How I Went From Silver To Masters In One Season

How I Went From Silver To Masters In One Season

Hey guys in this video. I wanted to share a few things I did [to] rank up from silver all the way to masters in one season I hope some of the things I did to step my game up perhaps can help you do the same first I want to give you a little backstory. I started playing overwatch just before season three started. I ranked up all the way to level 25 and immediately hopped into competitive. That was my first mistake [I] did my placement and somehow luckily got placed around 2300 Sr in platinum unfortunately. I dropped all the way down to 1700 Sr And got demoted to silver the reason why this happened was because although my DM Capability was not too bad as I’ve played FPS games before my game sense was just not up to Par game sense is Crucial to doing well believe it or not when I first started playing competitive I still did not play each character or had taken the time to know all of their abilities before hopping into competitive I was basically teaching myself how to play the game in Competitive when I should have been doing it in quick play after spending a bit more time in quick play I learned how each character is played with close attention to the heroes in the meta at the time this helped me get up from silver to platinum now I don’t know if many people have had the same experience with me, but platinum was by far the hardest rank to get out of getting from diamond to masters was a lot easier [for] me than making the climb from platinum to Diamond in fact I made it to them three times and hopped back down to mid platinum during this time I was coming across a lot of toxic players who just did not want to cooperate with the rest of the team trust me I understand your frustration [I’ve] had everything from attack Symmetras that refused to switch when their character Just wasn’t working – your usual [hanzo] and widows that just did not contribute to the team Playing with people like that who are not willing to cooperate is not only frustrating for you But also for the rest of the team I noticed just because a player on my team [picked] [symmetra] when it wasn’t a viable option the rest of the team would immediately be discouraged by their pick and would write the game off as a loss before it had even Started the sort of attitude tilts Clair’s on the team to the point where everyone is arguing so what I started to do was encourage The rest of the team even if we had a person refusing to cooperate. [I] started to have a more positive attitude [I] know it sounds corny But a positive attitude can help retain way more than you may think Getting upset and arguing almost guarantees that you’ll lose the game following these basic Rules while consistently working to improve my Aim and Warming up and [quick] [played] before playing competitive helped me get to diamond now in [Xiamen] and notice I was making stupid mistakes and dying When I did not need to I would get picked off as soldier or [Farah] [and] died in Situations where I could have lived and have been a [farm] [or] used to my team in order to fix this I started to look At kill Camps to see how I died in certain And what I could have done [differently] [I] started to record my gameplay and after I finished playing for the day I would watch them over to see what I could have done better in certain situations It’s not only helped me not [blame] my team for my own mistakes But it also shows me that my positioning situation where I was dying was really bad I learned the importance of keeping high ground especially with heroes like Soldier 76 So I went into an empty server in practice [Hilux] rocket jumps to get to different positions on [various] maps it gave me a better [line-of-sight] to do more damage to the enemy But at the same time put me in a position where the enemy team would have had a hard time getting to me I Noticed by playing up top in maps like hani Mourra a soldier and just dishing out damage broke down the enemy’s push I noticed the enemy [swords] to switch off the genji to get to me which really broke their team comp and split their pushes the enemy would send a player or two to kill me or get me a high ground which made it much easier for my team to Win team fights against the rest of the enemy team, so I’ve been positioning I started to branch out and learn support and tank characters reason I did this was because I can’t always expect to play the hero. I want to in competitive You will always come across someone and wants [to] play your main character sometimes the other player may be better than you and other times they may not be what I like to do is let the other players play my main if that’s who they wish to play even If I feel like I’m better than them by doing this I’m ensuring that my teammate is playing a hero that [they’re] best at rather Than having them play something else to fill a role they might not be good at improving my skills with a hero from DPS support And tank roles ensures that I will essentially be playing to the best of my ability no matter which role I am filling for my team another thing. I found was crucial [to] ranking up quickly with communication I [choose] to be selective of my communication to make sure that Communication is not getting cluttered I call out important things and leave out the small talk to ensure my team is not confused about what? Our next plays I call out focused targets and sometimes when a teammate nearby is hurt and does not ask for help I make calls for them and ask our supports to help them out calling out focused targets and playing around what your team is focusing Ensures you will secure kills faster your team is far more effective when you focus a single target rather than taking individual fights with numerous Targets that’s it for this video guys I hope this video helps you out if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll answer them in the next One thanks for watching and I’ll catch you later


  1. This video is really outdated. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm presenting a school project lol I actually had no idea what I was doing back then in terms of creating content. Check out this recent video to see how much my content and style has changed since this video:

  2. that guy that is way too positive in a game that is obviously lost needs to fuck off. That shit gets me more tilted than bad widows on attack payload.

