How I Solder copper pipe 20 of 20

noted that you do like flops when I get stating that I’m not sure but
I just feel wharf looking to just make sure did he did how we doing here is the we install the publish our valuables pre-made a took down stairs to basement pre-assembled and just put it in one
piece right here and after we got it in here we match that with the pipes downstairs
in the rain and after this we’re gonna put the
toughness but this is the way stay everywhere noticed you fight going this way going down that will be a bit for the or bathroom downstairs it goes down
right now we have a fixed your way they will run a water line over here
also right now we just don’t have the old
plastic water line changers ok now we’re back here we started the water he took because we’re going
back to you thought it was ninety there we didn’t
saw those right away because we wanted to make sure we had played
hard we work together and and this is writeable 4 budget he tried to keep for work fun doing it. delivered ok

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