How I make laser cut jewellery.

How I make laser cut jewellery.

Hi! It’s Natalie and today I’ll show you
the making of a Merpig, one of my new brooches. I start by designing it in Adobe Illustrator,
and if I could go back in time I’d show you the process right from the beginning but
what you see now is the first and second versions. I cut a sample from spare acrylic – these
aren’t the final colours. I did this to see how the pieces fit together
and fine tune the design for ease of production. I changed the ears to be a uniform shape so
I didn’t have to muck around with which was up or down, front or back; I also simplified
the hair. Putting together these complex pieces takes
a lot of time! So I try to do what I can to make life easier
on myself! Once I’m happy with the design and my material
selection, I split up all the layers. It becomes like a little jigsaw puzzle! I also make sure
I’ve included pieces for layering. So in this brooch the ear and arm are raised above
the layer so I cut extra pieces out of 2mm acrylic. After my files have been sent to the laser
cutter and he sends me a bag of tiny plastic pieces. I sort them all and peel the backing
only. I leave the front on to protect the acrylic from damage. This is only a small number of pieces, but if
I do a large run I can end up having to sort and peel thousands of tiny bits of plastic! I use a special adhesive to bond the acrylic
together. It cold fuses the plastic so it becomes one piece. The water thin product can be injected between
the layers and spreads underneath by capillary action. It cures in a matter of seconds and
the pieces must be perfectly aligned – there’s no fixing it once it’s set. For smaller pieces I usually just use the
medium bodied product in a tube which has a slightly longer curing time. It’s quite goopy and can cause a mess and
drip all over your acrylic. That’s another reason why I keep the protective paper on
the front of my pieces – this product will permanently mar plastic. Peeling a few pieces seems relaxing, but when
you have 100 brooches to put together it seems like it will never end! People seem to enjoy my peeling videos on
instagram, and I have to admit it’s rewarding to see each brooch emerge in it’s complete
form! After a little polish and glueing the brooch
backs on, I will have 8 merpigs ready to swim to new homes. I’m currently doing a pre-order for this
merpig brooch, along with a fairy pig and piggicorn, and this ends on May 24 2018. If you’re interested come over to my shop


  1. Brilliant Nat!!! This vid was awesome to watch and made me want that Uni piggy even more! I can see what you mean about how exhausting it must be with all the tiny pieces. Fantastic glue too! 🌈🦄

  2. I love this video and the music and your voice! It's all so soothing and nice. I could watch you peel off the backing forever. lol

  3. Your work is so beautiful – I'm just getting into the world of lasercut jewelry and I'm having SO much fun designing things! Thank you for making this video <3

  4. Great video. Thanks. I want to get into laser jewellery making here in Japan. But can’t find a company that does the cutting.

  5. Hello! New sub here and new to the acrylic brooch world! Hope you don't mind me asking.. is the tail part (iridescent) of the merpig readily available at the laser cutters or would that have to be specially ordered in? Thank you in advance! 🙂

  6. AMAZING!!! Who is you laser cutter? Can you get a code we can used for him (and yourself)? That means we get a teeny discount and usually you get a credit in the kitty. 🙂

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