  3. You play Roadhog. Just play Roadhog and you’ll climb. Simple. At least at the time that’s all you needed. Low key still do.

  4. When I first starting playing comp for the first time I was like 3200 sr. Kinda glad I didn't have to deal with the plat people lol

  5. I went for low plat to bronze and i know how to play welll dva orisa mercy brig moira sombra reaper and soldier what am i supposed to do and plus on console no one communicates any idea of how i could rank up more


    …if you hate people that ask for likes then SMASH DAT DISLIKE BUTTON!

  7. I disagree. I placed diamond while doing Widow-only. Some may throw. But I play widow seriously. Idk why you think she doesn’t contribute. If you can headshot with her, she’s top tier. The reason I won those 8/10 games was because I took out the healers a lot

  8. Are you actually saying Hanzo’s arent important in competitive. You better be kidding, because they are one of the most and maybe the most important in defense and also good on attack. Don’t even try to say they don’t contribute.

  9. SOOOO, how one can improve all those things you said in 1-2 mounth. Its crazy even think you can do it in like 100 hours of gameplay. You didn't play 10 hours a day, did you?

  10. How I got a good winstreak

    1.Pick Junkrat

    2.If I fail 1. go Reaper

    3. Don't pick anyone other than Reaper or Junkrat
    4. Scream down the mic for no reason
    5. Don't go in game chat and avoid teammates and basically do whatever I wanted do because they are not my boss so ha.

  11. You're video was wholesome and helpful to a new player like me that wants to help the team and get better.

  12. Sometimes even if you are good and deserve a higher rank, you got queued with a team with 4 dps mains and a Moira 1 trick, and, specially if you play a character that depends a lot on their team (like Mercy for example) is really hard to carry those games and win.

  13. Gold is the hardest for me. I went to play this season but I dropped to low gold. 🙁 it sucks looking for groups is not good at lest on Xbox :/

  14. Man… The only difference is that you went from plat to silver and i went from gold to gold… each season every season fucking gold… Same shit. Good thing I took a break and am fresh and ready to fuck up this goat meta shit…

  15. For me the most success I have is playing in a 3 stack or 6 stack. My friends are around high gold to mid plat. So usually I punish the gold players on the enemy team or the diamond player. If you can manage to tilt a player on the enemy team your wining the fight. Ranked all the way to 2989.

  16. I started in season 4 and only did my placement matches and got mid bronze. I did the same in season 5 and was still mid bronze. I didn't play competitive or even overwatch at all for a long time and came back in season 12, I was still bronze. Season 13 I made it to silver. Season 14 I barely made it into gold. Season 15 and 16 back to silver. And that's where I am now. I main tanks now and I'm getting close to gold again though.

  17. I do this stuff and make callouts but I always get no mics who refuse to switch for our comp or focus anyone so oh well.

  18. These are (for my opinion) the two biggest problems in gold:

    1. People play what they WANT not a hero that would help to win.

    2. Doesn't join team chat.

  19. Vids like this and streamers like Kabaji and Samito taught me to team play and how to improve myself, I’ve climbed with Hanzo Widow Pharah Lucio Rein from 29-3200 to peaking #441 on PS4 NA. Thanks Haris!

  20. Blizz should have added a warning that if you are on bronze, you will play with bronze players on the next season’s placement matches. It would have helped me if i knew better. Went on another acc and placed low masters, i was level 341

  21. i personally like the short and sweet explanation. i dont really like to spend much time watching anything that i consider boring be cause of my relatively short attention, so videos in this fashion are really helpful.

  22. Just pray to god that ud hve a gt8 team cuz no matter wht solo carry is impossible am in masters gettings 5 golds with hog and still losing

  23. Overwatch is now riddled with RNG, scripts to slow damage, overall the game is now an RPG. If you've been playing a long time you will also notice the game is now super slow, it looks like they ported the xbox+pc into one. I uninstalled this game, way too much stress.

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