How to adjust your Milanese bracelet

How to adjust your Milanese bracelet

There is nothing more frustrating than
having a watch that doesn’t fit properly Other than possibly a watch that doesn’t
work if you are not sure how to adjust your strap there’s no shame in asking The first thing you should do when adjusting your Milanese bracelet is take your watch and place it face down onto a soft surface Remove one of the tools from the back of your presentation box take the tool and insert it into one of
the two holes riveted in the back of the bracelet with a little bit of pressure
push down and gently pull up the clasp once you have the back of the clasp open
there are a number of rivets within the Milanese bracelets you should then look
to line up the back of the bracelet and the clasp and push down gently and then
put the watch onto your wrist and check that it fits For me it’s actually all
about safety and security so you should make sure that the watch feels
comfortable on your wrist and that it’s not too loose that it’s actually going
to be coming off your wrist Everybody likes to wear their watch differently
make sure you feel comfortable in it and go out there and enjoy wearing it

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