How is gold made?

How is gold made?

(ringing notification) – Hi, it’s Doug. Gold. Some people are obsessed with it. They love the look of gold. I myself have a few
things lying around here which look gold. This Minecraft pickaxe. A trophy. Even this little nugget I
picked up at a rock shop. You might recognize it as fool’s gold. It’s not real gold, but you get the idea. Someone named Janvi has
a question about gold. Let’s give her a call now. (ringing notification) – Hi doug! – Hi, Janvi. – I have a question for you. How is gold made? – That’s a great question. Look around you. You can probably find something that looks like it’s gold, too. A gold fidget spinner. Maybe you’ve got a gold trophy. A doorknob, even. But all of these things
are just gold colored. They’re not real gold. Real gold is it’s own
thing, it’s own material. If you want to find actual gold, chances are it’s gonna be
something more expensive, like maybe one of your parents
has a real gold necklace, or a gold ring. These cost a lot more money than just something gold colored. That’s the thing about real gold. It’s a really valuable material. It’s worth a lot of money. One ounce of real gold,
that’s the amount of gold in a coin about this size, is worth, well, what would you guess? $100? Nope. $500? Nope. One ounce of gold is worth over $1000. Think about that. It’s one thing to find
a penny or a nickel, lying on the ground. Imagine if you found a coin
like this on the sidewalk. But where does real gold come from? Is it something we can make? What do you think? Now would be a good time to
pause the video and discuss. Okay, you ready? People who work with metal can take a piece of gold and heat it. Then they can shape it
into what they want. Like a gold coin, or into
a piece of gold jewelry. But that’s always starting out with a piece of gold to begin with. Gold isn’t something that we can make out of some other material. Instead, gold is something
that has to be found, or dug out of the Earth. Usually in the form of
gold nuggets like this. Or sometimes as little
gold flakes, like these, which gold miners can find in the gravel along the bottom of a river. And to find even a tiny flake,
is incredibly difficult. If it were any easier to find, gold wouldn’t be worth so much. That’s a big part of why
gold is so expensive. There just isn’t that
much of it to be found, anywhere on the Earth. The few places where
people have found gold, each time created a Gold Rush. Places like Alaska,
California, and Australia, where over a hundred years ago, people started finding small
bits of gold on the ground. And very quickly, lots of
people rushed in to try to find what gold they could, and get rich fast. Most of the gold has now been
found in all of these places and turned into gold coins and jewelry. Even then, by adding up
all the gold in the world that has ever been found,
adding up all the necklaces, all the coins, all the
gold bars, you name it, we think that would fill the space of just two swimming pools. That’s it for the entire world. THat’s all the gold there is. Still, what about stories
of buried treasure? A treasure chest filled with gold coins? Could you ever find something like that? Well, believe it or not,
these things are real. A few years ago a couple
living in California was out for a walk near their home, when one of them noticed
a rusted metal can sticking up out of the ground. It wasn’t a wooden
chest, but unbelievably, it turned out to be a
bunch of old metal cans, each filled with real gold coins. It’s thought that these gold
coins were buried by someone after the California Gold Rush. For some reason, the person
who buried their treasure somehow forgot all about
it, or maybe they died before telling anyone where they were. The couple that found the
coins got to keep them. And all together, they were
worth over $10,000,0000. This isn’t even the first time that something like this has happened. Just last week, in the basement
of an old theater in Italy, someone found a jar, filled with hundreds of ancient gold coins. Could there be hidden
treasure buried somewhere near where you live? You never know. So, in summary, real gold
isn’t something that’s made. It’s found, it’s incredibly rare, which is part of why it’s so valuable. That’s all for this week’s question. Thanks Janvi, for asking it. Now for the next episode, I
reached into my question jar and found three questions submitted to me that I’m thinking about answering. When this video is done playing,
you’ll get to vote on one. You can choose from how does a compass know
which way is north? Why do people from England sound different than people from America? Or, how does toothpaste clean your teeth? So submit your vote
when the video is over. I wanna hear from all of you watching. There are mysteries all around us. Stay curious, and see you next week.

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