Hello guys! Today I’m gonna show you how to make vulcanizable silicone rubber. For that, I’m going to use this aluminum frame, also this silicone rubber, and of course, the ring. First, let’s roll that intro! And the silicone rubber is done! And what can I do with this mold? I can make a lot of wax injections, like these. I will explain to you this process in another video. And now, give me a like if you enjoyed this video if you learned something new. Also subscribe if you aren’t already, and see you in the next video with more Kamikaze Jewels!


  1. hi this is Joe from Philadelphia I'm a beginner doing jewelry casting what's the easiest way to advertise to sell my jewelry pieces

  2. Alguien me explica x que en algunos videos habla español y en otros ingles, y por que aveces esta parado, y ultimamente en silla de ruedas?

  3. How do you American privet! Если здесь есть русские то блин объясните мне пожалуйста почему этот тип сделал название на русском а шпрехает на английском, и это не перезалив у него весь канал то названия на РУССКОМ то на английском.

  4. он написал название на русском? или это какой-то автоматический перевод? Оо

  5. I really learned very little. What kind of machine is that? Was heat applied with pressure? What type of silicon do you use? Was it sandwiched between two pieces of rubber in the machine? If so what is their shore hardness? Thank you for showing the basic process, but there were so many questions left open.

  6. Pablo ты талантливый человек, но замок у резиновой формы сделал не правильно, да и вырезал саму модель с ошибками. Таким образом качество получаемых восковых моделей будет низким. Будет облой и деформация, что приведёт к дополнительной обработке после отливки в металле. Для мелкосерийного производства возможно достаточно…)) Привет от русских ювелиров!
    Pablo you are a talented person, but you didn’t make the lock on the rubber form correctly, and cut out the model itself with errors. Thus, the quality of the obtained wax patterns will be low. There will be a flash and deformation, which will lead to additional processing after casting in metal. For small-scale production, perhaps enough …)) Greetings from Russian jewelers!

  7. I dont get it
    you need a heating/press machine ?
    did you know you can use mold making silicons from Smooth-On (or other brands) to do the same ? without heating

    especialy if you just want to mold plastic/resin and such

  8. Ты красава!!!💪🏽 смотрим тебя в России!!! You’re very very beautiful. Watch to you from Russia 🇷🇺

  9. you should use graphite or some other very fine powder to make the joint.this does not need to cut.For the keying also.Pluto than to carve pyramids, use "Bicones" that you can print in 3D.Good work.

  10. Eh visto comentarios donde la gente dice "ay porque ya no habla en español" pero realmente esta bien cualquier idioma, ademas, el hablar ingles en sus videos abre mas potencial para que otros paises (no solo USA) miren sus videos y eso esta muy bien.

  11. Could you not use some aluminum foil or plastic (food) wrap to partly separate the two halves of your mold as you assembled the layers of silicone before pressing and baking? I was thinking it would be easier to be able to separate the halves easily and then cut around your ring master just in the area the foil or plastic wrap wasn't touching your master….

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