How the Golden State Warriors Created the Blueprint of a Champion

How the Golden State Warriors Created the Blueprint of a Champion

When you talk about replicating this team? I don’t I don’t know if it’s possible [if] I could start from scratch and said I want to I want to duplicate the warriors [I] don’t think I could do it the warriors had plans and [ideas] and the initial ones Almost none of them came through to make this team it took some [luck] [probably] sounds a lot easier than it that it is Stars was really not [behind] there’s a blueprint for a championship team here But I’m not sure [that] it’s one that any other team could then try to replicate It has to be remembered there wasn’t a whole lot [of] pride in this warriors organization. No single event Illustrated how far the warriors had Fallen as the night that they came together to retire Chris Mullins jersey? They just traded another one of their favorites Monta Ellis these are the fans who had seen Player after player who had passed through gone on to greatness elsewhere and a lot of people thought [that] this was just an attention grab and so they let Joe lake of have it and If they looked a little more closely and maybe studied Chris mullins reaction that night. They would have seen this is the beginning of something Everything work out. Just fine. Just a little bit of patience use that passion most Elite NBA teams you can kind of see them coming from a distance because They just grab that big flashy star free-agent or they [just] got the number one overall [pick] the warriors never did any of that if The warriors are a championship team of what ifs then steph curry their MVP is the biggest What-if of all there’s nobody in the NBA like them there’s nobody in the world Like it for me to get a chance firsthand to see him Coming out of college people knew this guy is a great shooter But they weren’t sure what his NBa position was is he really a playmaker is he too skinny all of these questions hovered over him Ricky Rubio Johnny Flynn from Syracuse University Step and Courage still available the Golden State Warriors select Stefan [curry] from Davidson It’s not like the warriors of that moment stopped everything had a big party. We got a future MVP. Physically could he hold up ankle injuries the Riders career Heartbreaking is all I can say as a result of him not being on the floor a whole lot They were able to get yet another lottery pick [a] lot of the buzz that night was about Jimmer Mania Maybe the most talked-about player in this trap when I saw Jimmer go front of me I was happy [for] I started Oh, but I’m a little nervous cuz you know you don’t know we’re gonna be slotted at the star has a line I was the very next pick Klay Thompson from Washington State University San Chandler But he turned them down to join the New York Knicks they then put an offer sheet out for restricted free agent deandre Jordan That didn’t work Andrew bogut at that time to a lot of people was looked at as just [another] bust the warriors traded Monta Ellis a fan Favorite for an Andrew bogut who wasn’t even playing at the time. He was injured This is the first guy they brought in who really thought defense first Harrison Barnes was expected to be a shrewd choice, but there wasn’t a whole [lot] of excitement the [feeling] was that Harrison had actually been better as a freshman and so that was a nice [pickup] But nobody saw the second-round pick becoming the player that he has become Draymond [Green] terrific player in the second round shocking that he would get there to it But these drafts sometimes go unexpected a second-round pick 35th overall so by definition. You’re not expecting stardom emotionally the driving Force of this team and the Conscience of this team as [far] as how it needs to play to be able to come and blend in with these guys and you Know try to do what I can do to help this team out You could tell [it] was a brotherhood brewing from the start and it’s been something special. That’s Happened over the course of these last four years for me 2013 saw a lot of things break their way as well to sit across [from] an elite player Who had many options to hear him say? You guys are building something that I want to be a part of that moment for us as an organization was a big one There were a lot of question marks around Andre Iguodala a starter for his entire career had never come off the bench exactly how would he fit in? They’re still looking for upgrades and Dwight Howard had several options certainly considered the warriors, but he ends up choosing the Houston rockets, so the warriors stand pat and Might have even dodged a bullet the summer of 2014 was almost as poor to [attest] as the summer of 2013 Let’s start with the fact that they nearly upset the clippers ultimately if they win the game 7 and go to the second round It would have been awfully hard To fire mark Jackson at that point the fact of the matter is Steve Kerr was not number one on their list Stan van Gundy [was] the toughest thing about Taking the warriors job was turning Phil Jackson down. [I] had told him if we can work out a contract I’m coming to New York [that] was right when the warriors came in and interviewed me There was so much talent on the golden state roster and not as much on the knicks roster frankly, but I knew immediately That’s where I wanted to be I just thought it was a perfect fit [for] the personnel that the warriors already had One the things you wanted to make sure was that we had the trust of our players [I] can tell you how to bring my for the game such a great shooter his career You can teach [me] little nuances about shooting. It can really expand my game, and I just knew get a vision By the summer of 2014 the warriors know they have something special with Steph curry and Klay thompson But they’re missing some element in the frontcourt And so they’re looking at Kevin love who’s looking to get out of Minnesota [the] trade of Klay Thompson for Kevin love Made a lot of sense, so there was a heated debate among warriors officials about whether to make that deal But in the end the keep Klay thompson Forces one out Was in love with NBA growing up the business side was new to me it came out like you had something to prove I’d be wondering what the NBa record is for most points in a quarter you just watched it. I? Just saw the potential how well guys were fitting together? That was a huge [game-changer] as far as how this team operated. It was a long path every single year I was with the new team there wasn’t anybody who would have ever said you know this is a guy who one day is gonna be the key member of a championship bench coming in we all didn’t know exactly what to [expect] [you] [could] tell that we were trending in the right direction and we Starting to put it together and figure some things out as that first season was going on you could see that Trust building There was a moment when I looked around I said you [noticed] our team is going to be amazing if curry had been a star on day one If there’s never any ankle injuries the warriors don’t have the opportunity to get Klay thompson and Harrison Barnes in the first place and maybe Several others, and I’m not satisfied just winning one this team. Definitely has a lot of room for growth. Good luck trying to do something similar


