How much copper wire can you get out of extension cords

How much copper wire can you get out of extension cords

hi today I’m going to be showing you how
to protect you Thank You hi today I’m taking time off my beautiful Michigan
August afternoon delusion is preferable to despair for this guy weighs in at 6
pounds so I’m probably looking at about 3 pounds of copper check you know copper
prices go up and down all the time see how much it is yourself one of these
this is a bench clamp wire stripper I cannot stress how badly you need one of
these this swing will probably save you two
hours per extension cord and the only way to make this really time effective
and cost effective haven’t won about ten of them and this is the my procedure
phone I’ve got a bunch of these in bulk strip the outer wire first is gonna be
three wires in here also don’t do the little two prong extension cords there’s
just nothing in them the the wire is paper-thin it’s it’s just not with your
time but big but do all of the big ones put all that in a pile there’s gonna be
three wires in here individually strip all those wires rip those off so it’s a
very compartmentalized system don’t stop and start stop and start sounding start
do one wire one wire size at a time so the first thing you do is to I just
use some basic wire cutters take them grip them and kind of snap them off I go
through I don’t even know how many of these I throw them in a bucket so in the
end I just have a drop in the bucket but it is brass and it can potentially add
up if you do a lot of these don’t bother digging the little wisps of copper and
brass out of there you’ll end up with like thirty
and you’ll spend an hour doing it so why bother
take this guy it off that’s recycling now the way I’d like to do this is there
are three rollers that are adjustable here and a single cutting tool can I
just drop this guy down and if I have a kind of an anchor point that kind of
helps guide the feed that makes my life that much easier I think I’ve paid $35
for this on ebay and it has made me hundreds so I love it just keep keep
your wire nice and centered take it tight but don’t have to kill it so once
I’ve got it okay nice and clamped in take the bottom one and just raise it up
and that’s how I get the tension I want you want to just cut the wire cutting
the top here but not necessarily shredding the wires inside sorry
cutting the rubber but not the metal because that’s gonna make little
spindles and it makes it harder to get the damn thing completely stripped plus is a really good upper-body workout I’ll be done for time lapse where you
think that’s actually coming up pretty good
often there is um some kind of rope fibers like hemp in here but in this
particular case I got lucky so now I have my three wires and now the easiest
way just to unspool this guy I’m always saying it when I’m not saying it I’m
singing it a bench vise is an absolute necessity for absolutely everyone who
wants to do absolutely anything just the outer coating it’s perfectly
fine to throw this in recycle bins so your waste costs are whatever you know
basically as gas money now you got these threes ago you could just do this by
hand kinda like that which gets really annoying about foot number two my
personal method is to skip ahead about a foot blind
they’ll color a specific color in this case black it’s gonna yank them through
skip ahead about a foot foot and a half any longer than that and a frictional
kick in you won’t be able to yank them out without damaging them damaging them
isn’t the problem it’s just that if you keep these in long strands this is more
time effective so now that I have my individual wires fully separated it’s
time for wire stripping number two if anybody ever asks how you making money
these days stripping I like to use pliers for this part so good anchor to
keep it straight tell me bit and it does time lapse people go to the gym are
idiots twist it up so it’s secure bench vise so that came out pretty good and this
point that whether you’re planning on using it or selling it neatness does not
count so after all that I ended up with what’s called copper one or shiny copper
I don’t say good ok I got almost three pounds so my 40 to 50 percent metal
weight actually does hold up took me 22 minutes so once I got a good rhythm
going conceivably if it had done three of these in an hour again it’s only
really worth it if you have a lot of these this was a hundred footer so this
one’s actually kind of unusual actually the 100 footer is easier because once
you get it going it’s a little bit more time effective that’s really it if you
have any questions feel free to comment want to help me out please subscribe


  1. we do a bit of copper and of course the old tv's when we can get them lots of fun and the best part is it all is going to be stored for the future as hey copper will hit again at over $3.00

    a pound but the scrap crooks out our way are paying less than 1.70 per pound they got the old guys in a hold out this way as usual with the democrats . pulling the strings take care
    enjoy the up coming Holidays merry Christmas and a great prosperous New Years.

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