How Many Chicken Nuggets Can You Buy With A Gold Nugget?

How Many Chicken Nuggets Can You Buy With A Gold Nugget?

Howdy, it’s me William, and this is not what it looks like. We’re actually filming with a UV camera that has nothing to do with this video. We’re out in the desert with Andy of How To Make Everything or Anything. I don’t know. We’ll figure that out later and put it on the screen. And we’re gold-mining. Dry washing I think it’s called. They’re down there, doing their thing and we’re not doing any work right now. Also, cameraman John is dual wielding cameras right now, which looks pretty sweet Andy had contacted us a couple months ago asking if we wanted to try and build something to go gold mining. We ended up not building anything. And then we also ended up telling him really last minute that we were gonna come. So we just drove three hours last night. So the plan tomorrow is to just go mining for gold, right? Like that’s… Do you guys have any other special plans or… – Just trying to find some gold?
– ANDY: We’re just trying to find some gold. I borrowed my caretaker’s car instead of taking my beater. So we should be out there in like three hours. And uh, here we are now. I don’t really know what’s going on. We’re sort of just along for the ride. So let’s go down there, to where the loud noises are. Got to put my dust mask on or I’m gonna die of… What did he say? Valley fever. [William hums excitedly] I stole my mom’s metal detector. And… Oh, are their gloves in here? Oh, yeah! We don’t know how it works though. She’s got headphones too. Oh, man… Oh, there’s a manual! Oh, no, it’s very long though. Do we just try to use it? That’s okay. See? Cameraman John gets it. That’s how real men do things; you throw away the instructions. Make sure you remember where they are though so that when we panic last minute we can come back and get ’em. That’s how like 90% of IKEA furniture gets assembled. There’s uh, gotta be an “on” button somewhere. Wow, this not as easy as I thought it was gonna be. Oh, “on”. [Metal detector buzzing] [Metal detector buzzing louder] You know what? We’re reading the instructions. No! Come on. [Metal detector continues to buzz] [Metal detector beeping] It’s very annoying. Also… I feel kind of bad that they’re doing all this work down there. I’m just sitting here trying to make a metal detector work. “Positive and negative response…” Oh dear, I think this is going to take more than five minutes. “Relic hunting”… “Gold prospecting”! Oh, is this just fun facts about gold? It is. Just give me instructions. Give me like some basic instructions, book. “Distinguishing electromagnetic interference or other problems” Okay, this is like a like a textbook. Uhhh… Uhhhhhhnnnenne… Why can’t this thing to see how to find like large amounts of gold? “Treasure hunters’ code of ethics”.
Haha, not gonna read that. Let’s go kick some butt and find some gold. And we’re all out of butt to kick. One second, I got to look cool. I’m sorry. Come on. Come on. Come on. How do I make this thing tighten?! What is happening? What? Errrrmm! [Sound of frustration] Wait, what? What is happening? I can’t tell. I just realised that I don’t care either and my saggy fanny pack’s just gonna be saggy. [Metal detector buzzing] There’s metal in your drone! [Inaudible] Just letting you know. This thing is just screaming at me. William: Have no fear, William’s here with a metal detector that he doesn’t know how to use. William: Do you have like a 30-second crash course on metal detectors? [Swooping sound effects] Just up here prospectin’! [Metal detector buzzing] Do you want to make a bet if we find gold or not? What are you for? That we find gold? If we don’t find gold, I owe you five dollars. If we do find gold, I owe… [Spray paint noises] Why are your fingers covered in gold? Is that spray paint? So either you’re really hot and you’re melting the gold, or you won the bet. Hey Andy, check it out! (Andy laughs) Can you give us a professional opinion on this nugget John found? That’s the biggest nugget I’ve ever seen. [William laughs] Is it abnormally shaped? Yeah, it would be a little more, uh… Rounded. Yeah, it seems to be leaking a little bit too. – His hands are covered in it.
– It’s kind of light. William: Yeah? [Chuckles] Gold would be about… Ten times heavier, almost, than this stuff. William to John: So you lied! And there’s nuggets in here that are detectable. Good, so the settings are perfect, ’cause it doesn’t do anything when it hits the gold nuggets, but it screams on the ground. This is just a note to all the viewers: The field isn’t the time to try out a new detector. [Air horn SFX] For these little bitty nuggets, the actual take array can pull off an inch and metal detector, it’ll clear a spot maybe ten feet wide, and two or three feet thick, y’know? So your… your ground balance is all… “Turn the detector on and set the gain at the 12 o’clock position.” – Yeah, you’re not at twelve, okay.