  1. Bogut, Livingston, curry, these were injury tainted players. Complainers would say the GSW was unfair. Seems like a majority of their players were picked from a pool of second or third choices for other teams. And my god Draymond Greene, what pick was he? 37th or something – now he's a coach on the floor and a defensive maniac. For whiners it seems that after improving with practice and team work and good draft pics by management , you should split up because it's unfair.

  2. Wow lucky af that’s not a blue print you can ever copy cause first there will be no another Stephen curry and Kevin Durant on this league and another lucky experience like those…. and I just realized that they got bogut with injury but done a great help for warriors so let’s w8 for Demarcus cousins to heal and let’s see what happen to the dynasty

  3. I'm gonna slap the hell up those would say that warriors are All-star collector, remember that 3 of those 4 all-stars are drafted as warriors, and they work their butt up everyday to be an All-Star.

  4. I apologize for the boos from my fellow Warriors fans. You have to understand, we were basically suffering from PTSD after all the losing and all of the talent traded away.

  5. Well… Bogut, Barnes, and Ezeli aint in the team no more… Been replaced the two snakes 🐍. Tbh, in my opinion, i would rather have the 15-16 warriors than the 18-19 warriors.

  6. It all starts with Curry….no one knew he was gonna be this good….at Davidson all he did was jack up shots and play zero defense that's why he dropped to 7

  7. Lol champions, they got beat by a team with only 2 good players when they have 3 all stars. They also had a 3-1 lead. Get that shit outta here

  8. Everytime i watch how warriors build their team in so many times first thing that strikes my mind is this is the great subject for movie

  9. Every single championship that the Warriors ever won has an asterisk. Their first championship was because Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love was injured. Their second and third were because of Kevin Durant.

  10. Let’s be honest they got lucky in 2015 If Cavs weren’t injured then they would’ve one in 2015 and maybe become a dynasty

  11. You can have all the talent in the world but without proper coaching and the right organization, it's useless. Just look at OKC with Durant, Westbtook, and Harden.

  12. Can't believe it's nearly been a whole decade since the Warriors started their build to become what they are now.
    Can't even believe Steve Kerr's been doing his thing for nearly 5 years!

    After this they added KD, and Boogie. Incredible.

  13. One thing that came to my mind is if the Utah Jazz can hire Gary Payton as the head coach, maybe they can turn the Jazz into a perennial contender.

  14. this is for the haters that always says gsw have "all star" line up. this team started from the bottom, drafting players to shape them to their full potencial. these players are not a "all star prospects" from scouting reports unlike lebron or kd. they worked hard. blame your team for being weak 🖕💪

  15. GSW has now won 5 conf titles… a true dynasty which changed the NBA , although the media analysts are still stuck in ISO or bully ball from the era before…cognitive dissonance from media speakers from the 90s should change…glad this documentary keeps it real.

  16. And now 5 straight trips to the NBA Finals and a three peat is bout to happen good luck matching that p.s much more to come 🙏🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  17. I was a chef curry fan since Davidson…..but paring him and klay as the splash brothers
    Was a genius move.

  18. Warriors got lucky with Curry , first he was still there at 7 ; then he turns the three into the most lethal scoring opportunity the games had since the skyhook . Jerry West joins the organization and directs them to pick Klay . That was the beginning of the team of champs. Curry amazing still without Klay playing along side of him ? Same for Klay with out Curry? Then comes Green , and a list of great free agent signings .
    Being 63 I truly appreciate these ,championship years .

  19. This is a dope team! I love them and hope whenever they retire this same blueprint will continue through new players.

  20. Homegrow foundational talent. We had been bottom feeders for years suddenly peices start to fall in place and and dynasty run begins!!!

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