How Strong is Giorno Giovanna? (Gold Experience / Gold Experience Requiem)

How Strong is Giorno Giovanna? (Gold Experience / Gold Experience Requiem)

So, I originally wanted to wait until the
last two episodes are out so I could go about Now Giorno Giovanna is a strong member Bruno’s
guard team, but how strong is that exactly. Welcome to the ‘Outside of’ series where
I take a character from a franchise to list and calculate their feats to see how strong
they are. The thing is, after Part 3 the amount of focus
on strength starts to lower, that’s because fights more so circulate on the intelligence
of the people involved instead of one overpowering the other, which does a lot better for the
plot. But onto what we have to work with for everything
that’s not GER. Now for Giorno’s strengths, and not his
stand, he doesn’t exactly do the most hands wise, but he shows that he’s very durable. For example, in the Babyface fight where he
was fighting with a removed eye and throat and in the Clash and Talking Head fight where
he was being attacked by Clash and he still took shots from Narancia’s Aerosmith so
that Narancia could locate where he is. Even if it wasn’t as many bullets, being
able to get shot by Narancia while still being attacked by Clash the whole time makes a large
case for how durable Giorno can be. Nothing much on speed or ap, but Giorno is
usually just shown as a pretty fit guy. I’d actually give Giorno that one scene
where he was able to get out of his room before Koichi could get inside. That requires extremely fast decision making
and execution. Onto Gold Experience. A good thing Part 5 being animated, feats
are made a lot better and we don’t have to rely on scaling entirely. On the scaling side of things, we’d be able
to give Giorno a lot of credit for being able to tag and all-around just beat Bruno with
how well we see Bruno do in the part, though it can be argued that this version of Bruno
isn’t as smart as end of the part Bruno and this fight itself was a contribution to
him becoming stronger. Though that’s whatever because we have the
car feat. In the Babyface arc, to throw off the potential
enemies hunting Bruno’s defense squad, Giorno beats up a bunch of cars and then turns them
into frogs. Or well to be specific for those that want
to know why, it would be dangerous to just steal one car, so Giorno helps steal multiple,
by turning them into frogs. The manga’s portrayal of this had Gold Experience
going car to car and beating on them, but how the anime had gone about it, it did a
lot more for him here. Giorno had launched about 10 cars in total. Extreme low-balling the speed of Gold Experience
here to a subsonic character, using the feat where Giorno is able to give life to a bullet
that Number 5 had hit him with, making him basically a bullet timer just for an example
here for people that don’t believe that a lot of the JoJo stands are massively faster
than light, even then a bullet kicked by just Number 5 would be extremely faster than a
revolver bullet, but I’m low-balling here. Seeing the cars there, excluding the average
weights of large trucks, the average for the cars here would be around 3.64 tons. Finding the specific car weight could also
work, but averaging does well enough here. It would come out to be 2819400 joules in
terms of force exerted on a single car. Making it 28,194,000 since it was multiple
cars with this one barrage, which would put Giorno at around Small Building level. Though it could be gone about in a different
way if you consider the distance the cars had traveled in the air, and you could also
consider the angels so you could potentially go about it in a projectile motion type calculation? If we were to go about this where the speed
of Gold Experience was at the speed of light with no extra multipliers or anything, that
would move Gold Experience from Small Building to Multi-City Block. Which at that point would make him comparable
to stands like Star Platinum and Crazy Diamond, but I believe there should be some more investigating
on everything entirely. As of recent, a lot of JoJo characters have
been getting referred to as Town Level because of those characters are able to beat stands
like Justice, Red Hot Chili Pepper, and Weather Report, so I think I’ll be potentially looking
over everything after this video and I’ll can probably update videos like this one specifically
for Gold Experience, and older ones for previous stand users I’ve covered. I’d say that’s enough for Gold Experience,
now onto Requiem. Now before getting into how far these abilities
go, a quick review and explanations. Gold Experience had the ability Life Giver
where it could fill anything with life using it’s fists, and we’ve seen how far the
ability had gone. The ability to make frogs, snakes with venom
that can counter a stand’s whole ability, and whole organs. With Requiem, the ability had an enormous
level up to the point where a single rock can bust up a whole pillar and turn into multiple
scorpions right after. The new ability it got is the ability to revert
both actions and willpower back to zero. Which is basically resetting. And our example of his ability is him using
it to reset Diavolo’s time erasure. Which is ridiculous! It makes this ability one of the best defensive
abilities there is. I’m not sure of the limitations of the stand
itself since our only real thing to go off is Part 5 here. We know it stands outside of space-time with
what it was able to do King Crimson’s ability, an ability that affects time itself and not
just time in some small area of the world (I don’t know why I had to clarify that,
but I’ve been seeing a few comments on the time stands in JoJo only affecting time in
the area that they’re in which… That’s just crazy). I would love to make a bigger case for the
stand, but I believe that we would need more evidence to support the lengths it could go. But being a higher 4th-dimensional being than
most is extremely strong. It’s a lot stronger than most characters
we normally see in shonen, and characters that are on the level of GER are usually put
into stalemates when people are arguing it. And to go over Gold Experience Requiem’s
last ability, the thing is, those that watch the anime only will not know about this until
the 28th, so this will be a spoiler alert. I could’ve waited until then, but that’s
a long time to wait for just a small part of the video here so yeah. Again, spoiler alert for those that want to
wait until the anime to see it. Alright. Infinite deaths, which is still classified
under the “return to zero” ability, but it’s like a extra effect that happens when
you’re killed by Gold Experience Requiem. The infinite deaths put you into an infinite
number of scenarios where the outcome is you dying. It’s a reality where the only thing that
takes place is you dying. It’s hell, but instead of your soul being
sent there to toil, it’s you in your entirety just dying an infinite amount of times. It’s symbolic for Diavolo in more ways than
one, but I’ll be getting into that in a different video. So yeah, GER busted. Thank you all for watching! I planned to upload more and go hard on everything
I do, but I’m moving so that halted a lot of stuff I had planned. I guess I can tell you I have this Requiem
project thing in the works so hopefully I’ll be able to go about that relatively soon. Hope to see you all in the next one, until
then, peace out and God Speed.


