How is Vark Made | Edible Silver Leaf

How is Vark Made | Edible Silver Leaf

My name’s Mohammad Akbar. I run Ittehad workshop
which makes Vark (Silver or Gold leaf) This’s called German paper. Silver or Gold strips are kept
in between these papers and then beaten There’s a misunderstanding about Vark that leather is
used to make Vark. That’s false. 250 strips are beaten together in between the German paper
for around 3 hours with a wooden hammer


  1. That's amazing! Truly appreciate and admire all the hard work that goes behind the making of this. Wish the video was a bit longer. hehe I never really thought about all the work when I was enjoying all the treats but now I'll think of them. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    You're doing a great job, keep the videos coming.

  2. just beside my house these illetrate stupid people open silver worque makins shop, making continuous loud sound……….without stopping 1 sec also  from early morning to late in the night, these sound is very unbearable, and intolerable when we oppose them they are making dadagiri, our life become so miserable because of this illiterate stupid people and these worse work.

  3. hi, this is Anirban from a production house in Bombay. We are making a show on the food culture of india. I need the contact no. and addresses of some warq makers. It would be great if you could help me get in touch with the oldest one. If nothing is accessible, you can give me the number and address of the person featuring in your video. Please try and help.It is quite urgent.

  4. Oh gosh… ! The paper used may be German Paper but, when the silver foil is being hammered, it was kept in leather…

  5. Mr. Mohammad akbar ads chowder singh please tell me the exact name of the paper because there is no thing like German paper or France paper…… stupids

  6. Now I'm going to lodge a complain against uploader of this video for misguiding . There is nothing like german paper … its pure intestine …colored with spices … I'm going to forward complain to Hindu Raksha Dal, Bajrang Dal, Hindu yuva vahini , Goraksha dal …. within this month … either apologise for it … remove this video … final ultimatum. .. u can't play with Hindu n jaini faith …

  7. Ye koi German paper nai he.. ek baar kutne se paper phat jatahe.. lekin apke hisab se ye 3 hr tak kutai hoti he.. aur kuch nai hotahe..

    Matlab bhedie ka chamda hi he..

  8. Can you proof it.. apni marketing k liye jhutt bol raha hai.. abp news mai dikhaya gaya hai 2016 mai aur abhi yehi the lallantop pe bhi dikhaya gaya hai ki deer or goat ka skin se banta hai

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