– Oops. – “Click the right knob to the all metal mode”
– Uh huh? “Rotate the threshold control knob to the point where you hear a slight background hum.” Until you hear the metal detector scream for the sweet relief of death. Pump up and down within one inch of the ground to six to eight inches above the ground. Nice! William: Nice!
[Metal detector beeps] – Would you be surprised if we found any gold?
– I would… I say yes. And I would bet I can get more gold with my dry washer than you will get detecting all day long. – Just say like yes, like.
– Yes. That whole thing is gonna go in there, I feel like. Including… That’s how we do things. [Alan laughs] We should probably do like some form of intro. – We’re here today with:
– Hi, I’m Alan Chenworth – And…
– I’m Andy. Is it… is it “How to Make Everything” or “Anything”?
– Everything. Everything. Close enough. [Andy laughs] And uh… That’s it. – What are we doing?
– Alan: We’re dry washing. – Dry washing and uh…
– We’re looking for gold, baby! We’re metal detecting. [Metal detector buzzing] And you guys are doing hard labor. – [Laughs]
– Yes. What are the chances we find any gold today? Slim to none. – William: Okay.
– Alan: So it says “maybe”. William: So there could be staples… – Well there could also be black sand.
– Black sand. Which is iron. Gold mining is more fun… Uh… When you’re not the one doing it. [Detector beeps] William: Show me what you got! – Alan: You tell me what I got.
– William: Mud. The other thing most gold hunters do: Headphones. – Oh.
– Because your little nuggets especially, or your really deep targets, it will be a very faint signal. What if I want to be listening to like thumping Katy Perry music? The left ear is Katy Perry, and
the right ear is my metal detector. You know what? Screw it, both ears are Katie Perry! Alan: Here’s what we’re looking for.
That little nugget. William: That’s pretty good. That’s really good! Oh, wow. William: What do you think that’s worth? Ten bucks. God, it’s just kind of sad when you think of it that way. – What are you making anyways?
– I dunno. Alan: Do you notice how of coarse this is? This is very near the source. It’s not weathered at all. William: So back to the pile? Alan: Man, yeah, he’d tan just dark and…
I was so jealous. William: My grandma lives in Cabo and she looks like a leather couch. [Dry panning machine motor running] Hey Andy, whatcha doin’? – Oh, we probably got, uh, 30, 40 bucks. – Nice!
– Wow, nice. So this is a whole day of dry panning. 30, 40 bucks. For half a day. We should do a conversion from gold nuggets to chicken nuggets. [Laughter]
That sounds great. All we gotta do is weight it. How many McNuggets can I get for $5.00? 20 pieces is $5.29. Okay. Is there any way I can pay with gold? Oh my god, they’re considering it. With gold. Manager: Oh, no. No? This is like exactly five dollars worth of gold. I’ll put the extra quarter on top of it. Manager: Yeah, but we can’t. I’m sorry. So just cash? Yeah, or card. Okay. That’s pretty cool though. I tried. We wanted to see how many McNuggets you could buy with a gold nugget. That’s pretty good. And I think the answer is about… 20. 20 McNuggets. Myth proven! [Nom nom nom] If you want that sweet, sweet, fake Completely 100% legitimate California not spray painted rocks, gold nuggets… Leave a comment! And last but not least, go check out How to Make Everything! You can learn to appreciate how hard it is to actually makes some of the things you use every day. Like… Like ice cream. Do you use ice cream every day? If you do you… Maybe should actually stop using ice cream every day. Okay, now see you next time! Andy: Did you coordinate your outfit for today? Yeah, I picked my own outfit. [Andy laughs] Is that a compliment, or? – Yeah.
– Thanks. I thought you had a caretaker for that. Well… I mean, sometimes. – Does your caretaker buy the clothes for you?
– She does yeah. You just pick which ones you wear. Right. I piece… I piece the outfit together. Yeah, I’m kind of, I like, you know, I think that fashion is kind of a hobby.


  1. Haha! The Andy animation got me completely didn’t expect it, y’all are getting better at your videos, good entertainment, completely forgot what I was stressing about. Thank you, y’all have a good weekend now.

  2. Watching these guys have top deal with your bullshit is fucking annoying. Like can't you take anything seriously for even a god damn moment?

  3. I just realised this is the weird dude that joined HTME… weird how you always find people in the same video a year later…

  4. At 8:32 for a second I was trying to figure out why it looked so familiar, then I realized it's literally down the street from me lol

  5. It’s not what is looked like hmmm are you sure you didn’t get plastic surgery to make you black ok

  6. william needs to guest star on more channels, imagine him on binging with babish playing with fruit and cheese whizz in the background, or something

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