  1. Here’s the last bit of the video in full: Also thanks for being patient, moving is a tedious process.

  2. Dio translates to God and Diavolo roughly translates to Devil so if Giorno is the son of Dio then Part 5 is basically the son of God vs the Devil…


    The Bible is a Jojo Reference because, let's face it, what isn't at this point

  3. pff kaleb you left out the fact that his dad lifted a steam roller by himself, of course giorno could fling cars easily. it’s just hereditary

  4. Most characters in JoJo are 3D. The 4D, Time, is where beings like DIO and Jotaro fall, with The World and Star Platinum, being able to stop time.

    The 5D, that is, different temporal causalities (or just the different timelines and possibilities) is where Stands like King Crimson and Killer Queen's Bites the Dust fall. They are able to not only manipulate time, but witness alternate causalities and transfix reality over to those causalities instead; they are capable of altering fate. Rolling Stones would also be considered 5D, as … It is fate.

    GER is 6D, which is all possible temporal causalities and total control of them. GER is above temporal causality manipulation, it is on the same scale as reality itself. GER is capable of ultimate mastery over all potential outcomes. It can nullify/reset any causality (Resetting to Zero) and is above even the platonic function of fate itself … GER can create a new fate for its enemy.

    This is the theoretical science of GER.

  5. I had a cool idea for a stand that might be able to beat GDR what if oingo and boingo had requiems like if oingo could copy GDR or if boingo got a pencil that allows him to write into existence what his heart wants the most so scenario oingo spots giorno and doesn't like how hes got fancy clothes and stuff so he walks up to giorno and gets floored boingos so upset by this hes pierced by the stand arrow and subconsciously writes what he wants the most which would be for his big bro to get up and beat giorno oingo gets up but hes like a zombie and oingos stand changes to copy the abilities of his opponent boingos restriction with his book is he keeps writing unless something knocks the pen/book out of his hand which would happen after he writes that oingo beats giorno then comforts his bro and says everything's okay also boingos ability with the pencil/pen wont activate unless he puts a period

  6. People keep on saying GER is most physically powerful stand, I don't think so personally.. mainly because of the fact its stats are displayed as ? rather than infinity symbol, this probably just means not even Giorno Giovana knows its strength, speed or anything else. Does unknown automatically mean busted? Not really. Although i do agree GER is the most powerful and op stand/character to exsist in anime/manga in general, I am unsure if his strength.

  7. weird pink haired mafia boss: sells drugs to kids
    giorno: puts into a loop where every single scenario happening is death, ultimately giving him a fate way worse than death, dooming him to actual hell until the day he dies

  8. "JoJo characters are massively faster than light because Giorno reacted to a bullet." Yep. Bullets are totally close to light speed. For certain.

  9. Giorno with GER is the strongest anime character you could argue dio heaven ascended could be him but honestly it would be a stalemate, Giorno against people like goku vs Giorno could just erase goku’s existence even if it was fate that Giorno would die his stand would allow him to die. If you think a character can beat Giorno let me know

  10. Golden experience requiem's stats be like
    Growth potential:-0
    Ability:- NO
    So basical the stats are so high it can't even be measured.

  11. I feel like the infinite death is is giorno removing cause from effect then diavolo removing effect from cause therefore making a area in time and space that nothing is happing so the universe is pretty much glitching out, making the same thing that should have happened happing in different wayss

  12. He's more than likely fifth dimension. 4th dimension is stands in general since its essentially astral dealing with the soul personality. In real life, it is said that there are extraterrestrials that reach the mental disposition to be able to manipulate their density, and influence reality heavily but they are also extremely benevolent and protectors of harmony. This reminds me of Gold Experience Requiem obviously, specifically based on when he reminds him that you have to be born of truth or you want make the cut. Those are the same principles in real life since you indeed have to follow the laws of cause and effect, illusions won't cut it.
    BUTTT there are obviously lots of structure to this, so I was just laying out my theories and could be facts.

    Metaphysical search engine:

  13. Wait a sec, kinda unrelated but

    If the arrow goes inside a stand to make a requiem version (like silver chariot and ger)
    Does that mean in part 4, killer queen was kinda a requiem? (After the arrow went in killer queen after killing Hayato)

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