper from Monday to Friday, because
there are less people buying on Trading Post than farming. So, my advice is to buy the items you need
during Weekdays, from Monday to Friday, when it’s less expensive, & to save your item
to sell it during the Week-End, when it’s more expensive.You may be surprise by the
difference, because it’s very significant, from 3% to 25%, depending on the Item. Not a way to win gold, but a way to lose less
ALWAYS buy at lower price & sell at higher prize.You will save from 5% to 30% Gold ! When you are selling an item on the Trading
Post at higher prize, it may take some time before someone buys your item.Be patient,
don’t cancel your sell 2 hours or 2 days after, because it’s not sold yet.Price fluctuates
a lot, wait at least few weeks before cancelling it, you will save a lot of Gold, because when
you put on sell your Item, on the trading Post, you lose 5% of the value. If you cancel
the sale, the 5% fees is inevitably lost.On the contrary, when you put in a buy order,
don’t be afraid to cancel it, and to put a better buy order price, since you don’t
pay any fees .You should always undercut other player listings and you should only do it
by 1 copper. Doing this guarantees that your item will be sold above someone else, unless
you are also undercut. Don’t worry if you are – your item will eventually sell. This is a bonusI’m doing a Giveaway Video
each Week on my YouTube channel, Legendary Weapon Giveaways.Check the description, there
is an updated link to my current Legendary Giveaway !Good Luck all & Praise Joko ! THANKS FOR WATCHING – CHECK MY EASY GOLD GUIDE
& GIVEAWAY IN DESCRIPTION Tell me in comment if you discovered some
stuff thanks to my video 🙂 Be sure to subscribe & activate the Notification Bell !
I now have a Patreon. If you want to support me, you are very welcome ! You will help me
to make more Video, with better quality.Link is in the Description.


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