How Things Work : How Is Iron Mined?

How Things Work : How Is Iron Mined?

Hello, my name is Steve Jones, and I’m going
to tell you a little about how iron is mined. Now, we find the iron underground, usually
quite close to the surface, in large beds. Not as iron, but as what we call iron ore,
which is normally iron oxide. It can be iron sulfide.The main objective is to get to the
iron ore,because it’s near the surface, we can simply dig a big hole, and sometimes these
holes are extremely big. Maybe one or two, or three kilometers long, so here, maybe this
is two kilometers, and we dig away the surface,which is soil and rock, and other things that we
don’t want, which we can call the overburden, and then we get down to what we do want, which
is the iron ore. We then dig this away, and take it to a processing plant,where there
are blast furnaces, which turn it into iron. To take it away, we need very big machines.
Diggers which will take fifteen or twenty tons in a bucket, and put it onto a lorry,
which will carry two hundred tons. This will be taken to a railway, usually to a train,
because of the large quantities required, and will be sent away, all by rail, to the
processing place, so this is how we get our iron ore, how we take it to the blast furnaces,
where they turn it into iron, which we call pig iron, and then into steel, and then into
the things that me and you use everyday, like our cars, our washing machines, and our refrigerators.


  1. @leonthetiger Iro ore has oxgyen in it, to make pure iron you have to get rid of the oxgyen. in the furncee the use coke, to remove all the impuritets. the coke reacts with the oxgyen to form carbon dioxide and leave pure iron behind!

  2. @iwuvgames7 No! that is not all of it. you have to get the oxgyen away from the iron, so you use coke witch reacts with it to form carbon dioxide and leave pure iron

  3. @bpbusstop It's made by mixing iron with a small porcentage of carbon and other elements depending on the type of steel required.

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