1. @jasleil No, Copper has the 2nd highest conductivity of all the elements. They use gold on electrical contacts because it resists corrosion. Conductivity – 1st-Silver. 2nd-Copper. 3rd-Gold. 4th-Aluminium.

  2. @jasleil nope – Silver is actually the best conductor, followed by copper, then gold. Gold is used in audio connections because it won't develop a tarnish – unlike copper and silver.

  3. This was helpful to me some people like artist or people who want to age a necklace like me, so thank you!

  4. That is a common myth, In fact Silver is the best conductor,
    Gold on the other hand does have the lowest "contact resistance" and is used in switches and contacts where minimum resistance is called for.

  5. No. Gold is prized because it's a good conductor which doesn't corrode. Both copper and silver are significantly better conductors of electricity, but corrode over time when exposed to air and moisture.

  6. Electrical conductance that is. When it comes to heat, Carbon in the Diamond configuration is more than twice as conductive to heat than is silver. That's why diamonds are often referred to as ice.

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